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WHEREAS, Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, provides that a municipality, subject to the approval of a majority of the affected property owners, may levy and collect special assessments against properties benefited in a retail business district for the purposes of stabilizing and improving such district through promotion, management, marketing, and other similar services in such districts; and


WHEREAS, on July 24, 2008, the City Commission adopted Resolution No. 08-0455 creating the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District (“BID”), subject to the approval of a majority of the affected property owners, for a period of ten (10) years; and


WHEREAS, following approval by a majority of the affected property owners and other statutory prerequisites as set forth in Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, the City Commission, on February 12, 2009, adopted Resolution No. 09-0076 confirming the creation of the BID and the levy and collection of a special assessment for a period of ten (10) years within the BID’s boundaries; and             


WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the BID (“BID Board”) was established to stabilize and improve retail and other business in the areas described in Sections 35-221 and 54-341 of the Code of the City of Miami, Florida, as amended (“City Code”), and the assessed area known as the BID, as more particularly described in Resolution No. 08-0455 and confirmed in Resolution No. 09-0076, through promotion, management, marketing, and other similar services, including but not limited to, coordination, funding, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure improvements, and other projects; and


WHEREAS, the BID has developed a variety of programs to keep the BID clean and secure, fund marketing projects, sponsor special events, beautify the streetscapes, make capital improvements, collect and disseminate economic development research, facilitate access to parking, foster new business relationships, and partner with national, state, and local organizations; and


WHEREAS, the BID assists the City by handling basic, services including security, sanitization, and beautification in addition to subsidizing major capital improvement projects; and


WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the property owners and merchants located within the BID boundaries to maintain the services that the Grove residents and BID stakeholders have enjoyed for the last ten (10) years and have come to expect; and


              WHEREAS, on June 11, 2018, the BID Board recommended that the BID be renewed, subject to approval by a majority of the affected property owners, for an additional ten (10) year period; and


              WHEREAS, on June 11, 2018, the BID Board also proposed and recommended that Chapter 2, Article XI, Division 17, entitled “Coconut Grove Business Improvement District Board (Bid Board)” be amended to (i) reduce the BID Board from nineteen (19) Directors to nine (9) Directors who shall be representative of various business interests in the District, (ii) of the nine (9) seats on the BID Board, the following seats shall be filled as follows:


              1) The Commissioner of District 2,

              2) One self-identified representative of the Miami Parking Authority,

              3) One self-identified representative of the Mayfair in the Grove,

              4) One self-identified representative of CocoWalk, and


(iii) of the nine (9) seats on the BID Board, five (5) seats shall, in accordance with the BID Board’s By-laws, be elected and the members of those seats, to the extent practical, shall represent hotel, restaurant, office, and retail properties, or property owners; and


              WHEREAS, the boundaries of the proposed BID are as follows:


All lots and lands adjoining and contiguous or bounding and abutting upon such improvements or specially benefited thereby, and further designated by the assessment plat, attached hereto as composite Exhibit A,” attached and incorporated, which include all of the commercial properties consisting of an eighteen (18) block area of the central commercial core of Coconut Grove on the properties abutting:


i) the north side of South Bayshore Drive from Darwin Street to McFarlane Road,

ii) McFarlane Road from South Bayshore Drive to Main Highway,

iii) Main Highway from McFarlane Road to Franklin Avenue including the single commercial property just south of Franklin Avenue,

iv) Commodore Plaza,

v) Fuller Street,

vi) Grand Avenue from Margaret Street to Mary Street,

vii) the west side of Matilda Street from Grand Avenue to Florida Avenue,

viii) Virginia Street from Grand Avenue to Oak Avenue,

ix) Mary Street from South Bayshore Drive to Oak Avenue,

x) Oak Avenue from Virginia Street to Mary Street,

xi) Tigertail Avenue from Mary Street to Darwin Street,

xii) S.W. 27th Avenue from Tigertail Avenue to South Bayshore Drive, and

xiii) the west side of Darwin Street from Tigertail Avenue to South Bayshore Drive; and


              WHEREAS, although included within the boundaries described above and in composite Exhibit A,” attached and incorporated, is property owned or occupied by the City, other governmental entities, churches (used for religious purposes), libraries, not-for-profit organization property (used for their related charitable purposes), the condominium hotels known as the Commodore Inn, the Mayfair Hotel & Spa, the Sonesta Bayfront Hotel, the Mutiny Hotel, and the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, and residential property, said properties are exempt from the assessment, except to the extent any such property wishes to include themselves within the BID; and


WHEREAS, the boundaries of the proposed BID include only commercial property and not-for-profit property used for commercial purposes;




              Section 1.  The recitals and findings contained in the Preamble to this Resolution are adopted by reference and incorporated as if fully set forth in this Section.


              Section 2.  Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, a special assessment is hereby authorized to be levied and collected and a special assessment district to be known as the BID is hereby renewed for a period of ten (10) years, with boundaries to be as set forth in composite Exhibit A, attached and incorporated, subject to the approval of a majority of affected property owners in said BID, for the purposes of stabilizing and improving retail business in said BID through promotion, management, marketing, and other similar services.


              Section 3.  The total estimated cost of the services to be funded by the proposed special assessments is approximately Four Hundred Ninety-Four Thousand, Six Hundred Ninety-Five Dollars ($494,695.00) per year and special assessments shall be levied in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, for the purposes of defraying a portion of the costs of services, programs, and projects and based on the proposed Business Plan and Budget, attached hereto as composite Exhibit “B” and based upon the assessment methodologies by categories, as set forth in Exhibit C, both attached and incorporated.


              Section 4.  The assessment shall be payable to the Finance Director of the City, on such date as shall be contained in a bill to be mailed to each property owner within the BID at least thirty (30) days prior to the due date and within thirty (30) days following the confirmation by the City Commission of the Final Assessment Roll.


Section 5.  Installments not paid when due shall become due and payable in accordance with statutory provisions and shall remain liens, coequal with the lien of all state, county, district, and municipal taxes, superior in dignity to all other liens, titles, and claims until paid and shall bear interest at such rate or rates as specified in Section 170.09, Florida Statutes.


Section 6.  The assessment levied against a benefited property upon the approval of a majority of affected property owners shall be prorated based on the number of days remaining in the fiscal year from the date the Final Assessment Roll is confirmed by Resolution of the City Commission, pursuant to Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, minus any assessments already collected, if any, in the same fiscal year prior to the date the Resolution confirming the Final Assessment Roll is adopted.


              Section 7.  The proposed BID area upon which the special assessments shall be levied, subject to the approval of a majority of affected property owners, shall incorporate the total area set forth in the map attached and incorporated as Exhibit A-1 and shall reflect the geographic boundaries description, as set forth in Exhibit A-2, both attached hereto and incorporated.


              Section 8.  The special assessment shall be levied and collected for a ten (10) year period and another petition and affidavit in support of the BID by the affected property owners would be required prior to the termination of such ten (10) year period, to determine whether to continue or discontinue the special assessment, or include additional properties in the BID, or change the boundaries of the BID.


              Section 9.  In accordance with Section 170.04, Florida Statutes, there is on file with the City Clerk at the time of the adoption of this Resolution an assessment plat showing the area to be assessed, with plans and specifications, and an estimate of the cost of the proposed improvement, the details of the proposed programs, services, and projects, and a cost estimate as indicated in the Business Plan and Budget, attached hereto as composite Exhibits A and B, which shall be open to inspection by the public.


              Section 10. In accordance with Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, a Preliminary Assessment Roll showing the lots and lands assessed and the amount of the benefit and the assessment against each lot or parcel of land shall be considered at a future duly advertised Public Hearing to be held by the City Commission, following the approval of a majority of affected property owners at a time and place to be set in a separate Resolution. At that time the City Commission shall hear, as an equalizing board, all parties in regard to the proposed assessment and after making any adjustments that the City Commission may deem appropriate, the Final Assessment Roll will be confirmed by a Resolution of the City Commission.


              Section 11.  In accordance with Section 170.05, Florida Statutes, this Resolution shall be published one (1) time in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Miami (“City”) upon its adoption.


Section 12.  The City Commission hereby finds that the assessment has been fairly and reasonably apportioned amongst the properties that will receive the special benefit.


Section 13.              The City Commission, upon obtaining the approval of a majority of the affected property owners, shall amend Chapter 2, Article XI, Division 17, entitled “COCONUT GROVE BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT BOARD (BID BOARD) to incorporate the aforementioned proposed and recommended amendments to the BID Board.


Section 14.  The City Manager, the City Clerk, the Finance Director, the Executive Director of the BID, the BID Board, and other necessary City officials, after consultation with the City Attorney, are authorized[1] and directed to undertake any and all necessary actions and procedures to take such actions, as contemplated by this Resolution, including any action appropriate in connection with obtaining the approval of the affected property owners.


Section 15.  This Resolution shall become effective upon the date of its adoption herein provided, however, that if the proposed special assessment does not receive the approval of a majority of the affected property owners in the BID, this Resolution shall be null and void.[2]


Section 16.  In the event that the proposed special assessment does not receive the required majority approval, the BID shall continue to exist without change as originally created pursuant to Resolution Nos. 08-0455 and 09-0076.


[1] The herein authorization is further subject to compliance with all requirements that may be imposed by the City Attorney, including but not limited to, those prescribed by applicable City Charter and City Code provisions.

[2] If the Mayor does not sign this Resolution, it shall become effective at the end of ten (10) calendar days from the date it was passed and adopted. If the Mayor vetoes this Resolution, it shall become effective immediately upon override of the veto by the City Commission.

Meeting History

Jul 12, 2018 9:00 AM Video City Commission Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Manolo Reyes, Commissioner, District Four
SECONDER:Ken Russell, Vice Chair
AYES:Keon Hardemon, Ken Russell, Wifredo (Willy) Gort, Joe Carollo, Manolo Reyes


Jul 12, 2018 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCity CommissionRegular Meeting


3:20 PMThis matter, putting into the ballot in november, I think it will be the most sportsmanlike ship thing to do, and allow the community that just that, thank you for your time.
Thank you, wayne, I live at stewart avenue, 33133. Thank you, chairman, I am submitting something for the record to the commissioners and the city attorney, one of my issues here, is that I heard talking point about letting voters decide, and the issue here, I have is with the proposed ballot language, that is going to be proposed to go to the voters showed three out of five of you confirmed this resolution. This resolution contains misleading ballot language, the ballot language does not say that you would be waiving competitive bidding. The issue here is waiving competitive bidding, if I am somewhat like the university of miami that has to play at miami gardens, instead of my own home, I have no ability to bid on this project because this deal is seemingly already been concluded. And this lowball number is 3. 6 million dollars, the university of miami is paying 4 million and I am not representing the university, I am a hurricane fan, they are playing glitches paying $4 million, we could bring that stadium back if you wanted a stadium, they could share with mls, there are other bids that need to be considered the golfers have a point, the golfers have a point, I have played on the golf course, I have played baseball there, the little leaguer, I had a chance to play major league baseball, playing on the field next door, so I would keep it as it is, if we are going to talk about other bids, let's talk about competitive bidding and put out for bid, I think $20 million is a starting point, $3. 5 million is nothing. Hurricanes pay that for seven games, seven games. And that is $4 million a year, you can't even consider this, you need to change the ballot language. I have the letter showing why the language needs to be changed. Otherwise, voters will have no idea what they are voting on, they need to make an intelligent decision based on all the facts and the ballot language does not include that so I will suggest having an amendment, thank you.
3:22 PMAfternoon, my name is lauren polite and I am a sophomore at john hopkins university, prior to standing here today, I sat on the task force committee for minor leagues for three years getting my input on parks and recreation. An issue we consistently face with having profitable safe green spaces for our children, I am a miami resident who has a dream for our people, this dream is to help provide my generation, the youth in our city with a beacon of freedom, a departure from our struggles, unifier despite polarity, a goal. Soccer has given our community in object to be prideful for, it is a complex and sometimes befuddling experience. It provides our youth with a lesson, this is a lesson my parents taught me when they left a government that stripped it's people of their voice in cuba. Our democracy is a centered on this principle, the freedom of expression. The issue at hand, is to give our community. The opportunity to vote on on this item. Commissioners, to embrace democracy and give our people the ability to choose whether or not they support this initiative. Let us all decide in the voting booth, thank you for this time. Hello commissioners.
3:24 PMI am against this deal for several reasons, this does nothing for the following and displaying our city, rents keep going up, our streets get flooded and traffic never improves, this deal will not solve the problems of everyday citians and what they face, despite the plan allowing for public spaces the cities essentially giving away land for private enterprise, this will not be a stakeholder in any of these proposed developments, the timeframe is too short, the public to be aware of what is going on, we do not have traffic studies, if we do need to do a lot more to put it to a vote. Also, if the land is really available for use, then we should consider all of charters. Not just a hotel, office building, with a soccer stadium attached to it. If these investors have $1 billion we need to do something more transparent and competitive in a less heard matter for the private land, thank you very much.
3:25 PMGood afternoon, I am anita garcia and I am a student at senior high school. I am a part of the ib program with a 4. 0 unrated gpa and I play competitive soccer. I started playing when I was five years old. I am telling you this, because I contend -- you can understand who I am, i've been playing with the development program and the national training center, I applied for western development academy and I will be playing for fc prima lead comes the national league this year. It has been an honor and a privilege to be recruited to play both of these teams. I wake up around five in the morning every day to be on time for school. After school in order to play in the most competitive environment possible, I have to commute from lauderdale as a result, I go around 1130 and most school nights. I love where I play and I am grateful for the experiences I have had with my team, but I would love the other young girls to have access to the sport in miami. I am not criticizing the clubs in miami, we are, they are great, there's a lot of potential that can be harnessed in the facility proposed today, I can only imagine the pride in which I would wear a football miami shirt playing center back with my friends against the best competition in the country. This team would be an inspiration to many young soccer players like myself allowing for us to believe that a couple should our dreams, playing professionally as possible to the example being set by professional players nearby, thank you.
3:27 PMMy name is bill perry, competition, at the end of the day, as a graduate of miami city hall, one thing I do understand, that winning is not always winning and losing is not always losing I am a charlie deluca mentee. I am also an orange bowl committee member, I am not here on behalf of the orange bowl, however, we do have a long- standing relationship with first tee which I am also a board member of adversity. I want to challenge you in regards to these young ladies in particular where he recently started a scholarship fund, when they asked me today, what happens, as my mom is a single parent, what happens. In regards to my scholarship and my sister scholarship moving forward, I have no answer. Hopefully you can weave through the financial for gacy, as well as the information that is being led in also ask intelligent questions as it relates to the impact that the faa is going to have on this project. The impact that it will in terms of young adults, primarily from the urban core, so we will continue to abide by that legacy.
3:28 PMGood afternoon, I am kirk menendez and my daughter lydia is on her way from a soccer camp in georgia, hopefully she is going to make it on time and can be speak on half of the youth. -- behalf of the youth. Before you, I spent most of my life, besides working for the city of miami a few years ago, I was a coach for 20+ years in youth soccer, not only as a coach but as an advisor to several clubs, and the last 10 years as a soccer dad. I have been throughout all of south florida. Throughout the entire state of florida, and I have seen tens of thousands of children's that play soccer, youth soccer. There's blood draw the county, this is a great opportunity to consolidate and give the kids an opportunity, no matter what their income level is, because they are kids at the lowest and highest income level playing a side by side in a sport that is a people sport around the world. As you know, miami is a global city and becoming more global every day. This is an opportunity to put miami, in the heart of what is the world of soccer, with international travelers coming in. And you can bring everyone together with them in our community because in soccer there is community and there is a spirit. Speaking of spirit, I want to address the charter, section 6 of the charter, talks about referendum, the first few words say that electors will have power and their option to approve passed by the city Commissioner Measure submitted by the city commission. This section, where they emphasize the word power of the elector, goes before they even start typing about the elections of commissioners and the mayor. Because before even talking about the city departments, city managers, and a lot of department. I ask you to please hold true to the charter and allow the people to speak in a referendum and I appreciate your time.
3:31 PMAre you here to speak for or against? Against line. And ask you to move over here so that everything can flow properly.
She was in line.
3:32 PMI understand, but she was not in this line. I want to make sure everyone is okay.
All right. my name is myra, I am an immigration attorney, I live that 700 drive, my office is at 1221 brickle avenue. I am also running for district 27 for the u. S. Representative election.
Is that your phone ringing?
No, that's not my phone. it's his song. --'s phone. For now, this is the question, I was on the side, and now i'm on the other side. So I switched. This is a question of transparency. Transparency needs to start from the bottom. Not from when we get to congress. We need transparency for these people. You see, this group of people in orange, the first team, if we know that we are here for the good of these people, we should put them first. These people to leave in a place, they are the ones who are going to have to suffer the impact. I live in that area of miami, my office is there. They used to have toxic waste on that field. To clean it, somebody needs to pay for it. There is nothing for free in this country. If we think that they are going to have a soccer stadium here anywhere for the good of the children, there are children outside, kids outside that could not come inside and tell you exactly, they play golf and they play soccer, I don't know anything about baseball, I don't know anything about anything, but what I know, these people need to go first. Not us. We are not elected to jump through field and requests of people who have money. They want a soccer team for the children, they can go build it somewhere else.
3:34 PMYour times expired. I want you all to listen very closely. If you step outside of the rules or procedures of these chambers, you will be removed from the chambers. For the loud outburst, the clapping, all of the things that I described that you cannot do, if you continue to do them, we will remove you one by one. Okay. I don't want to do that, but I will.
That is what they said about our borders.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you Mr. Chairman, my name is steve, I am the chair of the board of the county commission, and I am here in favor of giving the voters of the city of miami an opportunity. I know that a lot has been talked about how this May have been rushed, but in all honesty, what you are debating and what you are deliberating is giving folks an opportunity to not only apply and have public hearings and be able to vet the entire process and go through all of the details that have raised so many questions. At the end of the day, what makes us effective, or try to be as effective as we can as leaders, is when we get to listen to the public and get there in plenty and their thoughts. I would tell you, if we want miami to continue to be that capital of the americas, that we all aspire to, that began where folks come and invest in our community, diversify our economy, these are the things that we should be supporting. Further on, I think that the city of miami should have the opportunity to do this. They should be at the table. They should have ample time that goes before them in the month of november, you are talking four months, debate, public hearings, analysis of the numbers. And at the end of the day, it makes all of us in the county commission and the city of miami on your commission, I think it will make you better public servants at the end of the day, so I would encourage you to allow the debate to go forward and allow the voters of the city of miami to apply. Thank you very much for the opportunity.
3:36 PMThank you very much.
Mr. Chairman, Mr. Vice chairman, my name is stephen, I live in miami beach and professionally, I am an attorney. I am speaking in opposition to re: nine nra 10, -- you have and will continue to have many voices that speak to the merits of the project so I want to speak to the process for a moment. I appreciate anyone who values the integrity of the process or government. I state the obvious when I say there's a reason for competitive bidding and that is because it promotes transparency and accountability. Sunshine is antiseptic if there is going to be a deal, let it be a clean deal. We need to look no further than the current marlins stadion to appreciate what happens when we allow responsible and accountable government to give way to expediency and private self-interest. In retrospect, we know the extent to which the taxpayers felt in relation to the stadium. As an investor, I am looking to -- I understand the need to look to the best deal. But you as the commission need to look after the public. This problem is located and has many tentacles, not just to pay for, but put the project under bed and let the market speak and make a decision based on all of your options if there is going to be a deal. That is responsible decision- making, and this is what you would do if that was your own private enterprise. Treat public property with no less respect than you would treat your own. There is no compelling need to waive competitive bill -- bidding other than the developers own private interest in their timetable, thank you for your time.
3:38 PMThank you.
Good afternoon chairman, commissioners, I have lived in miami most of my life, and I will keep my comments brief. I am a product of a public school system. I attended high school in north miami. I attended the university of miami and spent the last few years and the nonprofit sector. Serving underserved communities particularly communities with immigrants. I am myself an immigrant. This fall I will be getting my first year at harvard law school. All of this to say is that these opportunities in large part were awarded to me through the support of the families. They have been some of my biggest supporters. I think that when they come before you and speak to youth empowerment, they do not see this as a zero-sum game. They do not see this as it can only be one of the other. There is a middle ground and they are eager to make it right for all parties. Thank you.
3:39 PMThank you.
Because I am short on time, I am passing out the media guide to which we will go into what the first miami t is. My name is gladys, and my husband and I reside at 945 northwest 25th avenue miami florida, 33125 years I have lived in miami since 1964. We have seen many changes over the years. We have experienced the bad deals made in the past to give away public lands to private institutions at the cost of its residents. It appears that is why we are here today. We do not want the soccer stadium. My reasons, one, public land should not be considered for any group to come and be given land after their win. Even if they say it will create jobs. It is a matter of ethics that the city governing body would even consider such a proposal. We learned our lessons on the miami marlins park on 17th avenue. I believe we are still paying for that facility. And, the proposals have not come through. International links melrose country club, better known as melreese country club, when displayed above, it shows its blunder with -- splendor with a golf course in the middle of the county. Those coming from the airport can see the beauty and the serene quiet that. You know the location, 37th avenue. It is adjacent to the great play heights waterpark with 135 acres total. It began in 1942, and in 1996, to 1997, the only city-owned golf course underwent an extensive facelift to the tune of $3. 9 million. Through the direction of the loop of family, this has blossomed and is now is an acclaimed international golf course with -- which hosts world golfing events, local clubs, golfing celebrities, and the first team miami, which sponsors nine core values, nine healthy habits, which I cannot go into.
3:42 PMYour time is expired.
All right, thank you.
Very much for allowing me to speak. My name is caesar, I reside at 800 northwest 41st avenue. I am for this project. A lot of people do not mention, I live down the street or magic city casino. When these events happen, the people pour out into my neighborhood. I live around five hotels, and it is worse to be walking around. Airplanes fly right over my house. I see the vision of this investor group. I see the vision that they have for the future of the city, I hope you do too. All that we are asking for is to allow the people to vote. I hope that you believe in democracy, I hope that you believe in due process. I think that this will benefit the city in the long run. May be not currently, I understand all that, I live in the city, and I understand what that takes. We are prepared for that. That is what it takes to live in a city like miami. We are competing with larger cities, paris, tokyo, los angeles, new york. I believe that this project will complement that vision. Thank you.
3:43 PMThank you.
Good afternoon, my name is ross, I work in miami, 1728 coral way. 700. I have been working here for more than 40 years, living here more than 40 years. I am very much against this proposal. You have heard eloquent speakers talk about melreese and how wonderful it is for the first t and they have spoken much better than can i. We have not discussed the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of rounds played each year by people such as myself and my children who play as adults at a melreese, and enjoying melreese. The city of miami has only one golf course. If that golf course is gone, it can never be replaced. There is no land that will ever be able to replace the mistake that would be made by getting rid of it. When we talk about what is going on, we have a stadium, a soccer stadium that will only occupy a very small portion of land with the parking. It will only have approximately 12 or so home dates, out of 365 days a year. What we are talking about is the economic development that so many of the builders have discussed, and the question is, if miami needs the money that much, that they are willing to give up their only golf course in order to get that money back that they hope, in tax revenue, which probably will not be there, if it is an economic development issue, and economic issue, then, you must open it up to public vetting. The only way to determine to determine the fair market value and get the most money from this space on an economic basis is to open it up to open bidding.
3:45 PMThank you sir, your time is expired.
Good afternoon commissioners, my name is danny, I am a instructor in the miami community. I am a writer for an online website. I've motivate individuals to make healthier changes, but that decision is up to them, whether or not they want to make that change. I am in support of the stadium and believe in what this project will bring to miami, the opportunities. All I ask is that you get the voters the chose -- twice to decide. Thank you for your time.
3:46 PMGood afternoon, my name is jeff, I am the executive director of the south florida section of the pga of america. I am here to talk about the importance that in this golf facility and golf in general has to the state of florida. Florida is the golf capital of the world. It is the golf capital of the world because of unbelievably great golf courses and the city of miami should be honored that the model municipal golf facility in the entire state is in miami pick the other thing we like to talk about with golf and the industry as far as the human impact that golf has, when we talk about the first t, a model chapter throughout the entire country, what it does for many kids that come from challenging environments, and come to a safe place that provides tutoring after school, and teaches life skills and healthy habits, that cannot be taken away from this local group. There are so many examples in compton, one of them coming onto the highest levels of professional golf that would not have done that without melreese being there. Another thing that you should be proud of is this golf facility has become the hub of what is good about golf, the charitable impact of golf, we talk about the special olympics, and the olympians that are not quite as fortunate as the rest of us, that have been able to gain some positive experiences from what they have seen at melreese, and pga hope being the hub that integrates veterans back into military life. Without this program, these veterans will become one of the statistics, 22 better is it a commit suicide. Those that are going to this program are telling us that this is saving their lives. Quite simply, saving this golf course will save lives and build future leaders for generations to come. I am convinced that one of the kids in an orange shirt will be sitting up here one day.
3:48 PMThank you.
Hello, my name is jordan adams, living in the overtown community. In the beginning, I only saw a stadium. However, to the knowledge of working with jorge mas, I have been able to hear and understand exactly where these individuals are coming from. We all have something in common, in terms of working with youth and seeing what the future has for them. Us doing that, I have been able to understand that they want the future for this city and an opportunity for the children to be able to do exactly what they need to do to succeed. To motivate them, to drive them, to push them to their limits of having a dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Not only in the african or latino communities, but the white and caucasian communities, and all races worldwide. What we are trying to do is ultimately have these individuals have an opportunity to vote. To be able to get their point across, whether they wanted the stadium or not. Thank you.
3:49 PMGood afternoon, my name is michael cooper, I work for the world golf foundation, the umbrella organization that governs the first tee. My role is director of diversity and southeast regional director. The regional director role, I helped develop and had oversight of chapters in 10 states. Of the 54 chapters that were in my portfolio, the first city of miami had the highest value of programs offered, the highest quality programs, the highest number of participants and the most diversity by far. I get to know them and they serve over 250 veterans a year, through the pga hope program, over 4000 young participants through first tee, over 5000 to the special of the program, and in partnership with miami public school district, they partner with over 70 elementary schools and trained pe teachers how to deliver golf. Melreese is the home for the pga latino championship, it is the home of the junior golf which has over 600 golfers per year, representing 45 countries, and it is the home of the founder and originator of the florida golf specialty license plate, the golfer silhouette. It generates over $800,000 a year, and has raised over $7 million since its inception, all distributed through grants in the youth development programs throughout florida. Melreese is more than a golf course, and the city of miami is more than a game. They are home to many. It seems to be the perfect recipe for lives and communities and I actually keep it that way.
3:51 PMThank you.
My name is hector, I am born and raised and educated in miami. I want miami to be the best city in this world. At my role, I traveled the globe observing and meeting meeting different people and as a result have a great appreciation for inclusive cultures and communities. I also understand what makes cities great and efficient. I also understand that youth soccer needs to be played more in our city by all. Today it is not. As someone who played baseball at the academy in graceland, who has three daughters who have played competitive soccer throughout the state of florida, who currently sponsors golf events and first tee events at the melreese, as a frequent flyer with american airlines and one that uses the airport all the time, as someone who commutes from downtown and medley often. As someone who graduated from miami dade college florida international college, as a community leader that is heavily engaged, and many organizations including united way, nifty, miami central high, this list can go on and on but this is not about me. This is about me doing my part and contributing to our magic city. I want the city to be world- class. 48 using counting of loving miami and helping this community, I will not stop and I can assure you that miami freedom project will only be a positive to this community. Having known as the mass family, I am confident that they will always do what is best for this community and will always find a way to make our magic city world-class. Please ask our kids and our community if the mas family has helped our families. Please discuss all that has been discussed today, find a solution that works for all, and allow the voters to vote on this issue. Respectfully and inclusive of all, I believe it is extremely important for our community to vote on this manner, especially one that will be world-class and one that will always have our community's interest first.
3:54 PMBefore you begin, the young lady that had an opportunity to speak, who sat down, please, follow the rules and exit.
Good afternoon, I am a mother of two first tee kids. They go to tutoring their. They do their science projects there. They spend their whole summer, that is pretty much it, mike it has been there for 11 years. To take away the opportunity that they had after 11 years, and the scholarships they have worked hard for, to put a soccer stadium where they can put anywhere, I believe they offered another area, I do not understand why they would deny that, and then fight for a place where other kids are playing, but that seems selfish. These kids spend their whole summer's there. I'm sorry. My time is about to go up, but yes, my kids have been there for a long time and they have been there since 6 am, nobody has acknowledged that, that is how much effort and support they get to this program, they have been here since 6 am and they are still your. The soccer kids have not been here that long. Thank you.
3:55 PMThank you.
Good afternoon, my name is laura owens, I am an attorney in the coconut grove area. As I listen to the conversations that have preceded.
You have any other business?
Yes, I have a candle company. It is called desert stage candles, and it helps mothers and babies around the world. But i'm struck that we do not have a binary choice. Is not either golf or soccer. I think that we can wholly exist. I am mindful that every year in america, we send thousands of soccer balls to other countries, because we know the power of soccer to bind communities together. The u. S. Soccer association is an association, a foundation that gives millions of dollars to help improve urban underdeveloped communities, such as in their soccer success program, or pass back. My conversation with you all is to give the people in opportunity to make a choice. I think soccer because of the nature of the sport, how inexpensive it is for all communities to engage, would be a wonderful communal thing for miami. It is not a binary choice between either golf or soccer. I think that we need more sports, we need to be out more, and we need the hold communal thing that society brings. Please give us a chance to be able to make that decision, thank you.
3:57 PMThank you.
Good afternoon, my name is tanya, I am a graduated member and volunteer coach for the first -- first tee program. I would like to speak on behalf of this program and those integral to the cost. They have done so much for me the past 11 years. The time, passing, and pure love that people have put into this program, candled a desire to succeed any thousands of young athletes and special- needs children who have been positively impacted by the children -- program. Specifically, I mean to say that the reach to promote it and each of these individuals extends beyond the golf course, even into the church directory -- trajectory of our daily life however, notice to be the same or possible with our home, melreese. The presence of this golf course , of its players, of its staff, and the daily interactions, however minimal it is, that occurs, are some of the largest reasons that we feel and the children who come to the program, feel very much at home. It is an atmosphere largely rooted in the principles and core values taught by the first team. It is a personable environment. It is rewarding. Most of all, it is familiar. It is an environment that lends itself to divorce -- diversity, and enrichment, and love that I have lived and experienced nowhere else. I am very proud to say that I will be taking all of the lessons I have learned, that I have been taught, whether it is in my personal regard and athletic regard or academic regard, and all the coaches that have help me throughout the years, through college and life and I know without a doubt that I will remember all of those people in the future. Please consider this when you are making your decision, thank you.
3:59 PMThank you.
Hello, my name is gabby, I live in the rectal area of downtown. I just want to start off by saying that I grew up loving soccer, being passionate about it, it is something that has brought so many people together, so many people out of poverty, giving people opportunities for something greater and to be greater than what they feel limited to prior. I want to say that there are so many different organizations that have already worked with that want to do soccer, I have looked into a lot of it, and some of these organizations that help kids who cannot afford to play other sports, or to play soccer, to get into something, to help them with their time management, to help them be someone and do what they want to do and be greater. I am not taking away from the first tee, because I understand they allow kids the same opportunities, however, the mas family has done so much for this community, so much for miami and soccer is a sport that brings so many people together, the world cup is something that is so international and widely viewed, everyone loves it and everyone that loves soccer, it's when you can connect with. The most fair thing to do would be to allow people to vote. On whether they think the golf course should stay or the soccer stadium should come in. I know that this is something that a lot of people are very torn about, but at the end of the day, the people who like soccer like soccer, and those who like golf, like golf. I feel personally that soccer is more international. It would bring more people to miami and make miami the greatest city it can be. Personally, I know my time is running out, but, when the people came to miami last year, it was worth it, and I know people who thought it was worth it as well. Thank you for your time.
4:01 PMIf you all want to use someone else's time, I would appreciate it if you tell this at the beginning. So that we can prepare and have the time set to four minutes, because I went onto the next person I will allow you to finish and add two more minutes.
Thank you. I just wanted to hit on a strong significant point on what first tee promotes, and that is failing. The -- that is family. The 12th -- duluca family is integral in every part of the program and helps those by creating relationships, the ability to call every single person in this room who came at 6 am this morning as was previously mentioned, who prepared for this day and all of the days before. That I am able to call them my family, that I can come back to an environment that is so significant over -- interwoven into each other's lives. There is an aspect of that, the personal touch that I feel should be displaced, as I mentioned previously, it is the atmosphere that is created. That is not to just help every single person and help them become a better person in terms of who they are on the golf course, they are in their daily lives, they are in a school setting, whether it is a collegiate setting, or a high school setting, but in promoting the idea of family and the idea of personal connection through each individual you meet on the golf course. So, thank you.
4:03 PMGood afternoon, my name is goody menendez, I will be a junior at academy and I play soccer there. I am an avid soccer player since I was six years old. My teammates have come from all over the world to play soccer. From south america, to europe. Every day we see more and more kids playing soccer. We go out not because we are forced to, but because it is a passion. With the proposed plans of the soccer academy, it gives -- takes our passion and gives the kids an opportunity to pursue their dreams. For example, me, I want to play college soccer, other kids will be a step ahead and they will have a chance to play and get to the level that they want to be. Perhaps someday they can play the world cup to. At the end of the day, soccer is the people's export. Therefore, I ask that you please let the people decide. Thank you.
4:04 PMThink you very much.
Good afternoon, I come to you as a student athlete who is proud to have called the first tee and the melreese golf course my home. For perspective, I would like to say that I recently graduated from christopher columbus high school and for my four years, I was under the mas scholars program. I was even an intern at mas tech my senior year. For that, I have the utmost respect for jorge mas, and I appreciate and understand the well-being that they have brought to miami into myself and my classmates. But I do not believe the proposed location for the state it will be positive for our community. This community has witnessed the incredible growth of melreese and the programs that come with over the last decade, and more so. Programs that have changed the lives of children, veterans, the disabled, students, and athletes for the better. The loss of melreese will not just be the loss of a golf course of public land, it will be the loss of a family, for us, the ones that currently fill this room and have been filling it for 12 hours. As well as, it is also a family. As a columbus and mas scholar, I have only ever heard the mas family speak of the brotherhood and what they create. I would reckon -- hope that they would recognize that this contradicts the values of what they have taught in their schools, their businesses, and how that contradicts every value that I have ever proclaimed to us. I will be our final speaker, on behalf of the first tee, because I realize that you are trying to get us out as quickly as possible. As was apparent with the frustration with my colleague. So that beckham can give his wonderful presentation after that. Even though I May finish and leave this room, my friend and family will remain to show support as we have since 6:30 am. I hope that you and the commissioners will understand that the values that the mas family have taught in the values that this has taught b, are contradictory to everything that they stand for with the stadium and this project. Thank you.
4:07 PMGood afternoon, my name is miguel, I formally worked at the city of miami for state analyst of the department of management, I work for the city of miami about 27 1/2 years. If you're going to approve this project, I have, with the respect, some suggestions for the development of the park, better known as melreese park. I have five points. If you are paying for the developer of disability studies for the proposed project, second, obtain an expected revenue production schedule for a minimum of 10 years. Third, obtain a projection of the above data with at least three different operations to determine the value of the property as this made different in their conclusion of values. My experience has showed me that the price is very much -- prices very very much. Determine the cpi, over the life of the lease. Lastly, that I notice when I work for the city of miami and the department of property and lease, there was no reschedule of abrasive reports over the lies of the city, and it is very important to make a reappraisal of the project every five years to determine new rents. I hope you take this in consideration my suggestions. I would like to keep a copy of each one of you, if you allow me.
4:09 PMAnd you give it to the clerk and he will pass it to us.
Good afternoon, my name is wendi welch, I am the member of the hospitality's union, I am not here in support or against the project, I am confused by the project. The developer has not done a presentation here yet, and we are going by what we have seen in the newspaper and I wish that there was more details worked out before this winter but a referendum. Many of the speakers at the other podium spoke about the hundreds of jobs that would come to miami, but we do not know anything about those jobs. The developer has not made any commitment about the types of jobs they would provide. The city has a labor peace resolution that the developer has not yet met the obligation to find a labor peace agreement with us. We feel strongly that the agreement should be reached before a but a referendum, the voters have a right to know how the developer intends to treat its workers before the referendum takes place. We represent hundreds of workers at the marlin stadium, but say what you will about it, they did assign a labor peace agreement far before any approvals were done for that project. We understand that this is a star-studded project. , this developer needs to meet the same expectations that you hold the smallest developer to in the city of miami, and we would like to encourage them to sign a labor peace agreement before this goes to a referendum, thank you.
4:11 PMThank you, my name is danny and I would like to urge his commission to vote yes and allow democracy to work and allow the citizens of miami to decide. If they wanted stadium to be built at the melreese golf course. The reason that you should vote yes are the following. The project will pay rent to the city, and those funds can be used to hire more police officers which the city needs. And, funds to other programs. To, even if the numbers created are debatable, it will create more jobs than the golf course has created. In addition, according to the professional golf association, memberships are declined, that is why many golf courses around the country are shutting doors. In other words, this is costing the city money. Furthermore, melreese is a departmental hazard, with the 260,000 gallons of water a day and putting our aquaphor pesticides. I hope you make the right choice and vote yes, thank you and god bless.
4:12 PMWith all due respect.
With all due respect, I will be speaking on behalf of the uel in opposition to it. I have given todd a resolution on behalf of uel to not go over every issue, just reading from the ones on behalf of the menu.
Commissioners, but no, this proposal before you is a hybrid of the marlin stadium and the flagstones deal. Once again we will be subsidizing billionaires with the people's land. Let them find land elsewhere and build a stadium, like joe robbie did for the miami dolphins. We find it highly offensive that our elected officials suggest the city attorney, for example, have drafted land on the proposed ballot which i'm assuming is something you have already negotiated, where it is indicated that these billionaires will give $20 million over 30 years. 30 years. To put amenities in the remaining part of the park which, by the way, is much much less then the acres they will be taking from our project. $20 million is petty cash for this group. Yet, you are allowing them 30 years to put amenities of the park for the residence is chosen. It is obvious that the mention of $20 million on the ballot as a contribution will look appealing, enticing, what is actually a mockery of the electorate. This ballot language is a farce. The items being brought to the voters have a broken down by bullet points. I find it interesting that one point with the right has a question mark after at. We had somebody here speaking today by the name of ricky materia, who said that this is totally inappropriate and they should be paying rent for $20 million. Yet, we have three million dollars in rent and you should be taking note of the people speaking here today, and -- as he should have the beginning. Where do they live? This proposal is in the city of miami. Hence, no statements from anyone other than the city of miami residents and voters. Should have any bearing, one way or the other. It is a residence of the city of miami who vote for you, who voted for you, those who pay taxes so that you May operate, this city government. They want to pay your salaries, your benefits, your cost reimbursement. In conclusion, if you commissioners are willing to monetize this parkland, then no park in miami is safe. We want elected officials who will protect and preserve our parkland. We need more parks, not less. Stop giving away our public land, reject this proposal.
4:16 PMHello, my name is brian, I was born in the city of miami. I started playing youth soccer league at age 4. My parents worked late so soccer kept me out of trouble in middle and high school. College was a different story. Through soccer, I learned how to compete, overcome adversity, work with others, when with class, and learn from los. I am now a business owner with employees and I contribute to local state and federal taxes. Sometimes more than I would like to. I am a relatively successful path to my parents, the support system, my superhero wife, and soccer. I know firsthand the transformative power of soccer. I strongly believe that it can solve miami's greatest issues. Unity. I always took pride in miami's diversity and the fact that we are the shining city upon a hill for so many seeking opportunity. But with diversity comes disunity. Miami does not and should not have an official language, but if it did, it would not be english or spanish, it would be soccer. This gives us a chance to come together for something positive, rather than just after hurricanes. Look at this room and you will see the power of the sport. This proposed freedom park will offer the opportunity of success for young and old miami. For that reason, I believe it is imperative that the people of miami to decide whether or not to accept this offer. Thankfully, this requires no money from the city and of course, they will be paying taxes just like I do. Thank you. Thomas miami. -- vamos miami.
4:17 PMI know that you are he had opportunities to speak, and since that is the case, I need you to exit the chamber to allow other people to speak.
4:18 PMThank you.
Thank you Mr. Chairman, good afternoon, city commissioners, I reside in the miami river district, I wish that I were not here, this is very uncomfortable for me. My father, and the late jorge mas spoke every day, spoke every day sometimes several times. They work very closely and he was one of the finest man -- mendez community has ever had, and today, I find myself proposing a project that his family supports. On top of that, I happen to be soccer fanatic, I love soccer. But, I love my city more. I love my neighborhood more. And I love el paso more. City commissioners, melreese country club is is an important part of the city and they serve all regardless of race, creed, age, and financial circumstances. There is no other park like this in miami county. And today, you're being asked to consider the ransacking and pillage of this great park, and especially, the surrounding single-family neighborhood york let's be clear about this, this is not about soccer. Not at all. This is about a major real estate development. Let's be honest, call it what it is. Speak loudly and freely, do not be afraid. This is about real estate. It is not about soccer and it is not about kids. You will be told today in a few minutes, that they are economic studies that say that millions of economic impact dollars will come to us. Well, you have been hearing that for 30 years, and today, miami is still one of the poorest cities in the entire united states. So, with the economic talk comes about, and they tell you how many thousands of people are going to be employed, and how many millions of dollars will come, think marlon stadium. And think rubbish. Thank you. Vote no.
4:20 PMThank you.
Good afternoon, my name is francisco, I am from miami. Today, I come to support david beckham about soccer. Soccer as a legacy is not something you start and collapse. Lives every generation. For my point of view, when you play soccer, you do not need to follow people, I do not have anything against the park, but soccer is not about fighting. People come here today, you're against, you do not want. Soccer is about love. To be concluded, we should not be fighting about this. Let the people vote. Thank you.
4:21 PMAfternoon, my name is mark thompson, I am a with special olympics florida. I am not for or not against, but I support what is happening at melreese golf course. I take that stance because I believe in soccer, and I have been in nonprofits for 32 years, and coached and led youth soccer, let all sports, and here's what I know about melreese. Over the course of six weeks, each spring, more than 400 children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities train and compete in golf through special limits at melreese golf course. This has been happening for over 30 years, over 5000 individuals have been exposed to golf as a resort -- result. Is an incredible collaboration relationship, partnership and french appeared it is not just about golf. It is a culture of passion and a desire to provide a joyful experience to each person participating. Of the 16th sports provided throughout the county to special olympics, golf continues to be one of the most popular. Is more than just golf. It is a quality of instruction, it is the smiles, it is the high-fives, it is the hugs, it is the setting. It is charlie deluca. With the season is over, that is one golf starts again. I just want to add one other part, after listening to everybody speak, elimination of services, whatever it is, is not right. With 32 years in nonprofits, we worked so hard to collaborate and not duplicate services and here we are talking about eliminating something. What against the other does not make sense, let's work together. It is not golf against soccer. It is about doing as much as we already doing and more for children. Thank you.
4:23 PMHello, my name is mick, I am in support of soccer here. I grew up playing soccer, as a young boy, and I grew up in a rough neighborhood. By playing soccer, it allowed me the opportunity to grow as a man and become a man of character. I know some of you are watching the world cup, you see how much unity it brings. In russia, and brazil, and very soon it will be here in the u. S. I believe that by you supporting this and voting yes on it, it will be a great opportunity for the community and be a great community for those who aspire to be professional players. I am not against the people of melreese, you are open to your opinion. It is your city park is your neighborhood. But, I just want to say, let the people vote and hopefully you will vote yet that's my guess for the soccer stadium.
4:24 PMGood afternoon, I live in the graceland heights area. I actually live near the melreese golf course. It is something that I have been very concerned about. I do not believe any of us in this room would ever want to live next to a 28,000 spectator stadium. For those of us who have ever gone to a stadium event, I think what we really despise is getting in, and then leaving. As a matter of fact, some viewers will choose to leave before the game is over to avoid the mayhem and the chaos. I tried to envision that every day in my life because my house is right there in the middle of all of this. All of you have experienced the stadium arrival and exiting. It is a complete, cars stopped, cars not moving, and I now envision myself, god forbid, with this stadium project being built, having to live with a schedule of soccer games in my head it to make sure what time would be a good time for me to leave my house, or what I would be good for me to come back, so I will not be caught up with that constant mayhem. I do not think anybody has ever, and i'm not sure because I have not been able to listen to the speakers, but has anybody ever imagined what kind of impact this is going to have in the neighborhood, in the residential areas, houses are right there on 37th avenue, across from melrose, quite frankly, I have always enjoyed the mel reese golf course, I went as a 10-year-old with my father, and I am quite old. That is a while ago. Mel reese has always been well loved. Individual. It brings class to our neighborhood. I envision a real estate agent calling their client and say I have a beautiful house for you, it has everything you need, everything you want, and as a matter of fact, is adjacent to a golf course. That would be good. Give me two seconds. But imagine, that same real estate agent calling and saying I have the perfect house, but it is adjacent to a 28,000 spectator stadium. That person would slammed the phone and say you are fired, you are crazy.
4:27 PMHello, my name is eliza, I am here in favor of giving the citizens of miami the opportunity to express themselves through our right to vote. I haven't played soccer for 16 years in miami, and I have been raised within this amazing soccer community. It is an understatement to say that I owe many of my achievements to being part of soccer. It has taught me what sacrifice, drive, and hard work. And was a portly, he has given me the opportunity to share some of the most joyous moments and memories with the people of miami, which is why i, too, have been here since 6 am rallying support from our soccer community. There is nothing I would want more than to see this committee continue to grow and express its passion for the sport. This is an international city with an incredible passion for soccer, and we deserve the right to vote on important issues. Thank you.
4:28 PMPraise the lord jesus because he is worthy to be praised, and if you agree, say amen. And, good afternoon to everyone if a person at the sound of my voice. I am here on behalf of being thankful that I was given the morning off because I was insured that I had enough minutes from the coconut grove community that I would not be needed. So I took the morning off, and I watched what was going on. We need a soccer stadium, we need another sports arena like we need another hole in our face. I don't mean that for joe, I mean seriously. When the proposal was to remove all of the electric meters, so that the marlin stadion could go off, there were over 1000 families that were inconvenienced and had to relocate. Some of those units housed 2 to 3 families. There is no proof that, there is a market for an arena for soccer. There is enough real estate by the marlin stadium including having a soccer stadium itself order, that would be fair. We do not need another stadium in the municipality. If we want to do something with that real estate, we need if we are going to consider doing anything other than a golf course without real estate, we have a greater issue we are faced with, it is called housing that is affordable. Deposit -- politicians the affordable housing but we made housing that is affordable. If you're going to do anything other with our property, then a golf course, I would please ask that you consider working with miami-dade county, and the $2. 9 billion bond which ended, was for the expansion of homeownership under 500 single family homes providing first and second, and working with them, to see how they will give us the city of miami our portion of the $2. 9 billion in addition to what we can, from our $400 million bond, work together, if you want to do something, provide for us what we need. We do not need.
4:30 PMCommute times expired. -- thank you sir, your time is expired.
Hello, good afternoon, my name is josh, I have lived in miami all my life. Football is a passion, and one day I dreamed that I can play for beckham on this team. The city will bring so many benefits for this city, football or soccer is a spore that anyone can play. I, and many other people, understand that this golf course May be something that people have created memories and, but that does not mean that they need to stop there. There are other courses that can offer the same experiences, but he stadium will offer the whole of miami and experience of a lifetime. Just as those opposed to the stadium use the word family, we want to form a family with the city. Everyone understands that parking and traffic is something that noah likes, but let's face the facts, this is miami, and this is everywhere. It will not increase or decrease the average volume of traffic we face every day. What matters is that the whole of miami can identify with this new project. I hope everyone can comprehend that the project will flourish if it comes about, and I hope that those who enjoyed in one day enjoyed as much as those before it.
4:32 PMGood afternoon, my name is john, I am a 21-year-old federal law enforcement officer. I'm also a volunteer coach at melreese golf course. There are few things that I have heard here today that inspire common sense, so let's go to common sense. Miami has already had a mls team. It lasted a whole total four years. When you do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result, that is called insanity. There is also something that our grandparents, or my grandparents instilled in me. We have all heard it. Baja el mano, a bird in the hand is worth more than in the air. What you have at melreese golf course, what you have at the synergy with the first tee, with the individuals that work there, that had nothing to do with the first tee, these are the people at the pro shop, at the restaurant, and what you have is a bird in a hand. You have a program that works in a facility that is well- managed. What you are doing is you are walking away from a long-term happy marriage just because. Not because your partner did anything to you, not because there was any cause for you to divorce, but just because you woke up and you said, it is July 12, I have no reason to leave but I am still leaving because, there is a promise. There are 100 birds, that beckham and his people are putting in front of the. I just appeal to your common sense, to what your grandparents, who were probably very close to my grandparents said, you never let go of the bird in the hand. This program works. Thank you.
4:34 PMGood afternoon, my name is alfredo lopez, i'm an undergrad at the university of north carolina at chapel hill. I grew up in miami my whole life. Playing soccer throughout all my years. I am here to support the plan to finally bring the soccer stadium to miami. Soccer has continued to grow internationally and it will continue to dominate the sport. I firmly believe that the miami freedom park will bring a unique experience to families in the city of miami and across the globe to experience what miami truly has to offer. The program proposed by the owners of the new team will help kids in communities gain access to more exciting, more unique development programs. For so many young children. Soccer is a team sport, it brings people together. It is an extremely accessible sport and easily playable wherever you are. Unlike golf. It all boils down to soccer versus golf, not saving the children. Let the people decide.
4:35 PMHello, my name is melissa, I live at 4423 miami beach. I am a golf mom. My son and daughter have been playing for over 10 years. I am also a soccer mom. My daughter played for many years. As well as myself, growing up here in miami shores. We both played on their club teams. I know the importance of playing on a team sport and I disagree, I think that golf, even though it is a solitary sport, you play as a team. You play in a foursome, you played a to some, and even if you play alone, you have a team behind you. Why I am most supposed to this is because the president did create, by leasing 111 acres of public park to a private company. What will other cities do when they see you do this? Will they want to do as well? Will they lose more of our public parks to private companies that want to lease them? And make years of money on their leases? Why melreese is a unique, it is the only course of miami where golfers can play for free. No other course in miami promotes junior golf like melreese. The game of golf is one of the most expensive sports. I melreese, no child is turned away from golf if they want to play. Because of melreese's exceptional way of giving back to the kids in our community through golf, they have opened many doors to scholarships. Like boston university, cornell, barry, american, u. S. , st. Thomas, university of miami. One of our goals is going to pebble beach this month to play in a prestigious tournament. Even as we speak, and you see the sea of orange shirts behind me, since 6:30 am, there are still 50 kids and melreese summer program learning the game of golf. Please consider the impact of destroying our public golf course, how it will affect the kids in the community. Thank you.
4:37 PMThank you.
Good afternoon, I want to thank you for letting me speak. My name is scott and I am a supporter of letting the people of the city decide. I moved to the city as a young boy, not knowing anyone, and soccer has given me relationship that will last a lifetime. I have played soccer for christopher columbus high school and various club teams and i'm currently studying and playing club soccer at the university of miami. I love soccer for many of my, smith. It has dedication, passion, hard work, and I have seen this sport transform people into their best self. I want to give this to the people of miami. I believe this great opportunity for this sport, especially the city, let the people of this city decide, thank you.
4:38 PMMy family and I have lived in this area for 23 years, the people of miami want a soccer team, not another stadium. [indiscernible] stadium next to an airport poses a major risk to homeland security, whether it is caused by human error intentional, safety is the number one concern. The headline news is we do focus on how thousands of people into the street, create a public disturbance in the very street that beckham plays for. With 70 rest, roadblocks that prevent emergency vehicles, people were assaulted, the list goes on public safety was at great threats. Additionally, they want to model a team after united football club in georgia, which shares a newly built stadium that leaves the residence with higher taxes. And consists of vetting cost and an average of 40% more to the price tag. It is important that those have purchased land to which to build a new stadium. He just doesn't want to build in overtown to abortive location, or because the residents do want to that I do not want it there either? Francis was made a reference to golfers who were caught up against the will of the people was with approving more than stadium. Lent the surrounding area was fully affected, they pride themselves on being miami with the best interest, yet they are demonstrating and commas, and that cantatas in england. For a vote against the state in an melrose park will set the stadium for future officials and our local government for the people, and not equipped on the back of the common man, this is not a decision about golfers and soccer, is a decision about whether to ignore the people's quality of life over promises that do not come with guarantees. I encourage the commissioners and magistrate of the tree of integrity by strengthening morals and dignity with the committee they serve, and to the group, I say no mas.
4:40 PMHello, my name is daniel rodriguez, I am giving an amazing opportunity to be working with miami through mas tech. I was excited to see what was coming in the near future for miami. Although I am not the best soccer player, I have played many sports throughout my life, from this I am able to learn many key aspects in life that have made me who I am today. Dedication, passion, drive. Mini tv soccer stadium as an object, but too many like myself, it is more. Is a place where people can bond over an amazing sport with teammates. Or, people can work and grow their physical and mental strength. Soccer is a worldwide sport, it is a takes skeleton to played. And the rush you get when watching a. It is time to expand the love for soccer into the city of miami, were a soccer stadium will fit right in. I know and respect and hope the people can decide. Thank you.
4:41 PMAfternoon.
Good afternoon Mr. Too many commissioners. My name is richard, I live on 57th street in miami florida. The question is not, do we want to soccer? It has authority been demonstrated that soccer is here. The question is not, is an approved site? It is an approved site, by the mls. However, let me state some of the facts. The first thing I would like to state is my son, brandon come up, when he was about 12 years old, he learned how to play golf at melreese golf course. My oldest son, richard, who is now 30 years old, when he was 15, he learned how to play golf at melreese golf course. The only regret is that I never learned how to play golf. So, also doing that same period, many of you May know the name, status lewis. He played quarterback at my amulet, started as a freshman, played all four years through the 12th grade, graduated and attended duke university, graduated, went on to the nfl to play for the buffalo bills, he learned how to play golf at melreese country club. Tiger woods made his first appearance at melreese country club. Also, I will get it right, I am not a golfer. But, many of us marvel at basketball alonzo mourning, he played golf at the melreese golf course. It is not just a golf club. Is a coach or. There is an old adage, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It is not broke. It is more than a golf club. Their tutorial services, training, special olympics, this is something, one of the most eatable sites in the world, as you fly into mia, or flying out of mia, and you look to the east, you can see all of the green space. We are known in south florida as one of the golf capitals of the world. Let's not lose it, city of miami, thank you.
4:44 PMMy name is gabriel cabrera, I am here in support of the soccer village. Understand how much the space of the program. This and also enhance the lives of many underprivileged children's of all the -- ethnicities but all we're asking is that to make a decision, you let all residences of miami have a boat because it will affect them as well. Asset from an earlier, miami soccer has tried once and failed, did it ever occurs at the reasonableness because they played in a glorified high school stadium in fort lauderdale? And what was said about the people of miami because the commonplace is not right the first time?
Good afternoon, i'm an advocate for children and education I have been intercity teacher in chicago and I am aware of programs that come into the community and really help the intercity community and I have never found a program more organized with the order that's my ultimate goal of getting these children to have core value, scholarship opportunities, and even for kids that are not going to scholarship opportunities, homework, and building a self- esteem, it is amazing. I want to thank willie for being so open-minded and supportive of miami tea, and for ken russell, who is out of the of the day trying to learn about first t. One of the things I think that chairman russell observed, with the immensity, how big the first tee is. This is not a program that you can throw us a bone and say, do not worry, we have you covered, we will give you three holes and a driving range so you can continue your program. This is a very immense program. I am very disappointed that process wars is not here today. I met him at a good government class where he and dan spoke about good government but part of the government is giving to the people the truth. And, to do your due diligence. But, there has not been a lot of talk, there will be in a few minutes about traffic conditions, safety, we have a major airport here. I hope that people will do their due diligence about good entry and exit to the airport, soil samples, this is not a landfill, do you know how much time it takes to excavate? I am not a soil sample expert, but the city is the landlord of this landfill, we have to start cleaning it up, what if it takes them years to build because of this? There are a lot of hypothetical, but we need to do our due diligence. And, have good government in mind. This vote, if he goes to vote, I apologize and disappoint you, they will win. It is sexy. Just like that, sexy. A soccer stadium in miami i'm sorry. And cannot go to a vote. They are giving all of you a soldier, this is not a fee for stadium, this is not a stadium that can support the world cup, this is a tiny stadium with a lot of big buildings. Come on. I am talking to all of you, it is a snow. . Bend over, pull down your pants, we are getting screwed.
4:47 PMNo, your time is a. pleases remember making origami time is civil.
4:48 PMMy name is rose garcia, I want to you for being so patient and having a good exercise in democracy, which many times, we take for granted. To listen to each other is very valuable to i'm here to express myself, having his budget on the ballot, my daughter was here earlier speaking, I think that soccer is a great sport, a world sport, a people sport. That is not to say that the first t is not a great program. This is not about gaul versus soccer. This is about having open debate about what is better for the city and what the people want. That does not need to exclude one from the other pair I love soccer, I have traveled the entire state of florida following my girl who plays soccer. But I am also a golfer, I play a melreese, but it needs to have a democratic process but it should be on the ballot, we should debate about it and we should trust the democratic process. That is why you are here. I fully trust, we are not in cuba, venezuela, honduras or el salvador. Thank you so much for listening.
4:49 PMMy name is charlotte, I live at 2500 southwest 13th street in shenandoah. I just want to thank you all for listening to us today. I cannot be as eloquent at the lady before me, but I do think that this location is not a good location to have this complex, simply because the closest to the airport, and also, we have many hotels around in that area already. I am not against soccer, I would love to see a soccer stadium, just not at that location, thank you.
4:50 PMGood afternoon, as you see by my teacher, I am a soccer fan. I will be very happy to see a soccer stadium in miami. But, I also feel that we need to know more about the project, more details, debate about it. On that note, I will say that, let the community decide if the location is the right place to build a soccer stadium. And, if it will really benefit our community, our town. I am about democracy, so let the community decide. Thank you.
Good afternoon, my name is alayna martinez, take you for giving us the opportunity to speak. I should be in the middle. Because, I am neither for nor against, I really just have a lot of questions. Everybody in the room is a lot smarter than I am. But, I command the mas organization for putting together a fabulous dream team of big law firms and lobbyists etc. I have a lot of questions. I traveled to the area, and the traffic, where is the traffic study? What is going on? What is with traffic? Also, at the risk of being a geek, this dream team is reminiscent of brave new world. I don't know if you gentlemen are familiar with that classic, check it out, read it. Educate yourself. I do not believe, to me, this is about collocated issues like traffic studies and things that are complicated, that maybe the rest of the folks in the city of miami are a lot smarter than I am. It is up for you guys to study and understand, and developers, that is what they do. Lobbyists lobby, that is what they do. You gentlemen need to sort through it and I hate to use this expression, but man up. Do the right thing. Thank you.
4:52 PMGood afternoon, my name is tammy, I and 28 northwood in miami. I moved to miami in 1981, it was a very small sleepy town. This is amazing, it is an international city, as you see, people are passionate about what they believe in, it is fabulous. Please Mr. Beckham, do not take this personally, we all love you, as the previous lady said, we love to see you play soccer. But I think business to go before a vote, because as people have said before me, there is a lot of information out there, they are developers, and it is a developers project. Nobody is against soccer, soccer is in all public schools, this city is ready for soccer. I would like to suggest a very bizarre thing, we have a professional soccer team that plays at fiu, it is called miami fc. $3. 75 million were given to upgrade that field to professional soccer. Why doesn't Mr. Beckham partner with them, and let's give the mas brothers the concert for metrorail, and we can kill two birds with one stone.
4:53 PMThank you.
My name is grant, I love 425 n. East 22nd street, I am here to speak against this project because we do not know what is being put to a vote. We simply do not know because of the city does not know either. I asked the city, and the city give me an answer, a very extensive answer with a lot of details and a lot of information about the melreese golf course, including 1996 plans and including everything, including the two-page plan. Two pages. They are not complete. In that two-page plan, it does not specify who will pay for the environmental cleanup, it doesn't say the city would get about 1/6 of the fair market rent for a large piece of property in the heart of the city. I can tell you, based on who is opposing this plan, there are groups that would pay a lot more. Retail read could be up to 2% of the gross sales in addition to whatever the normal rent is. There is no share in the city for the upset. This is not about soccer versus golf, or whether soccer belongs in miami or any of those other questions. This is about, doesn't the city of miami both to create a referendum on a promise on a handshake? And, on some pretty pictures that the city could not provide. I have not received a single photograph that we have seen in the press, that we have heard, through the media, have been exhibited through commissioners and city staffers and in violation of the sunshine law, not collected and provided. We do not know what is being voted on and the fact of the matter is, this country has a president that got a half $1 billion subsidy as a second- generation multiperson. We have today, in front of us, some very second generation folks who are looking for a half $1 million subsidy from the city in a below market rent plan that will be pushed through in the dark of night because nobody knows why we are even here today. Nobody on the day, nobody in the audience, the only people who know our Mr. Mas, and his group here let me just finish by saying the mls group put the miami fc club out of business at fiu. The weather the last speaker just mentioned, they put them out of business.
4:56 PMIn afternoon, my name is kenneth, I am an attorney, I live in and order in district 2. I'm not appeared today on behalf of the client, I am not a lobbyist, I am not being paid in any way. I'm here as a citizen, as a supporter of soccer, I certainly do not have anything against golf, but, I want to stress how exciting this opportunity is, that we have, that the mas brothers, david beckham, simon fuller, these people are not doing this for money, they have more money than we can dream of having. This is about a passion, as we have heard, leaving a legacy for our city's residence. In terms of green space, the plan that you see is overwhelmingly green. A massive stadium is the opposite it is 25,000 seats, it will be on the far end of the property, away from the neighborhood, and numerous studies are being done pick but, the first tee program, I think it is great that the kids turn out, that everybody has a passion for doing something. Instead of sitting and playing video games. There will be a place for that, we have heard the assurances. There is no rational reason to oppose this plan, it is not currently a public park, it is for golf only. This includes miami freedom park. Quickly, this is about passion. I have lived in different cities around the world, I am not originally from miami. Every great city around the world has one, if not more than one soccer or football club that they rally around. It creates unifying force between people who are rich, people who are not rich, and people who are poor. And unifies and creates. Miami builds itself as a world city. We deserve to have a world- class facility, a world-class team, and we should be very grateful, david beckham could have gone anywhere, and people would have thrown money at him. He is doing this on his own dime. Their development of their own money. Lastly, I urge you, the commissioners, to allow this to go to a public vote. We live in a democracy that we should let the people decide.
4:58 PMMy name is tucker, I represent don't pave our parks. I would like to ask you a question before my time starts, a procedural question.
I'm sorry, my time is being donated, I get an extra two minutes by Mr. Alex moscoso. thank you. My procedural question is, is there an opportunity for public response to the applicant's visitation? I know that the public is speaking before the presentation by the mas brothers and david beckham, is there an opportunity for a response from you who it May be in oppositional response?
4:59 PMNo, this is the republic,. public comment is about the item that is being hurt. What is being heard is printed in the agenda. Does not matter the image in that nature. It is public, time, which is not. You asked me a question.
I need to be clear. if it is about what is on the agenda, the agenda says this project is 1 million square feet and you are not approving a project of 1 million square feet, are you? Select this is the thing, we are in public comment time I will not get into this with you. If you would like to step to the side and asked me a question, you can do that. As of right now, it is public comment time.
I ask because.
Hear me, if you want to ask a question, send it to the side, but right now we will finish public comment.
5:00 PMAfter public, time, I can ask you that question?
Ask it now, but I want to move on. We party spent minutes going back and forth. I will reserve your two minutes from the young man. Of eight years old.
He signed up.
12 years old, i'm sorry,
April mikell, 225 southwest 27th street, apartment five. I the city of miami resident, district 4. I was born and raised in the city. Yet, I have never played in melrose park, not because I do not know where it is, I drive by it every day, but to me, I see it as a golf course, I cannot go for a jog, I cannot go for a picnic. I guess I can pay 80 bucks to play golf. I will not do that. But, florida is the u. S. Capital of golf courses, we have more golf courses in this country, and this state, that any other state in the country. It is a game for the few, where soccer is a community sport, for many people. As a first-generation american firm cuban peers, the sport should be lost on me, but it is not. I have a passion for the sport, just like millions of others around the world. I have embraced it as my own, and anyone who has seen the world cup, you can see the passion out there hit the streets, the restaurant, the bars. I expect that we will be hosting that in eight years. But, this is not about golf, or soccer, it could be both. But, this proposal provides so much more than the current set up. Provide our city a statement that we deserve, it provides youth soccer more than 23 acres of field, hundred and 10 acres of real green space, money, paid by elise, but the golf course is losing money. Let the city residents vote on this. Let us have a vote that's my boy's. As far as traffic, I think this encourages mass transit, you have the metrorail station right there. S vote, give us a chance, thank you for your time.
5:02 PMHello, caleb will donate two of her minutes to me, if that is okay? Good afternoon, my name is susan, amy volunteer and board member of the first tee, I am also a lobbyist, pro bono, for the first tee at the state level. I have been able to get hundreds of millions of dollars at the state level for these programs because of the outstanding outcomes for the most underserved and the most challenged and vulnerable population. Today, I am here as a mother. I am the mother of a fabulous daughter who has severe autism and as I have in the last month the years, I have advocated for those who do not have a voice. Today, I want you to imagine, behind me, 90,200, yes, 9200 people with developmental disabilities. They receive services on a regular basis at melreese. I also want you to imagine on this side, 2500 kindergarten to 12th grade, k-12 kids, 82% of which are on the free and reduced lunch program. Those are all of your constituents. Those are the people that will be voting for you in the next election. Those are the people you need to protect. As a former legislator, I am, from passage of 97, I am familiar with the political arena. I have to tell you, I was very impressed by this media blitz. I was impressed by the incredible transformational, melreese does not need to be transformed, it is already a dual. It is the envy of every other public golf course. And, some private courses. Some of the private courses, melreese makes him look like municipal courses. I'm also very impressed by the lobbying team. Huge law firms, to regular lobbying firms, but we do not need to transform now reese. We need to trance for the overtown area, but not now reese. I would like to end by saying, do they have it right? Politics is give and take but this is not a give and take. This is a take and get. You are taking 365 days of programs for children with disabilities, minorities, and low income, and you are giving 70 days of home games in the entire year. You are taking 170 acres and you are giving it to, nine acres for a stadium. This is all a red herring. The rest of it does not matter. It is an excuse to build another shopping center. You are taking the ability of 40 community organizations, who raise the annual funds there, and events and tournaments. To do more good in this community, 40. They depend on those operational dollars. You are taking that to build another shopping center and more offices. You are taking the peace of mind appeared to know, for many years, who have been having the peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and that they are supervised. They're not getting into trouble, they're not taking drugs. You are giving them unsupervised, open elements that come along with every, and I do not want to speak negatively, because I admire and respect what is happening, I am not say that we do not need a stadium, we do not need it here. You are taking those kids from that neighborhood, all the 2500 kids, you are also taking the opportunity for free tuition, this is important. College prep, tuition, and tutoring, they are earning when they go to this program. We have 100% college placement.
5:07 PMYour time is expired.
Anyway, you're taking a profitable operation for a crapshoot.
My name is javier, I want to thank the commission for hearing me out. I am a longtime resident of miami, I have been here since 87. One thing that I have seen in the growth of the city over the years, and one thing is, we have become an international city. Soccer is an international sport. It is the most beloved sport around the world, and it is something that I am here for, to urge a lot of residents to vote for. I have been all over the world, when I travel, it is to see soccer. I would love to see that in miami. It is a sport that unites communities. I have no problems against golf, I think it is a beautiful sport, it is also an individual sport. When you have soccer, yet 22 players on the field. I would rather sit with the two kids running on each field that will be built then just one filled that's my kid at the links. That is the reality. The stadium is also 25,000 seat stadium, it is not a massive stadium, I have going to mls games since 1986, I have seen how it has transformed a lot of cities around the country. That is why every city is going crazy to get an expansion team. That is why you have people like cincinnati, sacramento, all of these places try to get mls on board, because it is the fastest growing league. The fastest growing sport. Our kids love that. This is what they want. I just want the commission to give us a chance to vote on that. Thank you.
5:08 PMLynn summers, district 1, it is heartbreaking to see the way this matter is tearing this community apart, and it need not be. It is not a matter of golf versus soccer. We can have both. A few points, the item before you, that you are being called on to put on the ballot, has not even undergone the final analysis from our airport. This project is proceeding on a March 6 analysis, on a public records request to the airport, to confirm that. You maybe give it is in the position of voting others, and the faa will come along and say no. At least demand final analysis from the airport and from the faa. Second part, there are other sites within the city that are appropriate for soccer. Most specifically, the site to the west of the baseball stadium. Soccer was built into the design and the global agreement. At that time, mls endorsed that site and agreed to invest in that site. That site should be reviewed. If anything goes to voters, to sites, melreese and that site, in addition, other sites are available in the vicinity of the now reese golf course. Palmer lake's, where miami dade county did an extensive zoning analysis and update. That land, is available. D beckham group go by their land, sublet, and do what a private development -- developer does. And last, and this is to all of you, but especially Commissioner Reyes, who is a resident economist in this group, we have read in the newspaper, though we have not seen on the public agenda, huge projections of income. Based on shopping centers. Do this projections taken to consider -- consideration, a massive shopping and entertainment center approved by the county and northwest, does it take into consideration the additional one block that will be added in downtown miami. In short, this is not ready go to the ballot, it needs more work.
5:11 PMAfternoon, my name is alyssa, I am in support of the stadium, I think division can bring the stadium together, provide an outlet for the use as it is a park for everyone. It will also put us on the playing field on international city throughout the world, but I respect both sides of the argument, and I think this is something for the people of the city to decide, thank you.
5:12 PMMy name is gary, madge is a 7401 southwest 6060. I have had the privilege of serving on the city for eight years with Commissioner Reyes. One thing I learned is a quote that stuck with me, speak truth to power with love. Speak truth to power with love. It reminds me of the situation of why we are here. The citizens of miami and their wisdom elected you to make the decisions that are in the best interest of the city. You are the trustees of our public land. You have been enlisted and entrusted with the ability to protect our open spaces with the expectation that major changes will undergo a careful planning process, community input, lengthy studies, all that we have done everything that we should be done. This is your job, let's be clear, the last five, six, city referendums for land leases have been approved by an overwhelming majority. Hence, the argument to let the voters decide, it is unfair because it does not reflect the true wishes of the people that most enjoy the city of miami. Mr. Chairman, I own property, I have served on city boards, I volunteer, but I do not get a vote because I do not live here. My 11-year-old who goes to the first tee, she does not get a vote. Gianna who was here earlier, who grew up in north miami, her father worked at the miami international airport and dropped her off at 7 am, she does not get a boat and her father does not get a vote. Miguel, has a hearing-impaired son, he tries from kendall to take his son to this one place where he feels equal. Where he -- his son feels equal, melreese golf course, the 12-year-old in the back to talking about. I know you will do the right thing and I appreciate your time today. Thank you.
5:14 PMGood afternoon, I hope everybody is well, thank you for having us. So, my address is 750 euclid avenue. My name is alondra and i'm a columbia football player residing in south beach. Growing up as an alley, I learned many lessons that shaped the person that I am today. Those lessons being respect, discipline, work ethic, humbleness, and passion. Miami is a city of lifestyle and community and we had an mlb stadium, and nfl stadium and the nhl stadium. Why not let one of the most respected names in football represent our roots of unity and labor that miami has to offer. This should be left for a public vote because this is for the people. Thank you.
5:15 PMMy name is mike simpson, I reside at 10 -- 201 virginia street. I apologize that my comments are disjointed, everybody took really eloquent points. I would like to stress, two things that have been underrepresented. One is that we seem to be losing sight of the fact that the department runs melreese for the city is called the department of parks and recreation. Not every city park is a giant field of grass. We have one of those right next door, and last weekend, you saw plenty of people out there getting their kayaks ready to go off the dock and out into the bay. Today was filled with soccer fans until getting. They are fantastic, we have them all over the city pick some of them even have kids playing soccer in the. But some of our city parks are for recreational purposes. Specific. We have baseball diamonds, we have basketball courts, we certainly want to go to kirkland row and try to picnic while people are trying to play tennis. We cannot play soccer on the dignity islands that are off the store, but those are city parks as well. Some of the city parkland it's for a specific purpose, and some of it is general. And the entire city of miami, there is one park that provides golf. So, any plan to relocate the first tee does so by relocating it out of our city. And they had come in and tell us they wanted to the -- relocate golf and take over the stadium, we would oppose that. If they decided to relocate the marlins, because they wanted that stadium, we would oppose that. Maybe. Depending on how big of a fan you are. This is a singular entity in the city. There is no other option other than giving it to somebody else. The other idea I wanted to touch on was the idea that this is not going to cost the taxpayers anything. I read the ballot initiative, it does not tell us that they will build us a 50 acre park. It tells us that they will give us $667,000 a year over 30 years. For the park. We will need to pay for that.
5:17 PMThank you very much.
Good afternoon, my name is sergio, I support the stadium being built. Commissioners, today you are here to hear from the people. The problem being proposed is one of displacement, business, fear, and love. Amongst other things. As a human activity opposition, the fear of change because it is homes that are at stake, I cannot say how I would act if I were in their shoes, proper compensation for homeowners in the build sites as a foundation to begin the legacy that football can bring to our city. Where other teams have failed, this one will succeed. God hides its biggest fears, let me start over. God hides its biggest rewards behind fear. Fear of change, fear of investing. Dear failure. But most importantly, fear of success. The city is ready.
5:19 PMThank you so.
Good afternoon, nelson mandela said, we can be frank and outspoken without being reckless or outspoken. Leslie personal vendettas out of this debate. We all want soccer, just not on our part. I city commissioners, you are elected by the people and should work for all of the people. Your job is not limited to seeking out big romantic money. Just big romantic money. Community is not all about money. We want a great quality of life. There are 35,000 local regional and international golfers that play golf on this course. How can you take that usable green why not just build it on a tennis court, on the ballfield. Why not put it right here. I pay a lot of money to the city of miami and I want a golf course by my home. One of the proposed fax that you give away, the land is currently zoned public parks and recreation. It will need to be ceremoniously rezoned. I am afraid that is a proposal that will eventually be seen by the public and will be very tricky for the average person to comprehend. They will have no idea what the hidden costs of negotiations are behind the deal. They will not comprehend that they will be responsible taxpayers for billions of dollars involved in the project. All they were here is soccer, soccer, soccer. And it will lose money. They will hear that the soccer folks will spend their own money to build stadiums. What they want here is the millions that we will spend cleaning and repairing the land and the infra structure for them. This ridiculous lease, for a 100 acre parcel, they will not get it. Who is miami freedom park llc? That you want to entrust a $200 million park for. To have their financials? Do you have guarantees? How much will the city spent building a new park? I hear you are raising millions and a new issue is the bond. For those who do not understand, is our future debts, we need to pay it back. The $20 million promise over 30 years isn't guaranteed by anyone. What will we do when they stop payment as others did on watson island? Did the public know that they need to pay to park on this feature endeavor? Why are there not set increases in the lease now before we go to vote? Voting appraisals do not contemplate what the land will be used for? They do not mention a stadium or high-rise hotels, certainly this would increase the value of the land. Who cleans up the property for development? The land is contaminated. Appraisers used -- both appraisers used waive the requirements record any soil condition. Terms did not. Are you reporting to the city of miami, is on the hook for millions of remediation cost? Like contracts with nfb? Once you start, there is no turning back. From the increased cost of unexpected related to this feed. No bank will loan them money on contaminated money. The real risk is the taxpayers is huge. I am almost finished. Commissioner Russell, if the city of miami is going down this road, waving city charter, not looking at financial guarantees, we are now by this procedure opening up development on all parkland. As they are, I know a group that has built millions of square feet that is ready to take bids on any part that you have. I believe it is wrong. In conclusion, given to the rich and taken to the poor is not a new concept. Do not do this. Why not give the money you are scheduled to spend to help programs citywide, build your legacy on your people. Do not give away the largest green space in miami and leave our future kids behind. Do not kill the duluca legacy. Do not steal these kids best chance in life.
5:23 PMThank you.
Good afternoon. a lady give me two minutes donated to me, so I will speak. I represent.
5:24 PMHe start his time over?
Can't my name is bruce, I represent soccer, I am the founder of an organization working with kids through soccer. I actually represent soccer in the group of miami united, a soccer team in miami. I talked to all of the orange people, I have a lot of friends in here that I met today. I was confused, like everybody else, confused. It is really sad, the only thing that I heard about it is money, money, money. Who makes more money? You and them, that is sad. That the semi-personal point of view. In the land that you guys play golf, maybe 1000 people, 1000, 2000 kids. 9000 kids. 50,000 kids. They are working with 50,000 kids a year, they are holding maybe 600 special olympic six weeks of the year. Dating 40 charity events on the golf, like congratulations for all the help that you do with the kids, that is a great opportunity for everybody. Now, with those 15,000 kids, we can multiply on the soccer field. Maybe 40,000 kids a year. Do you know how much we can save and prevent heart attacks, bullying, everything to sport, obesity and doing sports is good. I do not say golf is not good, I never played golf in my life. The day that I played, I was in bed for two weeks because my back hurt. I am a former soccer player, I believe in the community where we play soccer, we are not elite community. We just need one soccer ball and 20 kids that can play to have fun. I believe right now, the city needs a stadium to be elite, everybody from the whole world, we have a business from all around the world in miami. We do not have a stadium in miami. That is a beautiful place to hold a new stadium, whatever they do, somebody has to make money, everybody makes money in the end. This is not about money, it is about how can we help the community in the amount of kids that can be helped and the support to the event. Natalie 40 a year, we have 265 days in the year, that we can do a charity event. I am pretty sure that you can invest money about what is against and what is working for the community. Delectable tell you what to do, I think that you will do the best for the community, and for all of miami, thank you so much.
5:27 PMMy name is charles, 7721 southwest 53rd place. Thank you for allowing us to speak today. I had come thinking that we would talk about the merits of the actual proposal itself, and obviously, that is not what this is about. This is ending up being about all of you. You have had an incredible problem dumping your lapse. You are now being asked to choose between golf and soccer. It is a completely false narrative. Is a binary decision that you do not need to make. There are a lot of ways to allow both sides to have what they want. And to say that, what we will do, is assaulted as commissioners, by taking the can down the road and allowing for a public vote, is in my mind, a real agitation of your responsibility. What i'm asking you to do is embrace the responsibilities to which you have been elected. Your other to make our decisions, to look at the facts, make a decision to best for all of the different people that are here. You have the opportunity to do that. The people who are sitting here, the voters who are out there, are they going to look into the minutia that wanted to the contract for the miami heat radar, where the county can't collect anybody now. Or, the same thing that happened with the marlins arena? They will not be able to do that. You have the ability and the staff to make that happen, to make sure that the people are well treated. What I would ask you to do is not hide behind the sedo argument of letting people but. But rather, work as hard as you can to find someplace to put soccer in the city. This is a simple thing. Instead of subsidizing the development of another land, which has a soccer field as an amenity, why don't you put some money into the idea of a real soccer stadium for the city of miami
5:29 PMMy name is jenny, I live at 21 florida avenue in the growth. I also own a yoga studio in the community. I have seen firsthand the impact that soccer can make for young children, I have a four- year-old daughter who has severe adhd, anxiety, we have tried every sport and I obviously stand behind yoga and meditation and soccer was the only thing that made her blossom. I think that is a beautiful sport. I also worked very closely, on staff with the miami dolphins as the recovery specialist, and I see the impact that a professional sports organization can make in a community privately and openly. I just asked that we give everybody the opportunity to vote and make a decision.
5:30 PMGood afternoon, my name is larry torta, I have been a resident of miami-dade county for 50 years. For over 30 years, I lived in coconut grove, at 3455 s. Boardings way. I am for a stadium. I wish that this discussion was about the stadium, as some people have brought up. And not about a land grab. Hit him in the back on the mas proposal is that the city is responsible for all infrastructure development and environmental cleanup of 107 acres. A cost $8 million to clean up douglas park. $1. 2 million as Commissioner Russell knows to make cleanup merry christmas part. $10 million which is on the same side as maoris, clean up environmentally. Mas and beckham developers have offered $20 million, which is roughly 67 -- $670,000 a year, which is worth about $3 million over 30 years. At a 5% discount. What is not discussed is the fact that this money is supposed to go to a bond issue. A bond issue that the city of miami will take out to offset the costs and cover the costs of remediation and all infrastructure that the city of miami is supposed to pay for. This cleanup, not counting the infrastructure, given the cost of what it took to clean up great land, could easily cost $50 million. Maybe $75 million. The taxpayers would be burdened by a staggering amount of money because the bond issue would cost and cover only a minuscule part of it. All of that to allow the backup group to produce more than $425 million in revenue. For that, they ask us to amend the city charter, to do away with its safeguards of competitive bidding. If this bidding was out for independent real estate is, real estate developers, they would be around the block to try to get this deal. If you want to destroy 10% of the city's green space, and decide to pave over the city parks, maybe we should not stop at melreese, maybe we should pave over kennedy park, or josi martini park. For good measure. This is an unconscionable proposal looks to circumvent our city charter, it is nothing more than a naked land grab using the soccer stadium, which people believe passionately and, as a smokescreen to just enrich a small group of people. I want to see a soccer stadium built, I want to be the first person in line to have season tickets. But, I do not want to see my city impoverished financially and have our green space destroyed for the benefit of beckham as land developers.
5:33 PMThank you.
5:34 PMGood afternoon, I am with the greater miami visitors bureau, miami florida, I live at 1601 albertine drive. We are in district 2. Thank you Commissioner Russell. We live and play in district 2, -- live and work in district 2, we played all this experience you have hired your bearer to bring visitors here, to bring meeting conventions, and to bring special global events. This is a unique opportunity, we are competing right now for the world cup. Right now, we are one of seven cities in the u. S. That will go down to 10. That will go down to 10. In 1994, world cup soccer was played in orlando. Orlando is one of the 17 cities. This is an opportunity, first of all, I do not think anybody questions that the first tee is a fine program I am a supporter. This is an opportunity to let the people decide, i'm a voter, live work and play here. This is an important project, a once-in-a-lifetime, it will be 23 acres, probably 12, we work with the soccer community, there is a desperate need for soccer fields in the city. Thank you for listening, we urge you to vote yes.
5:35 PMMy name is tucker, I represent do not paid our parks. I'm here to speak for four minutes on the issue of the actual amendment, I will talk about the actual amendment.
Excuse me, with all respect, he spoke before, we are going to be here all night, and it is not fair to others to keep playing the game, i'm taking two minutes from here, two minutes from there.
5:36 PMLet's give him his four and he will be done.
We will close this part of, because if we keep up with this, and let the other side get four minutes from somewhere else, we could play this game until 2 am. I have coffee on the way.
You have three minutes and 30 seconds. Smacked I will make it quick.
Charter amendment will waive the requirement for competitive bidding, that is what this is about, waving a tighter requirement for competitive bidding and allowing a proposed lease to be approved by a 4/5 vote by the city commission. This proposed charter amendment is not ready to go to the voters, it is a product of behind the scenes deal making, last-minute changes, and lacking critical information that we talked about already. It shows a project that needs to be more thoroughly vetted before the charter change is placed on the ballot. The existing charter process is competitive and open, which allows for an informed the public evaluation and this proposal seeks to waive that protection for what May be the largest, most complex development scheme on city property and over 50 years. What are the details? You have heard about financial statements. You have heard about the issue of the plans, what will be built, has the city made a preliminary review? Received public comments? The issue of traffic, and the airport, the issue of parking open-space acreage needs to be replaced, environmental remediation, which is a huge and expensive issue for the development of the size and on the side and we need to know how much remediation is required on and the estimated cost, and who is going to pay for it. This should all happen before the voters are put on the spot to vote on this issue, this procedural issue, that will allow a different mechanism by which to approve a project. That proposal, that the charter amendment, it requires the city to issue a request for proposal. If it is more than you can get from the public, you get different responses to the specific requirements so that you know what you are getting. The charter amendment proposal seeks to circumvent a wave the provision to allow one development group to lease public property for a huge commercial development with a soccer stadium. And the commission want such a development, they should follow the existing charter, issue a detailed request for proposals seeking competitive bids, and let there be a robust and transparent evaluation and review of the proposals, not just one proposal, but any proposal that comes out. My client urges you to read -- rejected the amendment and vote no on both a judgment that's my agenda items, re9, and re10. Thank you very much.
5:39 PMIf I may, my name is saul, I am with an office at 157 southeast avenue, i'm here as a private citizen, I have been involved in this matter initially to the folks at first, there is a lot of stuff that has been said, and I have no intention to come appear and be redundant, we have heard about the central issue as most people see it. This is not about a soccer stadium. We all love soccer stadiums. Is not about the moss family or the beckham family. There are five people, they are members of this community. This is about a real estate deal that is being packaged around a gadgets of a soccer stadium who you served 100 years of zoning and zoning laws in the city. Let alone, taking the last big public space we have to I will touch on a few issues, not the faa issue and the fact that eminent domain is something that this district is going to be nailed with. If anybody thinks this will get built without those roads being widened and people losing their homes, they are being naove. I have been -- involved in real estate development and appraisal for 18 years. What I want you to come out of this is two things. Appraisals are historic documents based on historic facts, and when you get to an appraisal of something like this, there is no appraisal in the mind who can tell you that there appraisal as a substitute for a contract which is something that somebody is willing to pay. That is what comes out in competitive bidding, different people are willing to be different things. Be here is what the take away is, two things, if you do it here, and Commissioner Russell, with all due respect, I believe that your district is the one that is in harms way, because they get away with is here, your district is next, you have a lot of waterfront property and a lot of zoning layers are sitting out here chomping at the bed trying to figure out when they can go to their clients and say, we could do it because it was done in district 1, the president is there. This is what I want you to walk away from. If you permit this to go to a public vote without betting it, that is a technical term, it means to really consider it in a reasonable way, not any rust or creative way by the developer. If you permit them to do that, you are telling the electorate, we have left of this project, we have looked at it, all of the folks who voted for you, but it because they believe you, they believe that you are people who look at things and do not do things in a rush, and that is danger. If I may, 10 seconds, and last two days, alone, this project has moved into different things, first it was in was, now is on the northeast corner, now it May be in the middle. We have an opportunity to push us back for a week, bring it back at the next zoning hearing and still have time for a second reading and let's see what comes next week, because even this morning, other things cannot. Thank you for your time and your indulgent.
5:42 PMI want to finish public comment, if you can stick around, or move to the center.
It says that, before any proposal, it has to be reviewed by a finance committee. That is procedure. The proposal needs to be reviewed and approved by the finance committee. Says the city will incurred agreement for a long-term financial, it will incur obligation, the city manager awarded convention needs to be reviewed and approved by the finance committee.
The holdings proposes a freefall, there is no bottom board. Once this gets passed, a lot of the responsibility will go to the county commission, because when they go for eminent domain, there is nothing that anyone in this room can stop. That is a catty front to. Faa and county and federal function. You are being asked to be used as a pawn to push this process on the guise of soccer. No one is against soccer, believe it or not, hundred 50 pounds in four decades ago I was a soccer player. Nobody is here because it they are against soccer and it is not soccer versus golf. Those are fine people and fine programs. You will be held accountable by your electorate because once this is done, in a year or two, with a start going to the county, or they look for development of regional impacts, those voters will come back and look at Mr. Russell, with all due respect, your district is the one that is in harm's way.
5:44 PMThank you sir.
Okay, we close.
I love you, I love you too.
If my mama was alive, she would have brought her here so she could tell you she loves you.
Here the problem, putting aside soccer, putting aside golf, putting aside all of those things, this is been a terrible way for the city of miami. Has been a terrible week for transparency, it has been a terrible week for accountability, and has been a terrible week for the concepts that the citizens of the city has of expecting their elected and appointed officials to operate and play from the top of the deck. This process has been, from the top of the deck, from the middle the deck, from under the deck, from a deck that somebody has and another building. This is a terrible thing that has happened to the city. And the sad thing is, it did not need to happen. But, it did. And the responsibility for that lies not with any of you, nobody city manager, it lies with the young man who now wants to become the strong mayor because he says, in order for him this city to be progressive, and go forward, the citizens deserve a mayor who will bring transparency, efficiency, and accountability to the city. This is what he has done. This is what you can expect if he continues to be her gets to be strong mayor. Every week or every other week will be this kind of nonsense. I am not going to try to repeat anything that anyone else has said, or written, I only want to say this, in 2012, mayor thomas stood in this chamber when the city commission discovered and found out that because of the poor legal work and craftsmanship by the city attorney's office, that the deal that the city negotiated by the group only marlin stadium, that because of that bad lawyering, the city was going to be responsible for paying the taxes on all of the parking spaces that the city had leased through lawyer from the parking garages that the city owned. And when thomas heard that, a man who never turn down a free meal, who never turn down a free gas, who never turned down a free trip, when he heard that, he said, in miami, every deal is a bad deal. Those words should be placed right above you. Right up there. Because this is a bad deal.
5:47 PMThank you.
Thank you, at this time, i'm going to close public comment. We will research -- recess for 10 minutes and come back.
6:04 PMI want everybody to take a seat. No one should be standing in the aisle. And fellow miami and's, and residents of our great city. Before I begin I want to acknowledge what I have observed since I got here at 1:30 today. First sharing with so many people outside who are supporters and fanatics of the sport of football and who are here passionately but I also want to recognize the fact of the beautiful example of our democracy that we seen in the course of approximately the last five hours I am a huge believer that all voices should be heard. And one of the things today that I will and with his all of the residents of the city's voices should be heard. I am a power -- pro child of people, my mother and father, who came here seeking freedom and nothing more than making a better life for themselves and their site -- and their children. I am a product of love and a person who considers themselves a born and bred miami and. I believe for the city and every endeavor in my life as I attended st. Michaels and epiphany and christopher columbus high school. And the university of miami and through now through all of the plot -- blessed places in the world life has taken me, i've always taken my city and my heart. I believe this is one of the greatest cities on earth. What a beautiful -- beautiful cultural mosaic we have reserved today. People from all walks of life -- we observed today -- and all with a love for miami and the one ingredient that separates us from everyone else is passion and that is something I think is a beautiful trait of our city. We stand before here talking about soccer. Let me share with you for a minute or two how we became in involved in soccer and what is a labor of love. I was reached out to buy the major league mission or dan garber, late last summer. While I was in the midst of that time, and in the pursuit of another sports franchise trying to do good things and build something the right way in our city. He asked me if I was familiar of the efforts of david beckham and his group at that time to bring major league soccer to miami and I said only what I have read and seen. He said would you have any interest in getting involved because it is in my opinion he needs a local partner who knows the city of miami. I waited a few weeks until I received another phone call when you called me to tell me that the major league soccer franchise was leaving miami and they would no longer consider miami as a viable choice because it was difficult to get an ownership group. They weren't there with the potential of a stadium. There were no local partners. In fact he said we have 15 cities waiting and live who want an expansion franchise in major league soccer. My brother and I had a dinner with david's partner and another one of our partners. And we, my brother and I shared a vision of what we could see the potential would be for miami. These gentlemen shared our vision. We told them if this was going to be a team located in our city it has to be miami's team and a local team. A team that encompassed everything that is good about our community. And it was our desire that if we brought a team to miami that it be the mls global team. Because we are a global city. For us you know I have always been brought up dreaming. And my partner, david beckham, who did not have to choose miami , but when he came after a very illustrious career to the l. A. Galaxy in 2007 he rolls the league up and was given an option for franchise. And he chose our city. And frankly, as I explored and viewed how frankly he was treated, many with open arms, but I felt he was not guided by the hand or the best interests -- interests of the best of what is miami. As we move forward and we look forward and do more research and due diligence and how we could make something different, we did it with the purpose of trying to build a sports team that is different than our current sports teams. Because I am a huge fan. About baseball fan, marlins, dolphins, miami heat. The university of miami. My christopher columbus -- christopher columbus explores and I grew up in the dade county parks, specifically sunny land park. I think I understand the value of sports. And I truly believe it unites communities. The fabric of the community is identified by sports and how we can unify and bring different nationalities together and I think there is no greater sport that does that is a global support which is soccer. And we have seen over the past few weeks and months how it unites not only people in miami, we are the largest market in viewership in spanish and english. When you look at our market there is huge potential work when we look at this and want to make a difference, we send this course experience here is you go to a game and you watch it and you go home. There is really nothing in my opinion successfully done in sports facilities in our community that allows families to spend time pregame, during and post game. So, and our endeavor, and we started traveling the country and looking what the mls model started being with soccer specific stadiums, there is approximately 25,000 across the country and very different than the typical stadiums that we have now. This is not the size of a marlins park or a hard rock stadium. Very different and half the size pic they have a museum like look to them. When we started looking and doing research late last year, and looking at what the pram flies -- franchise previously would've done. We saw and looked at the heritage site at over town. And i, frankly, at that time met with a lot of the people I know in overtown. With community leaders and many of the people who work for us and live in that community. And frankly, I never found that the stadium that would do something that would uplift that neighborhood. I personally felt it had the potential of gentrifying the neighborhood. It would be extremely difficult to build -- build around the stadium anything that could serve a purpose for that community. I will state now for the record that unlike the majority of team owners around all the sports in the u. S. , I do not believe that stadiums on their own are economic engines. They are not. When we looked at the scituate -- the situation in overtown. We own the land there. We said I think our community deserves better. I think our fans deserve better. We need to build a fan experience and do something that's different and iconic and separates us from the rest of the cities in the u. S. And how we watch sports. And as I looked at the ownership group around me and as I looked at david beckham, a global icon in brandon bass in her. A man known throughout the world. Is a look at his partner, simon fuller, a successful man and creator of american idol and when I looked at marcello, a successful businessman who is the resident of the city of miami and the chairman of sprint. To date we have the largest technology investor on the work -- in the world. $100billion to invest in technology. All companies and technology entities that are growing throughout the world. My brother and I look and we said it was important for us as children of miami to attract the strengths of our partners and to commit them to miami and to invest in south florida. How do we do that? We continuously look for potential locations for a new stadium but more importantly for new experience. How can we combine bringing in an investment and technology that could provide high-paying jobs, that could provide employment, that could provide something great for our fans. And we started searching. There is not one single site in south florida we have not looked at at, five years they spent looking for a site. One of the caveats to our choosing a site is that major league soccer has to approve where the socket -- where the facility goals. It's their league and practically their team and they have always wanted this team to be frankly in the urban corridor. As we look we had some restrictions and we brought a contingent of mls can -- mls officials to south florida and many others and they looked at over 40 sites. When we started looking at the potential of the site at --. My first thought and focus and frankly I was taken aback and i've shared with you commissioners, the fact that there was a fence around the property. I grew up playing at grable and park. My son just finished playing there as of a couple of years ago. I understand the importance of golf there. And my view of golf course is not a park. So if we were going to do anything at all that had to be predominantly in mind to how can we activate a park for all of the residents of the city of miami. And I want to preface this year before my presentation of our ideas comes through, and why is our vision and why are we calling it miami freedom park. I have a message to the young men and women in the parents who participate in the first heat. I am a fan of your program. I have provided a significant amount of college -- college scholarships for the young men and women who have graduated from the first heat. There is absolutely nothing that would fill myself with commitment and the desire is that the first heat remain in this project. You continue with the classroom work and with the ethics. With the type of morals that are built there. We want you to have a place in miami freedom park. It is our intention to accommodate the program and expand the program so more young and -- more young men and women can participate. You have my personal commitment and support to make sure your program thrives and nothing negative happens with it. When we look at the creation of a park it was extremely important for us and how is it even possible to make a design encompassing what we wanted to do. You will see today a representation by the designers and architects. When we look at that we said can we do something here that is great for our city and great for miami? The one thing I wanted to make sure of is that because we as residents have been worked by and tainted by sports deals before. The marlins deal is a terrible deal for our community. And trust me, I know. And my pursuit of the franchise last year, I know the deal and it is a bad deal picked the first thing that I said is we are not going to do anything like that. This has to be a completely different transaction and different deal. The first one we had and I would like to share with you some of the images of what we are proposing. Number one, make sure that the spark in this buffer and 37th avenue for the neighborhood is open to all and gives us space for the tens of thousands of residents who want to enjoy what will be the largest park in the city of miami. I wanted to make sure that besides providing golf and sports that we provide something for the youth of our community in soccer. When you look at this site I said how can we tie this in to public transportation? How can we make sure that the miami intermodal center that is there is connected to this facility to facilitate exit and entrance. And you can see this development is connected with a block away. In terms of scale, the sheridan is exactly the same height and scale of this project. When we looked at it there are certain restrictions on this property. Restrictions having to do with assembly because of proximity for runway. Meaning you cannot put certain high-rise buildings in the middle of the property and you cannot put housing. You cannot put schools and once our designers design this product -- project, I said it is important that the elements include soccer fields -- soccer fields that are open to all. In this design there are 23 acres of soccer fields for use that will be open for all. It will be used by the team or the academy of the team that will be located elsewhere either in the city of miami or other cities that express an interest in having our team. This is a site which today has approximately 150-160 acres and encompass 110 acres. It will include the 23 acres of soccer fields. It will include everything else to the eastern and southern portion. And what we -- and we call it a soccer village which is the flow of traffic here going to the stadium, it is 73 acres in total and includes the 23 acres of the soccer fields. Frankly, the area that will be used here in an open park like pedestrian friendly way is less than 50 acres. And the reason that we did it in this fashion is we thought it accomplish the goals of attracting technology investment. Of creating jobs. Of being able to do something for our residents and fans and food and entertainment sites could be enjoyable besides activating the park. When you look at the old oak -- at the location and the mayor -- major thoroughfares and you will hear a little but about ingress and egress when our architect comes to speak. One of my initial concerns was the major economic engine is the airport. Whatever is designed here I said cannot disrupt exit and entrance into the airport. The 50 million people who come in and out of our airport every year and the tens of thousands of people who work at the airport on a daily basis who get in and out. How can you work the inflows and outflows to not disrupt the airport and not disrupt the neighborhood to the east. Make sure the flow of traffic there is one that is seamless and does not interrupt traffic. From a logical point of view in my mind and I ask how much could we increase traffic when we have 15 million people coming out of the adjacent property. This is been well researched and well study in you -- studied and you will hear more about that in the future.
6:25 PMLet me talk about the park. why freedom park. You know, my parents came here seeking freedom. Many of us are products of family seeking treatment from so many different countries. What a better symbol to our cities and our city's to represent that noble cause which is freedom and it is an appropriate name for what we aspire to. When you look at the scale of the park we want to make a beautiful and resilient park. I think it's an important component especially with where we are located. These are some of the images we want to share. This gives you the scale of what the stadium will look like from the park. It is low-lying, pedestrian friendly and an active part for all. When you look at the fields that are there that will be open for all youth, the object out our team is to break the model of pay to play. Our children enjoying soccer should not have to pay to play. It should be open to all and free, because frankly that is the bite -- the way the best players in the world have been developed and our aspiration is our team have homegrown talent. When you look at our soccer village, one of the things we want to do this for example, to create an amphitheater outside of the stadium free to all. We want anyone who wants to watch all match to watch it from an apple theater and we are extremely confident at 25,000 seat stadium here will be successful and will sellout and hopefully as is the example and many cities throughout the u. S. There will be a waiting list for our friends -- fans to enjoy. The stadium is technologically advanced and modern in nature with new technology. It will have a skywalk to highlight views of our city in the 360 wave fashion.
6:28 PMThis gives you more scale. a pedestrian friendly walk into the stadium with restaurants, food and beverage and shops with sports. There is a segment we want to dedicate to arts and culture and culture and sculpture gardens. So what does this mean? When we look at that we asked our question. Can we even do this? This is a project that will take between $850,000,000. 1 billion to build. One of the things I had repeated multiple times as I want to make sure that we do a project that requires zero taxpayer money. I will repeat that. This project will require zero taxpayer dollars. Based on what I alluded to earlier in our partnership group, we have a group that want to invest in our city. That want to bring high-paying bought -- jobs. That want to bring a project like this. We should open our arms to the people that want to do this here. When we look at the financial considerations I also said we need to pay fair market value for the land. We don't want a subsidy, we don't want to give away and we don't want anything. We want to give to the city and create what does not exist today and when we viewed this we looked at paying a fair market value of fees directly to the city of miami, $3. 6 million a year. We looked and in addition to that how can we help activate a park. The park area here belongs to the city of miami and we said we want to help and assist in activating that park. So we are willing to make a $20 million gift and the activation of that park in those activities. This will create 11,000 jobs over the next three years during the construction and create 2300 permanent jobs, of which the payroll related to those jobs is approximately $106 million. And it's an important, important factor to consider in bringing a project like this to south florida. This is not to bore anyone but it's a tax chart. Of what a project like this and a $1 billion investment can bring to our taxpayers. Aprons $5. 8 million into the city of miami. $11million to dade county. $23million to the state of florida primarily through sales taxes. And $3. 8 million to the school board. This is a year, annually. So I have always said that you need to dream to realize. Many times it is very easy to say no and be satisfied with the status quo and take the easy path and be satyrs -- satisfied with the overton park and do something that I believe in my mind is wrong, but as I met the commissioners and I looked at their concerns and they ask what should we be doing and one of the issues that came up was green space. I understand. So it has been our desire always and has been our legacy and I think our philanthropic way of doing things and I want to share something here with the Commissioner That we May have forgotten. Talks about my family's commitment. In 1987 we drove in front of the freedom tower and my father was ill. That was a symbol for the cuban american community. I told my father we will resort. And I bought the freedom tower and I spent $30 million restoring that for our city. I gave it to miami-dade college so it could live forever. That is what my family is about. So when we stand here before you tell you that we have our city in our hearts and minds, we do and I do and when we talk about green space, I don't want there to be a net loss of green space here. And understand the city is pursuing a bay walk and a river walk, and tried to look at other areas to great new green space in the city. You have our commitment as an ownership group and I understand there's a potential $5 million shortfall for the riverwalk and bay walk walk project. We are committed to providing the $5 million so that can become a reality and implement more green space in the city of miami and that speaks to the types of things we want to do in increasing parks and bring pocket parks with soccer to the inner city and urban core to help you activate more parks and green space. That is what our ownership group is about and that is the legacy that I as a family want to leave. I want to aspire to great things. I want to see people see this is the first thing they see work and iconic tribute to the generations that have preceded us. That's what I want for our city. I want greatness for my city. I want to look at this project and have people two months ago tommy that's crazy and impossible. We can make it happen and I want the voters to decide. I want every single voice in the city of miami to make a decision on this project. Let them decide if this shared this vision and if they want greatness so be it. If they don't they don't. It is a voters decision. I am happy and satisfied you give me, a product of miami, an opportunity to share our vision and share import from my heart what I feel for my city. So thank you and my partner and david beckham, your awesome. [ applause ]
6:34 PMRemember, the same rules apply.
Good afternoon. chairman, commissioners, sorry, good evening. Chairman and commissioners and people of miami. We have been said here -- we have been sitting here since 130 and everyone has been very patient and it has been great to hear everyone's opinion on whether they agree or don't agree. I would like to keep the protocol like everyone else has a david beckham. I am from the east end of london. By zip code is e 17. I grew up in the center of london with the working class family. I was able to play for manchester united and real madrid and play for milan in the galaxy and represent my country 115 times. I am passionate about this game. I'm passionate about bringing this came to this great city. Before I go on I want to thank the community and my miami football community for being here today. You guys have been here since some of you 6:00 a. M. Or 7:00 a. M. , 5:30 a. M. And I have three young children and a 19-year-old son. I know how difficult it is how -- to get my kids out of the bed. And for you to bring your kids it means a lot and I know where you are coming from and I want to thank you for that commitment. I want to thank you for what you have done. It is still all about our children. It's one thing I always believed. Thank you for that. Like I said I grew up in the east end of london and given the opportunity to play the game i'd love. I am a former working-class background. My parents worked hard and my father is a gas fitter, my mom is still a hairdresser. Hard-working people. They gave me the opportunity to live my dream. I was able to move to manchester when I was 15 years old to play for a club that I adored and loved, and coming from an east and lead going to manchester and play for the team that he supported and my dad supported from a young age was a dream come true. I cried all the way up there and all the way back. Not because I was homesick but because I realized I had an opportunity and this is what we are trying to say today. We are trying to let you realize that there is real opportunity here. My legacy in the game is all about what I have been in done on the field. Everything I have outside of the field, I have only been successful in his because what I have done on the field so I owe everything to the career that I have. I owe everything to the coaches. The players. The fans i've played with. The reason I am successful from the field is because of them and because of hard work. Growing up in the east end of london was always something that I am very proud of. To say that I played for the clubs I played for and to have won championships with the clubs and to represent my country 115 times makes me very proud. The say now that I am an owner of a team in a city like miami. City you guys love and adore and to turn around to me when I was 11 years old and say this is exactly what I would've done and I would've left. All that was important to me is playing football and becoming a professional footballer. As a young lad and a young boy and there are young girls around here there's real opportunity. We are trying to create something for the city of miami. A global city and global sports. We are bringing a global sport to one of the most interesting and important and vibrant exciting cities in the world. This is what we are bringing in. It's been a long time before I walked into a room and people have not smiled at me. It is not a nice feeling. I've had it once or twice on the field, more than once or twice and it's not nice. I can handle it on the field so I hope today you realize what we are trying to do for the city of miami and your miami. Like I said I am from the east end of london. It is easy for you guys to say you know from the city, you don't know what this city means to us. I do. I am not homegrown, but, this is becoming my home and this will become my home. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you today and voice my opinion. Hopefully to make you realize that we are good people and we are trying to do the right thing and we want to do the right thing by your children and children's children because at the end of the day that's what it's about. I have four children I am proud of. I have four children I love and adore and I want them to look back at this, a 2030 or 40 years from now and say that's what my dad created that what -- that's what my dad brought to the city of miami and the mls. We want to grow the sport and it's the greatest sport in the world and the biggest sport in the most popular sport for boys, for girls, for anyone and why we feel so passionate. I want to thank you all and thank miami and I want to thank the chairman and commissioners. My partners, thank you very much.
6:41 PMI would like to share with everyone here video we prepared which is a little bit of the vision of miami freedom park. No sound.
6:42 PMMr. Chairman, if I started singing this room would clear out so fast. It is not pretty.
6:44 PMGood afternoon. I am principal. We are a miami-based home grown architectural planning firm and we are pleased to be part of this important project. I would like to begin by telling you the task that we are here for. Because the task of creation and my field of architecture and planning is complex. We have to deal with functional motions and aesthetics, environmental or contextual, and connectivity issues and of course the emotional part. For buildings, the architecture, they have to generate an emotion. Today I am here to explain to you how all this comes together and all those factors that come into a project so that it can become reality. The site you see in front of you is the project that is within those 130 acres that you have heard. It contains, most importantly, as you can see from this image, a very large park. And this park is what is a welcome moment into the property . It is a real park and truly accessible and open to the public work within this park remained the baseball fields, the water parks, the water parks currently on site and functions include a golf facility similar to what you see and drive check -- drive check and pavilions in the garden that activate the park, it includes of course the stadium strategically located within the permissible heights of the airport and what we call an gdb at 118 feet of height, and includes the series of soccer fields that were very much part of the presentation for you. Over to the left of the screen. These are some of the components and included in that is the soccer village. As you know, and the world of soccer there is such a fit -- such a thing as the march. You go through and you arrive early. You meet with friends and speculate about the results. Maybe meet the fans of the opponent team and it is a place of gathering. In the world of soccer the game is a different game. You have to be there the entire time so you don't miss the goal and you can leave and gather to talk about the game and talk about the critical moments that made that game a real event and a real special moment for you and your families with whom you went. Also include some additional aspects including hotels, office space, elements that will make this place a real mixed use environment. A real place that supports the stadium as a neighborhood and not just a self freestanding building. That being an objective is important because it has to be part of a larger hole and not be just part of a statement. You can see from the images and if you read all the other elements that there is a kids playground in the amphitheater that I will explain more. Hidden under those fields, by the way, we have a total of 3750 parking spaces. They are protected from the rain and the sun. They are not visible. They are concealed and comfortable. And we have the appropriate arrival areas for goobers and taxis and buses and thought out in every respect with respect to connectivity. If I had to say what is the finest thing about the site compared to many sites don't have these virtues, is that this project is so close and we are so lucky to have a site that has that level of connectivity because that is where the future is going. I will elaborate more about that level of connectivity. So with this view you can see the context of the site. We have an airport on one side. A residential neighborhood. And if I had to define it is it is immanently accessible and we are between 112 and a 36. There are many ways from arriving from east and west. If you look at the overall picture and where it is located it is in the traffic center of the county. Traffic is distributed in four directions. Let's assume it was on the waterfront and they would only be one way out. Here we have a way to distribute traffic and all the directions where people are coming and going from. In this view you can see the fields to the right and the park to the left and you can see the stadium in its prominent location in the city of miami is announcing us as a very special place. In this other view you can see the stadium in the context of our downtown. Not too far and you can see that connection of 836, and all the ways of getting into this location, but more importantly it is very much part of the city and that we are right in the center of this great metropolitan area. When I mean activation of the park I mean the fact that there are places of gathering for people to get together and meet and talk. So we become and are creating more of a forum than just a simple open space you can see the potential for water features , and the natural and organic aspect of this park and at the end of the park you see the stadium itself. This is what is concealed but create an amazing elevated field that conceals the parking spaces. And, lastly, we talked about the lawn, the viewing lawn with the big screen. This is something our city has done extremely well with the new world symphony in miami beach. Some people are in with the symphony and some are in the park thanks to the amazing technology what they see and's -- what is being done inside. This is an example of what we are trying to create and to the right you will see what we call the soccer experience and this is an interactive museum about talk -- soccer and a place where visitors are sitting and would like to come and people would like to visit and a special place and a sport cultural anchor for this complex we are proposing. This is a view inside the stadium and when I talked about emotion and form and aesthetics. This is how it comes together. There are four sides where one can feel the energy of the patriots who came to see the game. The roof will create an echo to make it a very loud place. This is a city of exuberance and excitement. This is not a state city. The world sees us as a fun and exciting place to call him and a place of art. Many other activities that occur have redefined our city is a more complete city and the stadium itself would present the impetus the city has developed. And this is the view and the March in the walk to the game. This is the walkway with buildings on both sides that provide excitement and activities before and after the game. Before and after I emphasize because it is very important that people don't all. It's great they have a place where to go after the game. The game is a social event. It's not just being a spectator. It's also about exchanging ideas with your friends. You can see the rooftop terrace with the rooftop bar overlooking the stadium and a series of rooftop gardens that will be very much part of the expression of that soccer village. Let me take you to a very important aspect. I told you about that -- as aesthetics and functionality, about programming. And I mentioned connectivity and connectivity is critical. Sum is related to the geography. Look at the location and where we are. Connectivity even to the west coast. To the northern counties of this area in fort lauderdale. Broward county and the southern side toward monroe. This is a central and accessible site for all of south florida. You can see in black in this diagram the new rail that connects up all the way through the tricounty area that will bring spectators from all those areas and you can see in the other colors the connection into downtown miami and other neighborhoods in the city to people mover and metrorail. In that sense they could not be a better connected site. And a better site to encourage people to use mass transit. We have invested in that mix with millions of dollars now we are creating a destination that is accessible through mass transit. Here I show you all the possibilities. We have five metro bus routes that come today to this site. We have 65 trains a day. We have amtrak. We have intercity buses. We have the miami mover and the miami beach bus, 35 buses a day from miami beach. And we have of course try rail, a unique situation in the u. S. There are not too many, if any locations for stadium that are this well-connected and it would make us a very contemporary and modern city to think of the site as the right site for the project. With respect to for vehicular access I mentioned to a 36 and 112 and connectors in other directions and you wonder how is it we are doing this. Brought in kimberly horn, our traffic consultant. We did a traffic analysis and we looked at an analysis and proposal for access and egress from the site. As you can see there are many ways of getting in and out in a smooth way into the site. We have a complete analysis that will be available to you from our traffic consultants. That is in a way, not a surprise. When you visit the site you realize that this level of connectivity with the exits and points of egress and access into the site is unique and very special. I do want to point out that we have done the analysis for ingress, for egress and for exiting and we have looked at every possibility from where people are coming from and where they are going, kendall, coral gables, miami beach or downtown and we looked at all these possibilities and roadways that exist in the ways of handling it and if I have to give you the most defining element of connectivity and vehicular engineering for this project is that within this site we contained the entire queuing aspect of the prospect. We all know that queuing is the crux of the matter in the world of traffic engineering and because of the site we actually have 10,700 feet internalized within the site. That is essentially 2 miles of viewing internal to the site. So queuing does not invade the public -- public realm. It stays internal to the site and therefore it doesn't create the congestion that is really the source. So we have that ability to create that concentration within 2 miles of queuing that we have internally. It is unlikely that we will use it because of the amount that it represents. So I thought this was probably the most important aspect of the engineering part, the functionality part that I mentioned at the beginning in which we have resulted and is a complement to the connectivity we have from aunt -- mass transit onto the site and with this I think this shows you how this all comes together into one total solution that involves all these different elements that are part of a design that solves the problem. Thank you very much.
6:59 PMThank you. my name is richard perez. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be here I want to start by giving you a glimpse and a little window into my first meeting with george and josi moss about this project. You saw a little bit of the passion that george has for this project and for the city. So picture this. I walked into the conference room full of people and everyone running around. When a walk-in george jumps up and looks at me and says rick, this can't be the marlins. We have to do everything different. That was the beginning point of where we looked at structuring the deal and what we looked at doing. It was important to george that this not be the marlins deal in this be the opposite. George knew the deal well and he had gone through the process of negotiating for the purchase of the ballclub. He and I sat there and we went back and forth discussing the key elements of the marlins deal and how we would make us different. The first key element that you have to understand is that the marlins deal was a management agreement in which the county.
7:00 PMReporter: the ownership. the city transferred the land to the county. And while this May -- May seem exist -- and significant, it has a dramatic physical and legal impact. There is this quirky supreme court decision out there that says county owned land -- land is immune from taxation while city land is exempt. It doesn't matter what you put on the property, that property will not get taxed. The city does it and it's a private use and to get taxed. What does that mean? It means today the marlins p0 in real estate tax. If you go to the appraiser's office what it shows is zero. What have we suggested to the city that we do? Our suggestion is a lease agreement and we have never come to the city about transferring land from the county or the school board or anything like that and just that difference and that change in the legal structure means that a full bold out, miami community park llc will pay $11 million or more in real property tax for the city, to the school board and the county. Just $6 million just to the city that does not include all the additional taxes we have been talking about. Which means a total of nearly $44 million in additional taxes to the state and the county in the city and the school board. That one change has a dramatic impact. The second key element is that the marlins paid zero with regard -- with regards to rent to the city. With the deal they don't fit -- they don't pay rent. They manage the facility but they don't pay any rent. So msps commitment is that we are going to pay fair market value for this piece of property. Not zero, not another number, we will play -- pay fair market value and as set forth in the restaurant -- referendum, what we have done because of the specific number it says we will play $3,000,577 in annual rent and that number will change. If as we go through this process two independent appraisals show the number should be larger we will pay more money. If that independent appraisal says it should be less we will still pay 3,577,000. That number in the referendum sets the floor as to what we will pay. Zero rent for the marlins, fair market value and a process to get to a real number. The tour -- third key element of the marlins deal is public financing. The construction of the garages. The marlins received over $488 million, a public dollars in hotel tax revenue. In addition, the city spent millions of dollars building parking garage is for the construction of the marlins. Mfp, our commitment here is not $480 million in whole tax -- hotel tax dollars, our commitment is that all of the improvements to the soccer facility and the ancillary development, all of that will be privately funded. And we understand this is a post modern world and we sat here and we listened and what is obvious from everybody is that there is a cynicism about these types of deals. We get it. And frankly the citizenship, it's probably well-founded. So what can we do to ensure the public that what we are seeing are not simply words. That this promise is not simply cheap words. Our suggestion to you is a change to the referendum. Happening here. This group is dreamers. The understand how to build. The concept is not built. They will build it. They will fulfill the promise. They will have the economic development. It is with significant works. The fifth element was there was really no public speech. There was the plaza. The commitment is there. The commitment from the steam to improve that public park and make it a space worthy of this destination. Right? The sixth element of the deal was, these people were cut off. It was done at the commission level. From the very beginning, from the first conversation, this team was committed and this needed to be -- it needed to have community support and it needed the community to say yes, we want this. We want to have this. From the first conversation we had, it was important to not be the marlon's deal and not on the officials but to allow the public to make the decision. As you heard here, it is a project that generates $44 million in it taxes per year with the city and the county and the school board and for the state. The project will generate thousands of good paying construction jobs. It will generate thousands of good paying permanent jobs. It is a project that will result in the establishment and the funding of a large opened space. It is open space. It is a project that will be the proud home of our mls franchise. Ultimately, the choice comes down to this. Will you let the people decide? They want this vision. This project and this team, in this city. Thank you.
7:09 PM> this will be one of the bigger green spaces in greater miami. 168 years at 160 acres with green space and 70 acres of sport entertainment facilities th a children'sk. They will be able to enjoy it. It is free to use and open to all, no matter the age or where you come from. It will transform and change. It will make you healthier and happier. It is a space that will bring jobs and opportunity and entertainment and delight. It is $1 billion invested into the city. There are new jobs and 2300 permanent jobs generating revenue for miami. It is potential, a place where people can create or earn their place in history. There is freedom to dream.
7:12 PM> thank you. you know, I listened intently to the public comment section today. The word kept percolating in my mind. It is the word trust. The word trust. I also heard a tremendous amount of composed stories. I believe in that. I believe you do not know someone until you know the back story. I think we heard a tremendously -- a tremendous story. It is the life of this person. I trust them. I trust the commitment to miami. I trust their track record. Let me tell you my story. I do not think I said it here. Let me tell you my story. I was born in mercy hospital down the street. I grew up in shenandoah where he learned how to ride a bike. I went to coconut grove. We then moved to coconut grove. I went to high school in the south. I played basketball with all the parks in the state. I bought an apartment. I now own a home. I am blessed to raise my two children and have a loving wife who is very patient. I am the proud son of the first of miami. I am proud to say I am the first miami born mayor of the city of miami. Last november, I asked you and you gave me your trust. It is in a way that we have never seen before. This is not about me or about any individuals as compelling as they are. As invested as we are in our city and the greatness of our future, this is about our residents. They are the ones that owned the property. They are the ones that should decide what is best. Let me tell you. As the mayor, I rise and I fall with all of you. I feel your pain. I wake up in the morning and I feel your pain . When I go to sleep at night, I feel your pain. I can tell you that it compels me to say here today, I am not a perfect man. I am not a perfect father. I am not a perfect husband. I am certainly not a perfect elected official. Today, I am asking all of you commissioners to place your trust in our bosses, the owners of this property, the residents of the city of miami. Why am I asking you to do that? I think the first program is a magnificent program. From the beginning of these conversations, I have fought hard and will continue to fight hard and I ask you to trust me and believe in me that I will continue to fight hard to make sure the program is not only preserved but is enhanced. I think Mr. Moss made a commitment to keeping the program at the park. My commit commitment went beyond that. Some people said, a driving range is not the first piece. We need the 18-goal -- whole golf course. Miami has another golf course. We sold it in 1997 for $3 million. We took back two reverter's. What does that mean? Two conditions. One condition was it had to remain. The second condition was we would split the revenues 50- 50. Just a few months ago, I got a phone call out of the blue. It was from someone affiliated with miami springs and they said Mr. Maher, we would like for you to consider to weight restrictions to split the revenues with miami springs. They asked if we could split the revenues for the golf course. I said, as a matter fact right now, we are considering the possibility of flooding voters to decide what they want to do with the remaining golf courses. I said I would consider -- I would consider waving that restriction on one condition: that you consider taking the first program to miami springs. I will read a letter to you from the mayor of miami springs. Dear mayor, it was a pleasure to meet with you recently to discuss the miami springs golf course, where the prides and joys of the city of miami springs. Please allow this letter to memorialize the conversation that took place in your office amongst you, the mma spring city manager and paul odell, the golf and country club director and me. As I advise when you purchase the golf course from the city of miami, several conditions were placed on the date, including but not limited to the net revenue -- revenue proceeds must be shared with miami. Regrettably, in the 20 years that miami springs has owned the golf course, it has not turned a profit. However, we are hopeful the situation will soon change and we are eager to recover the funds that have been paid into the miami springs golf course. As such, a request of you that miami release revenue sharing conditions on the deed. I was pleased to hear from you that miami springs golf course could be of a greater service to the committee. You advised the golf course located down the street from amey springs could be a possible site for the much discussed miami soccer club stated. If that were to occur, certain programs would be displaced, including the first few programs. The first is fantastic youth development program. We would welcome your offer for the many springs golf course to host it. Certainly there are issues that need to be addressed . I am confident that we can work through them. Kindly advise when you are available to discuss in greater detail. We work the
7:19 PMLook forward to working with you. Thank you for your interest as our slogan says, is at the heart of it all. Sincerely. So is this project has been envisioned, I have kept my sights set on making sure that the first deed is not the struggle in any way, shaped, or form and you have that commitment. I ask you for trust. What we are confident mentally asking is something that the city does not have. We are contemplating having an expansion of youth services with 23 new public soccer field which filling a huge community -- I can tell you in shanda, the outfield of two softball fields. The kids play soccer so much that the sod is at the point where they have to shut the field down. We are thinking of making that outfield into astroturf. Douglas park is a another one with a softball field where again, you have multiple clubs that play soccer in that park. So our capacity to move the demand for soccer inner-city is not sufficient. Like I said before, I am a product of the city park program . Not only did I play basketball , I failed in the first program out here. It was a program that no longer exist. You know, it is a sad thing. I go out there every once in a while and I think about how many beautiful days or afternoons I spent out there. What we will be doing here for the area of franklin heights and for the entire city of miami would be creating one of the largest public parks in the city of miami. It would cost 0 dollars for our residents in the city to come and enjoy that space. People have criticized this idea because they say that it is a private entity. Right now, is a public space managed by a private entity. It is a good entity. It is a private one. It is not a public use specifically. You cannot -- I cannot and I live close. I live on southwest 17th off of 37th avenue. I cannot get in the car and take my son or my wife there. Cannot picnic there. I cannot fly a kite there or learn to write a bike. Those people have decided that one of the premier public parks in our inventory, it can serve as a model for resiliency for the neighbors in the neighborhood. We are struggling with c rise. We need to start looking at the parks as part of the solution as retention ponds and aquifers. We can deal with the rising threat of sea levels rising. Finally, bringing the mls team to miami in a financially responsible manner that the voters will decide is something that is important to the city. We would be one of 11 cities in the united states with all five major sports. Mls is the fastest growing league in the united states. As was mentioned, one of the highest viewing markets for the world cup, which we will be hosting the world cup in 2026. We have a tremendous opportunity to do something that is diametrically opposite of the marlin steel. It pains me to hear otherwise. It pains me to hear others wise you create a deal, the team will be paying rent and property taxes. That is a swing of $3 billion. Let me explain where I come up with that number. Conservatively, the marlins deal when the interest is paid and the taxpayers are paid off, it will cost the taxpayers $2 billion. The statistics were given to me by our administration. This project generates $8 to $10 billion per year. The property taxes have increased at a rate of 10% for six consecutive years at 60%. The revenue over 99 years is probably very conservative for those who are checking my numbers out there. It is a three billion-dollar delta comic changing from a d -- a deal. We are creating public space. There are no public subsidies. Finally, most importantly, this is the referendum. The residence will decide what they want to do with an property. As compelling as our narratives are and each story is compelling , none of us here, none of us here, individually owned this property, no one. The people on this property. The people should decide what it should be used for. I will close with a couple of more comments from eight transit perspective. I hope I am not being repetitive but it is important to note that this is the epicenter of the county. It is connected to mass transit. It will be connected to mass transit which is something that is unique and unusual in this community. Finally, and probably one of the most important aspects of this is that this is probably one of the few sites in miami- dade county and certainly in the city of miami where you can find three sides, the north and the south and the west, not abutted by neighbors. The eastern side which is abutted by neighbors has eight 60-acre park. My friends, my colleagues, we have taken different votes in the history of our careers together. What I am asking you is that you place your trust in the residence of the city of miami and they can decide what they want to do.
7:27 PMThat is awesome. the pa is concluded. We are bringing this down to the commission for discussion and I recognize the article.
Thank you, Mr. Mayor. I want to thank you for being here. I think I tell my history because I go far back and I would be here all night telling about my history but I want to thank you. I think we know what you have done with the legacy as you have continued and I am proud of you. The problem I have is you ignore my committee. This is east of the park you want to bill, we ignore that community. It was everywhere you went to. You have a public hearing in places and you listen to the people there. You say what really bothers me, I receive information, the information we see tonight the people sitting there, were not aware of anything that was taking place tonight here. To me, that is troublesome. You're talking about the fair market value. My understanding that fair market value according to the information I have received, is supposed to be $34 per square foot. My understanding, you want to pay 145. That is a problem. I can see what you were not able to select the other side she looked at because they were too small. I understand that. We have a committee here that needs to be informed along with us, the commission. I mean, I met with them and spoke in the beginning. All I see is this. Let me tell you a little bit. I have a lot of problems that neighborhood. We had to create a lot of traffic bumps because everybody was going through the neighborhoods and avoiding the main street. This is something you have to look at. What are you going to do with the traffic? You have to talk to them. You've heard the people here today. There is a lot that needs to be done still. I know you need me to trust you. I want it on paper. I want to make sure what we say here and make sure the people are satisfied. I don't know how many times we take the 836 and you say how many times. And then it's in the parking lot. These are the things we have to look at. This is what really bothers me that we have information. The only information we received , I don't know if you are involved in this but if they did , the information did not come to us. You made a beautiful presentation and people are not aware that. People are affected.
7:30 PMThank you, commissioner. in the terms of addressing the public, we have been extremely forthcoming by narrative and it has always been the same as when you and I met with the same narrative in terms of the fair market value, the $34 you are referring to, I don't think the city wants to sell the land. We are leasing it for the rental amount, it is a fraction of the $34. Frankly, let me address something here because I heard something here in the public transport -- I heard a gentleman use a number of $22 million. That would make the value per acre $11 million an acre. That is land you can build on. That is one of the most ludicrous preposterous things I have heard in my life. I want to put that on the record because I do not want people to come here and pull a number out of the air. That is a type of reference point. We look at that and analyze the appraisals. We have had you know, I think we understand the evaluation there and the amount we are putting forward. There is a guarantee the city will return. In terms of the neighborhood, we would like to incorporate the neighborhood. This is a long process. This is the beginning of a very long process. We would like to incorporate the neighbors and having a say over what they would like the part.
7:32 PMI think especially if you vote on it. Those that are affected need to know and what you are doing to fix the problem and what problems you see. We have a lot of contracts and leases. There is a percentage. It is not the gross. It is the final.
This again, it is the start of a process. We will incorporate the opinion of the residents that are affected. We would like to see 836 be more inclusive. I want this to be an inclusive process. Frankly, the residence have to be a part of it due to the process, especially when it goes through zoning. There are zoning hearings. I have been told this is one of five or six processes and it will be very thorough.
7:33 PMYou need to get together with the community. And going back, 1959, unfortunate, I was a football player and I tried to tackle people.
[ applause ]
I think soccer is the number one goal.
I will personally walk the neighborhood if needed. Why are we different? I doubt there have been few team owners in the city that have come and talk to this way. If someone needs to talk to the neighbors, I will talk to the neighbors. The team can talk to the neighbors. We will do that.
7:34 PMWhat about the other commissioners? This is presentation makes the difference. Commissioner?
Yes. I do agree with Commissioner Gort . During the site, I mean, it is what? There hasn't been a single committee meeting in any area. The only thing that I have questions but let me tell you something. You see, we come from families. I had a dream also. You see? I don't know if you remember but I ran seven times. That is seven times. After the seventh time, I won against all odds, against all odds. When I ran, I was dreaming. I was living by a dream to bring transparency to the city of miami. This process up to today has not been transparent. We are receiving piecemeal information. I have heard more than from our city managers. How can I go? I agree that we should let the people decide. But, we have a process. There is a process that is weakened right? It is a process in 29 be, it says the city owned property, okay, the commission is prohibited from favorably considering the lease of the property owned by the city unless there is a return to the city over fair market value of the sale. They are prohibited for considering the sale of the commission. It is for such lease. They have lease policy and a daily newspaper or in the city no less than 90 days for proposals for perspective purchases or leasing. I can keep on going. Then after, you see, they say it is subject to the approval of the majority of the votes cast in by the electorate at the referendum. What people? I want the due process. The only thing that it does is open it. Maybe that would be a good way to see the real value. There are people, you know that, there is the possibility of building and that area. You see? When I first got here, want to first got here, I took a page from the commissioner. Mr. Russell, we asked about a topic about the park. Mr. Russell, I mean, we had a conversation for the city of miami. He told me, he said, it is not about money. It is about green space and service to the public. Now, we want green space. We are giving green space. According to you, you said that green space is going to be replenished by the underlying -- [ indiscernible ] you know how you could replace that? That is the miami springs golf course. I mean, we are comparing apples and apples. I mean, what I really want to do for this to be transparent as it can be, I have problems with the finances. You see? I've got here but I received this, you are talking about a park, that central park? Mr. Mayor, I lived in new york. I know central park. That is central park. Okay?
7:39 PMIt is the miami version of central park.
Okay. I even rolled on that -- I wrote on the lake in central park. I know it real well. Were going to receive $20 million in installments of $600,000. You have that value for the west , we will not receive it, probably $10 million. Okay? There is another thing. The $20 million, we have to budget. We have to sell parcels. That's what it says. I mean, this is the problem that I received this. I mean, we have not been informed. According to this comment you read over states that the money includes the structural improvements. We will use the $20 million that . Also up for the park. There is management with grading and paving. Now, this is very interesting. I am putting you on alert. Make sure that you go and find out if you are going to build it , you will find out what the environmental issues are. That was a top. It was a dump and there is 2'0' of ash. The cost for the waterpark, it was $9 million. We are trying to remediate that. Imagine if we are going to make a park as we have to, that is why it has to be removed. Let's say there is a cost of $500,000 per achy -- acre. How much does miami have to spend on remediating that park and making it, it would be -- they are agreeing to use it as a part. The golf course is something different. You mean can't you spend more time in the car than on the golf course. People get -- you have people that are going to have, they will fly a kite. There are lots of places to fly a kite. The people are going to have a picnic, there are requirements. You know that? You know that. Okay? That means how many acres are going to be developed? 58 acres? 40 acres for the park?
7:42 PM58.
50. for $100,000 at least? How much is it? If you have 50 acres and we have this, it will cost $500,000 for remediation. Okay? What it is is, I do not have anything against it. This is not a soccer stadium. It is a huge development. It is a huge piece of land that the city of miami is giving away. They are giving it away. They are allowing it to be built on. I get it. You're going to pay $3 million? You say? I do not see a contract with what we agreed with, commissioner. we have older areas that we are charters on for the sales of food and beverage. There are partners in the hotel. People live in a hotel. They are offering a percentage of gross sales. As I said before, I had a dream . My dream is to bring work for the benefit of the city of miami. When we make a deal that borders -- what they are doing is we sent this to the ballot, the only thing we are doing, justice part with 29, they are opening, it is eliminated. We will bypass that out of the five commissioners. Then we can have it. I hate to say this. It is nothing personal. I hate to say this. We have lost the trust of the people. We create all the controls and all the processes. And then later, you see? I mean, why don't we start through the process and open it up. I do not think you have -- there is any fear. We will have the people of miami, the people of miami will have a proposal that they could vote. By taking this to the voters, to the elections, with all due respect, with all due respect, we are lying to them. We say we want to build a stadium. The stadium will be built. Hallelujah. Everybody wants a stadium. Now the game will be played in the stadium. Everybody knows. Okay? You see? Now, let's be transparent. Let's do it the way that it should be done. You have the dreams. Okay? You see? That was not the only problem of course with canvassing. Do the right things for the people of miami and bring transparency . Gain the people's trust. Okay?
7:46 PMPlease.
Commissioner Russell, would you like to go?
7:47 PMLet's begin by thanking so many people that came here today. This is your own personal time to be a part of democracy and part of the freedom that we have in miami and america. They do not have that in so many cities in country -- countries of our world anymore. The same time, I would like to congratulate the body that is here from both sides. They were so well behaved. This meeting was done in a manner that meetings should be done. And I think you should congratulate yourselves. Having said that, I hope that that spirit could stay throughout the end of this meeting. I've heard from two of my colleagues. I think both of them are very well-intentioned. There is a lot of truth to what I heard here. I am not going to deny that. There is facts with history and with reality. Let me be -- let me begin by going through the numbers. I firmly believe that [ name indiscernable ], I kept people people calling this parkland. Parkland? Well, here in front of the golf course, they say, the miami country club. Part of what I was given today and the talking points with the people, says international links with the maurice country club which is over the internet in advertising. The last I heard, a country club , weather in miami, new york, california or any part of the world, you pay to go into. I do not know of any country club in the world that you go into it freely. Here, this is what we have today from the internet on the country club. It says rates come April 15, 2018, through November 15, 2018. This is up to date. It says the rates for weekdays for miami residents is $75. However it says after 1 pm, it is $95. To get into the park, which they rightly call a country club. On weekends and holidays, the rates for city of miami residents is $80 to get into the park and what they accurately call a country club. Twilight, which is after 2 pm on weekends and holidays, the rates are $95 to get in. I again complement so many of you that came here today. What I have seen here is on both sides, 95% of the people have come are for or against do not live in the city of miami. You live somewhere else in miami . The real residents from the city of miami from little havana and liberty city and little haiti and miami, wynnewood, they were not here today. That is the real city of miami. Do you know why they were not here today? Because they are too busy working and trying to make a living to see how they will be there families to get by. Precisely, the biggest concern are jobs or how to get the properties or the taxes down, how to get better city services like trash collection and more without having to pay more taxes for it. We talked about today on some of the good things that have been done at the mel reese country club. I heard it. But let me give you the financial reality of how the city has paid for this. This is for the last 12 years only. This begins with fiscal year 2005 to 2006 and 15 and 16. It was 12 years. The golf course, that is when they made a profit. The losses that the city of miami has was 12 years and it was almost $3 million. That is $250,000 per year. We could have done a tremendous amount of good with that money whether through fees or other charitable works that we wanted to do with that money. It is much worse than that. The amount of dollars in capital projects that the city of miami has poured into the country club, whether directly or the general funds or through the miami sports authority, I believe these numbers are not complete. I believe it is much greater. There is additional 9,000,400 -- $9,400,000 and change. I could at least confirm to you now has been almost $12,400,000. That is the city of miami. Can we afford that? We were going through financial emergencies during some of this time. We cannot afford it then and we cannot afford it now. The contracts that have been amended and amended and amended I do not know how much people are being paid to manage this anymore. And how many entities? This is a big change in money, I assure you. Let's talk about transparency. That is very important. The facts are that this country club has had a history, a long history of very little transparency. I will go into the history because for better or for worse, I have spent some 40 years of my life in and out of the city government. This is the fourth time I have been elected as Commissioner And twice mayor. Twice before, we had the position available as vice mayor. When I came back as Commissioner , soon was appointed as chairman of the sports authority. Would have real money. We had the old miami arena. The panthers and the miami heat played. They had serious money. I soon found that shortly before I came back, there had been a managing contract entered into the entity that is still managing the country club. This was a contract. There was one bidder. What does that tell me? I was not here when that happened. But what that tells me is we have a contract like this that is put out to bid. If you had numerous golf courses that wanted to bid on it, in fact, it was done in secret. There was a guy that is looking at this golf course. He was willing to give us a lot more than what we are losing today. Let's go back to 1994 and 1995. There was only one person that replied. They started running the country club. What that tells me in my experience in government is that nobody else bid on this because it was tailor-made for one person to be able to get it. Otherwise, you would have numerous bidders bidding for it. Then I find out with the sports authority when I was chairman that before I became chairman, they approved $5 million to be given to the country club. It had to be approved by this body . Back then, the mayor had a vote in the commission. It was a trying time for this city, the mayor at the time, stephen clark, the commission that I was a part of, was sent back which means the $5 million was not afforded to the country club. They held a meeting. The mayor at the time was brought in for one item and that agenda. They brought him in in a wheelchair. They lifted him up from the wheelchair. They sat him down in the chair. I remember him shaking his head. When he did that, they took the vote and it put him back in the wheelchair and took him back. That is how they got the money from the city back then. People talk to me about transparency with that is the history of it. I know there are some that do not want to hear that. There is how they went along. Let me go to the statements. One of the ladies that was here that is touching upon something that I myself, back when Mr. Beckman was looking to put the stadium next to the marlin stadium, I thought it was the ideal place. It was supposed to happen next to the baseball stadium and little havana. He could probably tell you the story better than i. The only reason that the major league soccer that built the stadium there is because the deal that was made with the marlins was so outrageously bad that they could not make any economic expense they would get money right. This is why we could not get any retail over there. Retail in our parking garages, we put the residents of miami around $100 million to build and they still have so many conditions that they practically control what to do with it. Very few people would go in there because they were not going to make any money. They would go broke. The worst part is, some of the same characters that were sitting on this side back then that approved the deal, they were orchestrating a lot of this now have no problem in giving away through a park, right in front of the stadium in an area that has very little park space in that part of little havana. They had no problems in giving it away to the marlins. Now, they have a problem at eight golf course. And the country club and the golf course, we were talking for the first time into making it into a real park, not a country club that as I pointed out that you have to pay to go into it. The mayor, I think right out with the first heat, with the miami springs golf course, I think that is a very good option but there are others. The army dade county has a golf course. I am sure that if we speak to the mayor humana's, they would be more than happy to bring the first team over there to the golf course. There is even a third possibility of what we could do with it. That is other city lands. We are not going to do away with it. It will be done in the way where this takes place if the votes are here. To me, the most important aspect of this land and by the way, is your manager, I would suggest we look at this thing, how many acres we have there. Based on that property numbers, and dividing it into two parcels, I am adding up 176 acres and we May have more than we are adding up right now. It is what the county is saying. I do not know this to be accurate. When I decided to come back to the united government system, one of the main reasons that I came back was that I saw the city was going to be going into dire financial times again. The sammy -- miami has a history. There is real estate economy that is up. We get big chunks of money. We spend it. We spent the money. Then when a real estate market goes down, we go into financial hurdles. One of my priorities was to take from the filing cabinets that are full of dust and pull the ideas that I had left for future commissions and nothing was done. There is a lot of prime city property that needed to be developed for the future. This was one of them. This is why it is so important that we develop that property to the maximum that we can because we have one try. That brings us now to competitive bidding. Also transparency.
8:05 PMIf we did not have a situation that I explained, even some of you have spoken today and maybe for $9 million, some people wouldn't mind turning the golf course over. I will not get into that at this point in time. The part of the reason that I am contemplating holding this to a vote, it is just the first step. Let me clarify this. It is not only for the public. This is two steps. The first is the majority of the body wants to put this to a referendum or the residence of miami and they can decide if they want to move forward. Then comes the real big part, which is trying to put realistic items together. I submit to you that that I take a year to do because there are a lot of factors that are involved. It is not going to be overnight that this will happen. Some factors are zoning and many other aspects that have to be met. Not the least, we have to make sure that we are going to get true market value. Even if I go through this today, if we do not get real market value at the next step, it is to approve by the voters and it is put to a vote. My vote will be different. This property can provide a tremendous amount of relief for the residents of miami. That is for the future. These are the four aspects. One, it is important for the revenue of miami. There are new jobs. They are badly needed. Thirdly, you're looking at the city of miami. We really have two main shopping areas. One is for the rich and famous, the tourists that come to miami that by our fancy condominiums and stay. . The plans for that again when I was mayor. We started building. [ captioners transitioning ] . That is one you don't really want to connect to.
8:12 PM> this is very important for the city's history. And why then have I been in favor of putting this out like I have done as chairman of
8:14 PM> I grew up playing american football. It's a little rougher. That was my sport. And in the winter I played basketball. In the summer I played baseball. I tried soccer one time on a hill in chicago called crooked hill and it was -- I preferred american football, i'll leave it at that.
8:15 PMYou had the same problem I did.
I think you're right, commissioner. but you put it in a more delicate way. So to me, while there is a big difference in a sock soccer stadium with mls than the golf country club that we have there, because there are millions of dollars of publicity. In other parts of the world that we can get with a golf course there. What I am looking at are strictly the other aspects of it that are going to bring the millions of dollars that miami needs, that it's going to create the thousands of jobs that miami needs. It's going to give us a real mall retail place that we don't have for the average miamiian to go and enjoy and it's going to give us a real park that you don't have to pay $95 in the afternoon, or 80 in the morning, to be able to go into, which is beyond the prices of what the average miamiian can pay. And having said all that, when jose mass for his brother called me, I think it was the Friday before you guys were announcing the overtime site, I said to him, I said, listen, you guys are too smart to invest there. If you guys want to throw money at the door you can find a lot better ways of doing it. You can't make it work there. And he says, well, what do you think. I said, well, the place to go is mel reece, so he got ahold of the big brother and they put their heads together and I knew that the other incentives that were there was going to get their appetite on it. And I knew that in order to be able to go against the people that had the managing contract there and the influence that they have, I needed to recruit some heavyweights to break that and give miamiians a real chance. You know, we could talk about all we want, even one of the women that came to talk in favor of keeping the country club there, she add -- admitted that the last time she was there was like 40 years before or something like that. I doubted if even 1% of miami residents have gone to the country club. Not even 1%. The biggest share of the people that use it don't live in the city of miami because miami residents can't afford the $95 in the afternoons or the $80 in the mornings to go there. So having said that, I know there's 2 members of this body that have to weigh in, but i'm ready to make a motion to the chair whenever y'all are done and it's appropriate.
8:19 PMMay I make a comment? just for the record. When you were worrying about --
Speak into the mike.
No, commissioner, you weren't here.
Okay. I just wanted to make it clear.
No, let me be very clear --
Also for the record, because one thing that we have, and we have had that's cricketry -- contradictory. We have had contradictory information. You have 7 numbers there that was given to you about the -- by the administration about the finances. I'm not saying that yours are wrong or the ones that were the -- I have the firm or the cpa's -- which is very well known and has been here a lot that it states that in the past few years there have been only, I think one year that they have lost money. I want to be fair in that. Also I also want to give that -- also what I want them to know and I want to tell why my -- I keep on going back to open the project forbidding -- for bidding, the mayor was talking about trust. And it's not that I don't trust but using the words on all president reagan trust and verify. You trust and you verify, and the only way that we can get a real estimate because competition is the cornerstone of our economic system and when people start competing for something, you see, the benefits and the prices that goes for everything from rent to labor. You see. And I think that we should do it away that it was meant to be done. And i'm still concerned about the financials. I am very concerned about the financials and very concerned about the park. The realm'dation -- remediation of the park. Who is going to pay for it? If we are going to pay for it, that is going to cost millions of dollars that we are not going to get.
8:21 PMCommissioner You are correct in that and if you will give me a couple of minutes I want to be very clear in this. In no way, any statements that I made was against you.
I know that.
I have the utmost respect for you. I icu a long -- consider you a long time friend.
8:22 PMThat is mutual.
And we can differ and have a difference of opinion.
But that doesn't mean that we are going to disrespect each other or think different of each other. Having said that, you touched upon an area that i'm going to tell you what I think. The numbers that you used and the problem that we have in that park, that's why we can't handle that ourselves. It's beyond $50 million. In fact let's lay it out on the table. It might be somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million. I don't know. Nobody knows until you finally get there. This is why we have to go out and do accurate market rates on what that property is really worth. Why? Because at the end of the day they are not getting clean poupt. This is -- property. This is not a deal where they don't have to do anything on that property. They are going to have to come out up front and put down a big chung of -- chunk of money. We're going to have to work that out in that lease with them from the market rate and then we are going to have to deduct from the market rate.
8:23 PMCan I ask for the finance committee to come and explain the numbers.
Before we do any of that I wanted to give Commissioner -- recognized and before Commissioner Gourd I want to let our.
Yes, sir. thank you. Commissioner -- is correct. Yesterday we received a packet from an accounting firm, I believe, that disputed our numbers with regards to the cost and the profitability of the mel reece golf course and I wanted you to know, we haven't had time to look at them, sir, but if you recall many meetings ago when the subject of mel reece came up and it came up in a conversation regarding their audit, I made an on the record comment that their audit of last year, I would wait a year and do another audit which is coming up. So probably at the next commission meeting I will be requesting from the board another audit and look at all the numbers and make sure we are all speaking apples to apples.
8:24 PMOne more thing if I can state, Mr. Chairman, real brief. We have seen the other deals from the city, that people have come and promised us the world and then what happened. Flagstone, prime example. How many years passed by? I mean, I was mayor when that deal got done and i'm back now 16 years later and I haven't seen the first building go up, the first floor, the foundation. Having said that I want to be very specific. To me it's very important. I think Mr. Beckman is a wonderful person, his partners are. But the guys that are local, I have had the experience with them in the past when I was mayor that there was a time that one of those major cross roads that city goes through, we were going through one. I called them in, we sat, I needed his help in something. He gave me his word and my god, he kept his word and he got it accomplished. So I believe in him. I trust in him that when he gives you his word he will get it done. Having said that, that doesn't mean he's not a shrewd business man, so we have got to negotiate the second phase if we get to that, on the contract. I won't expect anything less from him or his partners to try to do the best deal for themselves and I understand it. But we represent the residents of miami. We have got to do the same. So that's phase two.
8:26 PMLet me follow the statement about the administration knowing that they had problems with the golf club, the golf -- country club you want to call it, for a long time. The numbers were a little different from the administration and never was anything done to it. So I want to make sure we get that because we want to clear a lot of those things.
Yes, sir, that's why we want to make sure we have the same numbers.
8:27 PMYou can go in there, you can eat breakfast, lump, you can spend -- lunch, you can spend time in there, you can use the facility. In all our parks we have -- if you want to take soccer game classes you have to pay, baseball you have to pay and swimming you have to pay. So that does happen in a club. Golf is a little different. I tried it once and I tried to hit the ball and never did, so I tried 4 times and I was not able to hit it. But I played a little bit of it. At the same time I want you all to know I know -- the architect is going to come out with some great ideas. He's the best in the business. I want to make sure you understand, you need to go and talk to the committee right next door. You have to talk to these individuals, too. You have people that have jobs that need those jobs from the country club. They need to maintain it, and I want to meet with you all because there's a lot of problems in those neighborhoods that we really have to go at it. At the same time, remember, people can vote for it but then we have to pass whatever agreement we come to on the vote.
8:28 PMCommissioner, you have our commitment in that regard. I believe that the next time we get up here george mass agreement, he will be living there. We understand the community.
I want to also to make clear that it's not that I distrust -- as a business man and everybody, him and his associates, they are in the business of making money. That's fine. This is the system. This is the capitalist system, more power to them and I hope they make all the money in the world, you see. But i'm in the business of trying to protect the people of miami.
8:29 PMUnderstood.
And that's why I am still, I have problem with the finance, financial part. I have the share of finance for the finance committee. I don't want you to -- can you come and -- okay?
Yes, absolutely.
The financial committee.
The chairman of the finance committee.
Chair of the.
8:30 PMIs he the one that's been --
I don't know. I just heard that --
Eric 2100 coral way is our office address. I am the chairman of the city's finance committee. I can stand here and speak on behalf of the finance committee because we haven't had an opportunity to consider this item. I think the code requires that we would at some point, but, you know, i'm sure that individual members like myself have certainly taken the time to look at it. And there were a couple of things that jumped out at me and I can only speak for the term sheet that was included in the proposal, but there's a number of factors within the term sheet that I think you need to pay close attention to and they are important for you to get your arms around before you put this out to the voters for a referendum because I think the deal could end up being far different from you than you believe it is today. So the first and the most important thing that I will mention to you is that the term sheet is very clear that the proposers expect the city to sell bonds to pay for the cost of certain improvements and there's a whole list of improvements that they expect you to pay for with those bonds. And it's more than just $20 million or as Commissioner Reyes alluded to the present value of those payments would be about $10. 2 million. But if I could, I just want to walk through briefly the --
8:31 PMEric, i'm sorry to interrupt you. My appointment to that board were appointed by my predecessor is still mine and if I can take a point in person privilege. What numbers you are going to go through with us, is this something that was discussed in front of your board?
8:32 PMAbsolutely not. like I said, i'm here as an individual.
Okay. but you're also here more than an individual, which I understand that and you made it clear now, you are also here as an opponent of this project because I think you were tweeting or putting stuff out on social media against this project, weren't you.
If you are asking me the question.
You have a right to. I just get it on the record.
So I will answer the question directly sense you -- since you asked it directly. I don't think it's a good idea and i'll explain to you why.
That's not what I am asking. you can finish answering and giving all of your personal opinion that you like. Now that you clarified that it's not a board approved opinion. My question do you directly was were you or weren't you putting out in social media.
8:33 PMAbsolutely.
Other stuff about this project.
I just --
You have a right to and I respect that but I just wanted to get it on the record that your opinion might be a biased opinion, that's all.
I'll walk with you why I feel the way I feel. I'll just be on record that I can't wait to have an mls team in miami. I think it's a great idea. I think it's going to be great for the city but I don't believe it should be in this location based on what I am about to walk through with you and i'll explain why.
I understand that. you might want to see an mls team in miami, but not necessarily there. I understand that.
8:34 PMAnd I think this ownership group will be great.
So thank you for giving us your opinion.
No, I want you to explain --
I don't want you to explain. I know you --
It was to walk through because i'm still confused about all the improvements that we have to do in that 58 acres park.
You see, with $20 million, how much does it cost per acre to build a park? How much does it cost?
Can I take a shot at -- i'll try to be very brief for you, Mr. Chair if you would humor me.
I'm at a point right now where we are supposed to be having public --
What I know I just want him to clarify certain things you see. I want to know how much it cost to build a park. Because we are going to have only $20 million and that is one of the reasons why I want to go through the whole process and through -- going to -- because if we accept this like it is and it's only $20 million for the park that we are going to receive in 30 years it's going to be present value about $10 million but where are we going to get the money for the additional expenses that are going to be incurred in building that freedom park?
8:35 PMCommissioner It's very simple. We don't need to have such a big park if we can't afford it.
I think just respectfully that the expenses could approach $400 million for the city.
8:36 PMAnd the process says if we are going to bond anything we have to go through the finance committee.
I'm at your disposal Mr. Chair. If you want to --
I would like to hear from -- Commissioner Because i'm -- what i'm looking at here is i'm looking at are you not an re9 team, an re9 and re10 doesn't have anything with it besides the facts that are before it that talk about any of the future finance costs. I see what you have in your hand.
This is a business plan that I received. That is my concern.
I understand but what I am explaining to you is that -- I think it was explained on the record earlier about this being a multi step process. And the first step obviously is getting the opinion of the elect rate if there is going to be an opinion of the elect rate, and then from there you have to decide whether or not the deals are worthy of consideration by the city of miami and in fact -- if -- will go for that, which is possibly a tougher vote than we have today, and it might be a tougher vote than the elect rate vote.
8:37 PMMuch more, I assure you.
So what I would like to do is continue on with the inspection from our commissioners because for instance, that sheet of paper that you have before you is not included in any of the materials that I have before me and that the people have actually, and I don't believe that that's going to be -- that information is going to be considered for people to actually vote on.
8:38 PMIt's not.
So I think about sbnl, they said they wanted some underground water reports and we asked them, how much is it going to cost. I don't remember the exact numbers but it was something like in between $8 million and $30 million. Well, how do we know. First you have to pay us the money to go down and see and we won't know until we actually start the project. I have seen them do that on a number of different -- private side and also on the government side. So the fact of the matter is we don't know. Like opening up an old house. You just don't know.
Chair, if we are going to go into business, we must have -- and by the way, the only way that I got -- was that I made a public record request which I think that's totally unfair. The last thing I checked i'm still a city miami Commissioner Which should have got them all the information and being on the list. That's why i'm saying it is not your fault. It's not your fault. I don't think that it is your fault at all, but I think that this has not been -- there is no transparency so this because we have been getting the information piecemeal, you see.
8:39 PMWe don't have a term sheet.
I know the thing that I want to make clear. I want to go -- I mean, we can deal with this some other time but I want to go through the process. This is an unsolicited and according to our charter, there is a posses by god's sake let's start respecting our own charter and if this is going to go on the ballot and you decide it's going to go on the ballot now as it is, in order to bypass 29d, you have to let people know that it's not -- that they are voting no only for a stadium, a soccer stadium, that there is a huge huge development that is going to take place. So they know what that vote is because there have been a lot of instances that they don't know.
8:40 PMMadam city attorney, could you pass out -- annual minimum rent and the reason I put that is to make sure that it's clear that it's going to be higher than that, no less than that.
8:41 PMHow much?
Well, let me tell you why we don't know, because if we put this on the ballot it's going to be approved today and then it's approved in november. Then after it's approved is when we have to start entering true negotiations.
Why are we going to bypass the rules?
Which ones are you talking about?
I can -- to 29b.
I know that is legal. there is nothing illegal. It is legal. But we have, and that's why we -- happening all the time. And you talk about bad habits that's been happening all the time.
8:42 PMWell, we don't bypass it if the residents approve it. But that's the difference.
No, no,. we are the ones that are approving it amendment to the ballot. Let me tell you this. You know that the rest of them, they don't have the -- to start a political campaign.
That's another question that's coming.
What I want to do is bring into the ballot a question that they know that it would benefit them. I mean, what is the best value.
I understand what you are saying.
I don't have any doubt that they will win.
I understand what you are saying and you're correct. The opposition would not have the deep pockets. The point i'm making is some other questions that will come up in november.
8:43 PMThe b9 process we are using is the same one we used a year ago, before that for rusty pelican.
Sir, but those were businesses that had been established in the city already. What we did is we spoonlded -- expanded the contract and that's it. And it is wrong, too.
I'm just saying it's the same process we used in all those other occasions.
The one we use in the future.
Right, just like we did a no bid extension in 2012 for the current operator of the golf course which I voted for by the way and voted in favor of it. 2012 or 2014?
There is precedence for doing things a certain way. I think it was 12.
8:44 PMThe last one I thought I saw was 2011.
But those were chesting -- existing businesses and you know that.
Does the vice chairman want the floor?
I've got my popcorn, I am enjoying listening. I like to marry you guys -- hear you guys.
Are we going to have a theater there, too. That's part of the benefit of being the chair. I encourage conversation amongst my board members and then I usually give my opinion. That's what I do. That's what a good chairman does.
Well, you're a good chairman.
Thank you.
I'm the youngest politician up there exempt for -- reyes, he's politically younger than I am.
8:45 PMYes, I am.
But I won't bore you with my life story. I was a -- salesman. I didn't play golf. I didn't play soccer. It's not in my history but i'm starting to count what's going on here and I think a lot of politics in miami is counting and i'm feeling that the Commissioner -- reyes -- Commissioner Curry already made the motion if i'm not mistaken. It has not been seconded. I am really impressed with the accomplishment and vision that is before us today. The accomplishments within sparts, within business. To me it's only surpassed by the potential of the people that are sitting behind you. The kids that are here for now 14 hours, 15 hours, because they care so damn much, I really trust in the mayor's vision. I understand what he is working on here and I can see it. We can see it. This should be a very happy day for us when we're sitting here looking at the potential here. And if the numbers I understand so far, there's a lot of potential benefits here for the city. But we're not happy, there's fear, there's anger, there's miss trust -- mistrust. There's -- I want to be helpful here. I want to try to get us to a place, but I forgot my rubber stamp. We have got work to do. I've got lots of problems. I've got 99 problems and this pitch ain't one. And it starts with process. Now, I don't expect those who are coming in to know the best way to get this done. But you have hired the people who do. And the mayor sets forth a vision and his administration is to carry it out and they know. And there's been a lot of talk over the last 6 months of we are commissioners for the city, we vote for the city. But the truth of the matter is the people most directly affected in that area where it goes only elected 2 people, the mayor and this commissioner. my vote today, i'm untouchable to them because they don't get to vote for me up or down next time up. But the role of a district Commissioner Is sacred, it is important. He has the pulse of the people in his neighborhood that get affected the most. And he's been disrespected in this position. He should have been the first stop, the very first stop by the applicant, by the city, because it's very hard to push a project forward without the support of the local Commissioner And it's -- that's the first big hurdle for me. Because I have felt that before when I know what's going on in my district and I know how they feel. So I don't know how the constituents of Commissioner Gourd feels and neither do you because we haven't had a public meeting in the neighborhood which is another thing, too. If you had gone to him he might have been completely opposed but he would say let's talk to the neighbors and see what they want because in the master plan of this project, they should have a say so. In what the plan looks like, the amenities, the type of park and inevitablely they will if this goes forward because between now and at least I would not let it get past that point without a lot of public in put. We do much more public input for much smaller projects and this is a big one. Possibly the biggest land deal we have ever done and it's coming so fast. It's got my stomach turning all day today and I honestly don't know. And I haven't known for days. My staff doesn't know where my vote is because i'm really torn. I want to see the voters have a choice. So i'm not opposed to voting no to put this before the elect rate, but they trust us to vet these projects before it comes to them so they know that when they vote yes or no they trust that we have done our homework, and it's been tough getting the information I need to make this decision because it's a big decision. And I have met with your group, Mr. Moss, three times now. I went to the golf course, met with Mr. Luck as -- lucas for the first time this week. I'm so glad I did that because it really made me see what's there. And that's -- let's just start there for me. That is deal breaker number one is that the first tee continue in existence tas same or -- as the same or greater form as they are today. That's the nonstarter for me if that's not the case. And I see the solution is happening. I see that the beckham team, Mr. Moss, you have looked at the program. You understand what's going on here. You could fully house their program in a chelsea pierce style of outfits and create a first class first tee program. I get that. They lose an 18 hole golf course for that, though, and that's a big part of it, too, apparently. The Commissioner -- mayor suarez stepped in and evolve solved that problem and very quick. Very fortunate with the mayor of miami springs, which literally it's a mile away. Is this a solution? I see a lot of heads shaking because unfortunately this hasn't been done with you and that makes it tough as well. And the irony is that the things that you care about are the same things they care about. We should all be here together. We're having trouble and it's making it tough. But I don't want to say I can't get there because I have been very open from the start of the concerns that I have had and the meetings that we've had I think it's sur mountable. But the process has left my constituents, the people who elect me, very angry and very nervous about where I am going to be on this and i'm hearing about it every day, even since we've been up here. People don't feel comfortable because they don't know what's going on on something very big. And we know a little bit more because we have been pulling at it. We have trying to get as much information as we can. I feel like I should be a dentist, i've been trying to pull teeth. Remediation information. I became a Commissioner Because I wanted to clean up the contaminants out of the park in front of my house, merry christmas park. I can tell you every one of the chemicals that was in there. It was used to dump the ashes. It's all brought in perspective from this morning. For those of you that sat in this morning's session listening to the kreis he is they face -- crisis they face just trying to make it and live to have a house. If you think of the whiplash that we are worrying about here tonight, pretty important things but it's the tale of 2 cities. The ash that reined down -- rained down on their houses is what's here.
8:54 PMAllegedly.
Thank you, madam city attorney. I don't want to get us in trouble. And it wasn't the golf course that was built on the dump, they used the ash to build the golf course. This was captured by residents by imminent comain -- domain. Not the cleanest history. There's a lot of work here. So number 2 after taking care of first tee is this remediation. Because I know what it costs to clean up a remediation and this one scares me and I need to know that the city will have zero liability in the clean up of this remediation, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how bad it gets when you pick that scab, because i'm assuming the worst. It could be something very significant and I don't know if you have budge educated -- budgeted for that. I don't know what your limit is.
8:55 PMThank you, commissioner. we have been discussing obviously the remediation, the clean up. We have had conversations with I think these been a significant amount of involvement by the city on when the golf course was rebuilt. I think recently 4 or 5 years ago. The largest ash plume is where the water is now. That's why the expense of nearly $10 million was needed because it necessitated the remove al of the soil to another site. We have obviously explored and looked at what is the liability there because it obviously affects the feasibility not only of this project but of any project that is there. When we have looked at it and I have had estimates given to me by different firm's, they are multimillion dollar estimates. It is expensive. So one of the reasons and could I have a few seconds? I know i'm going to mix a couple of subjects here. There's a lot about land and percentage lease -- when I spoke earlier -- the typical and the typical deal comes here to the city and you partner with someone and the city gives money and it's a partnership and you share in the ups and downs of a project. Understood. I didn't want to be sigmatized because of the stadium issue. So when we looked at the -- I would like to make a commitment to you that the city is not going to be on the hook for my of the remediation, for any of the lands. For -- there's been a question as to the size of the lands. I believe it's 150, but 130 acres. So we looked at remediating the park portion as well, the 58 acres. Our objective was to be able to leave a green clean pad there. The majority of which they told me can be done by capping. We have looked at numbers and ranges. The whole site development project that frankly we have been looking at is around $100 million. Not all of that is remediation, obviously because there's a significant amount of other costs. I have been told and I share with you and you know I have always told you exactly what I think and what I know. I have been told that the largest factor of cost there is going to be the death of the lakes. If the depth of the lakes is 30 feet, it is going to be an extremely expensive remediation. If the depth of the lakes is 15 feet which is what they think is there and we don't have measurements yet, the remediation should be a reasonable amount of money which we as a group will take responsibility for the remediation of the whole prompt. If we are given the depths of the lake I think we can come up with a figure and number in order to achieve the objective that the city is not on the hook for any of the remediation. Because again, when I stand before you, I do not have to have the city pay for anything. It's an unknown because we May go in and find something that makes it en feasible. I've been told that. By using liner and capping and by doing these things, I think if those things can be accomplished knowing the depth of the lake. And it's different phases here, we can make a commitment that you will bear no remediation on the property.
8:59 PMSo that was -- there's a little contingency there because you still have some measuring to do and it might be worse than you think. But if we are looking at putting valid language tonight, I would like the words 100% privately funded in this ballot language.
It is.
And I notice that you and I were thinking on the same terms here.
Yeah, it is here.
Special moment of clarity and I just received the draft you passed out, another phrase that I wanted to add in is -- well, we will get to that in a second. But that 100% privately funded is a very specific term.
9:00 PMYes, it is.
And very legal ramifications.
And that protects the city.
And that let's the voters know that there can't be even the utility hook ups can't be comped by us. The police security that shows up can't be comped by us. And that's very generous and many of the things that you are offering here are very generous. This is not something we have seen before in a stadium deal. So it also pains me, too, when I hear the words give away and marlins deal. I've studied this enough to know it's neither of those but it's unfortunate that our residents hasn't been able to study as much.
And to address that as well because in our research, it did take some time. But let me address that and again if I could go back for a second. We have -- this team is kicking off in March of 2020. I got involved in november. I sometimes had hoped I would have been involved 5 years ago but our lord didn't have it that way. We are doing things as fast as we can. We are under a significant amount of pressure by the league and mls by legal agreement that we need to have a pass to where we are going to have the stadium. We do not and I do not have the responsibility of a lot of time. I found that the mechanism that was explained to me about getting it to the ballot and anything that we do has to come back here and obviously it is in our responsibility to inform the he elect rate. First what they are voting on and what the project is. I want to keep the elect or ate informed. I would love to give you a figure or range and tell you this is the range we are in and we're done. I don't have that, but I truly believe that the ballot language does not prevent any of us from finding solutions to any of these issues and I think and commit to you that we are going to work diligently to solve these things, to solve the first tee program and remembering the youth that's going to enjoy soccer here. It doesn't lock us into anything but I think it's important to begin this process in this manner because I understand there are time lines. I wish there weren't but there are and you have my commitment as managing owner of this team and the head of the develops this property that it is our intent that this be 100% privately financed with all of the connotations which you very well explained.
9:03 PMThank you. the next thing that troubled me was the park space issue. Because not only will I not allow the first tee to disappear or diminish, I will not allow this city to spend its tax dollars on this project but I also will not allow us to lose one acre, one inch of of park space. And by what magic we can do that, it's in our comp plan, it's a no net loss parks policy that's got to be real. It's got to be not only the letter of it but the spirit of it because there's all sorts of legal gymnastics we can do to say that new swell is our park. But if we reduce park space. I understand the argument because you would be creating this 58-acre park plus the 12 -- which could be considered park. I get it but the commercial aspect of it would reduce park space in our -- in the legal term of what it is. This is a cs, civic spaced zone now. We have got to find it elsewhere. And in our discussions I know you heard me on that. That's something we had to make up anywhere in the city. It could be in the river walk. It could be done in rooftop soccer fields that are in old abandoned tennis courts but they were making experience for sports that could be called a real park. That it could pass the toddler test when they walk into it and say yeah, this is a park. If they walk into part of the shopping area here and we say well, this is still zoned cs because it's this much percentage green space over here, but that toddler doesn't feel like he's in a park, that doesn't work for me. So all of the replacement park space needs to be identified by the time of any zoning change and it united states to be complete -- needs to be completed like accessible by that toddler by the time you get a co, by the time you open so by the time this one opens this one appears. The zoning is still a bit of a no, ma'amly to -- no, ma'am ally -- no, ma'am ily -- how much park space would we have to zone away from cs to something else. Whatever it is we need to do to build the commercial side of this. I couldn't get a straight answer. I see the stadium, I don't know if I would still consider that park space. We have got a lot of work to do. I don't know how we get there tonight. I want to solve the concerns that the residents have, change the language that's necessary. Find the right financials for the city and see if we have got something we can come on consensus to to put to the voters. So do I have a commitment from you with regard to the park space replacement that we talked about?
9:06 PMCorrect, we do. 333 southeast second avenue. We do have a -- we will work with the city with your selves with the commissioners and probably the community in order to assess where we comply with that policy that's in place today.
9:07 PMThe next problem is the finances. And I have expressed i've been very clear with the manager and the mayor and each of you that I have a problem with the finances because we are waving competitive bidding and there May be reasons for doing that but in doing so nobody is fighting over each other to give us the best deal. You are potentially offering the lowest deal and that's not good enough for us. So how do we have comfort, our residents have to trust that we are getting them the best deal so it's got to be great for the city. Not just acceptable and I mentioned early on that I believe I have got some potential solutions to that because one, we are looking at the base annual minimum rent by the appraisals and we have that. But I really believe that if 10 years from now you all are doing very successfully and by the charts I have seen, $380 million in year in revenues. Or maybe you sell some of the assets and we are still capped but your sky is limitless, it's going to look like a bad deal and it would have been a bad deal. So what I am asking for is a percentage rent of gross revenue and I would like a percent of the capital transactions that happen any time within the lease. Because then the city wins when you win. When you do well the city does well. And we all win together. And nobody can fault us for cutting a bad deal. I know we're not equity partners in this with you, as we are not investing in this. But I do believe that if we put this out to bid somebody is going to come back with a revenue sharing deal to try to get the deal and I need the result we get from this to be one that you fought for and then I need our residents when they vote on this, they know that why they are voting is to wave competitive bidding. Because in the current draft language that is not there. This just goes to them and they might come away saying, do you like soccer and yes, that's not good enough. So I need the words waive competitive bidding and I know -- added that in the first line of the charter language. How are we feeling about revenue sharing?
9:09 PMLet me answer the first aspect -- the first part of your question, then Mr. Moss will address the revenue sharing. The way I think this ballot language reads now and the way we have discussed this deal with the administration is that we are setting a baseline, 3 million, 777,000 in rent but that rent will be adjusted based on the fair market value of the 2 independent appraisals so you will have a market check with regards to an independent, 2 independent appraisals establishing that number and a protection for the city in terms of a floor of 3 million a 77,000. And the way the city does transactions is there's an additional check to that as the years go by. So in future years you are going to reevaluate that market value and set a new baseline as you go forward so if the jumps over a particular year aren't sufficient to match the fair market value you will have that check if future years, so structurally the way the city has negotiated in the past you have a chance to change those over time and provide an independent check through those numbers through incident.
9:11 PMThat sounded like a good lawyerly no.
Yes, that would address the market value, the fair market value.
Let me address it i'm not a lawyer. As I have seen, difficult trackses -- transaction was the city. Let me clear up some of the numbers that I have seen reported, 380 million, 420 million, those are all estimates that the sales of the businesses that are tenants there will do and I hope the number is much higher because it generates more taxes but that is not the number that we will be receiving. And to use very simple math mat tick -- mathematics, if we did pick a number. A square feet and this was a beautiful project we want to do, that's $40 million. On an 850 million-dollar investment, you will have parking revenue, other revenue but the entity, miami freedom park entity will never get anywhere near 100 million- dollar plus number. If we take a tenant in and he -- let's use our t-shirt sponsor. Adidas wants to open a shop there and they are paying $40 a square foot and I hope they have a line outside the door and they do tens of millions of dollars in sales. That's something that's not attributable to us. I want to clear up that point. When I stand here in front of you and say we are committed to no taxpayer dollars. To cover the potential remediation and clean up, to spend in excess of $100 million that is necessary to even start vertical construction, that is a significant and substantial investment. The reason we designed the lands lease like that with no percentage revenue is because we are investing that amount of money. If I were to stand here before you and be asking you to participate with us as partners then I think a percentage of revenue of some sales would be appropriate. In this case I think we are making such a massive investment that frankly the yields would not be -- it would be very difficult to give a percentage, and it would be facetious. We will give the city private 100% financing on everything. But let me address something that I think is a larger narrative. I'm familiar with what happened when you sold the team because I came in second place. If for some reason this project is ultra successful and it is doing very well and there is a can't transaction -- capital transaction, a sale or anything, I think if there is a windfall the city should participate. I am open to a percentage of the gross sale, not met like the marlins designed it. Gross sale so that the taxpayers of the city participate in a wind fall of this project of the you have our commitment on that.
9:14 PMHow about if it fails?
If it fails none of us gets anything. Let me talk about that. But the city gets its $3. 5 million. The city is guaranteed that. Bad and good. We can't fail -- let me give you a difference with the marlins as well. They have zero interest in filling their retail space. Here I have all the risks. I need to make it successful. Because i'm bearing the risk. Me. I'll share in the outside, but i'm bearing the risk. That is why since he walked into my office the first day I saw him I told him, this deal will be different and if it's not feasible to do I wouldn't be standing here and presenting it.
9:15 PMSomething else that you left out, the reason the marlins don't care and really don't want the retail space is because it's going to compete with them.
And that's all they care about inside the stadium.
Now, that's the bottom line. I believe when we get -- if we get to the second phase of negotiating the lease there still is some wiggling room and we will get into that and I will show you and I will show you how. But it's impossible to get into that for the simple reason that all these numbers we are putting minimums but they are going to change. You might put more hotel, less office, more retail. , between now and when the lease gets done those numbers are going to change and the monies they make is going to be different. So that's why we can't do that now, too.
9:16 PMI'm open to an average blended rate of 5% of gross proceeds. And that would mean maybe at 7 on the hotel. Maybe it's 2 on the hot dogs, whatever and if you don't make a revenue off a sublease lessee, I get it but our deal is with you and we believe we are in a sense partners because it's not just land we are giving. We are giving our people. This is their asset. It's not ours, so we have to fight for that. I know it was much recommended by the administration, wait we can worry about that later. But I can't just close my eyes and vote now. This is our moment. I believe this is our moment to get it right at least on the matters that guarantee -- we can negotiate that lease until the cows come home. Once the voters -- we, by we I mean the residents, lose a lot of negotiation. I believe in their true intentions but they are very shrewd business men and we need to try to be as well.
9:18 PMOne thing I want to ask --
Let me ask Commissioner Gore
I've been reading, studying, doing the work on.
What it says is at least 750 unit hotel conference center and a million square felt of re- - feet of retail, office.
Was that your amendment or theirs.
Let me clarify that for a second. I passed out Commissioner -- proposed amendment, and that's where he put certain minimums in order to address the fact that we didn't have all the exact terms. So that's where you have a minimum of 750 unit hotel, conference center, a million square feet of retail, entertainment and office. No less than and this addresses Commissioner Russell's point, no less than 3,577,365,000,000 for the annual minimum rent and those issues. So it's minimum, and those are his amendments. You mean 750 rooms -- do you need a hotel with 750 rooms.
9:19 PMThe plans that's shown in the vision is 750 hotel rooms, yes, sir.
I wasn't aware of that.
I don't know where you are receiving your documentation from, but --
9:20 PMThe 500 or the 750, because it did change, right?
Mayor, what did you see?
I think what happened was you proffered a floor amendment which changed it from 500 to 750 and that's what the dealt -- delta is, the difference is.
So you can understand, the miami international airport, they have 250 rooms that are very very old. They are planning on tearing those down and they need to build 800, so if we build that it's going to be taken up immediately. It's going to be even 50 less than they need there and frank reif we are -- fangly if we are -- frankly, if we are sharp we will build more that because that means more jobs for our residents.
9:21 PMI have got a problem with those changes. We don't get the right figures all the time. We're not aware of it. I'm going to put this in the record, i'm responsible for that --
Speak up.
I've got a couple more financial questions. There was a comment made earlier about labor peace. Are you committed to the labor peace negotiations, putting that together. That's one of our requirements.
We have already commenced negotiations with the union representatives. We're in the process. We have exchanged drafts of agreements on it. We are working through that process right now.
Here's another one. anyone who contracts with this city and apparently by the way it's written it wouldn't apply to your situation, must pay a minimum wage of 15-dollars an hour to all of their employees. Is that something you would be willing to commit to?
9:22 PMIt's a very difficult one for us at this point to really sort of commit to. I mean, that's a -- we will commit to working with your office, Commissioner Russell on all of these issues. Some of these have a very dramatic financial impact on the bottom line. We will work with you in an incredibly trans parent manner to show you those numbers and we honestly believe the leverage of this commission, probably increases. It requires a vote for us to get this approved and you all will have an enormous amount of leverage at this point in terms of this project. So what we can commit to you, Mr. Russell is that we are going to work with work with the commissioners sitting here.
9:23 PMYou have our absolute commitment that we will work with everybody.
You need a 4/5 vote and you have 2 now.
9:24 PMWe entirely understand that.
Mr. Chair?
I would like to make the same commitment to you, Mr. Commissioner. I know you know me a a -- as a person of my world. I think any time you need to be on an issue, i'm there. Your neighborhood is my neighborhood and you have transitioned. You told me you have to transition from being a Commissioner To being a mayor and that was good advice. You have always given me good advice. So I am committed to you to doing what it takes to make you feel comfortable as well.
You have got to work with him, that's the main thing.
You have our absolute commitment to that.
This is our land. this is our gift to our community and it should be the pinnacle of what we believe our community should be and the pay wage gap in this city of what it cost to live and what people make is one of the worst in the country. The the people who live here will have to commute so far just to make it that I believe it's our duty to use this city prompt to say a business can be successful as a retail, restaurant, parks, everything with a minimum wage of $15 an hour. That's an important one to me. This percentage of annual gross revenues is also a very important one to me and that's -- although I hadn't mentioned $15 an hour before, the percentage of revenue, i've said it from the very start, this deal is a nonstarter without that because I really feel this city should benefit as you benefit. It should grow as you grow. It should be a good partnership. The rest of it I think once the community gets full education on the finances and the green space that is created we can get through this. But for me those two points remain outstanding as nonstarters for me. We can continue to negotiate but that means i'm not ready tonight. This is so fluid. I mean, for us to be yes tonight is -- it's pretty hard to swallow, actually. This is coming so fast with numbers changing and unhappy commissioners and I think we can get there, but I -- help me out, chairman, where are you at?
9:29 PMCan I shut up and eat popcorn now?
I did create a pocket park initiative that has resulted in the purchase of multiple pocket parks.
I did help demolition that park out there. This is not our objective. This is simply an idea for the voters to decide what they want to do with their prompt. It's -- prompt. It's -- property. It's not going to be my history. I support the bay walk whole heartedly. Tampa did it and it's revolutionized tampa. I think we have a tremendous amount of -- by utilizing into park spaces and horizontal spaces and that's what great cities do. That's what copenhagen has done. That's what atlanta has done. There's a lot of great cities that have done that and that's my commitment to you as well, commissioner.
9:30 PMI have a question about the value that's listed in here, the 3. 577 that's an about language. If we already have 2 appraisals and the larger of those two is already at 4. 7, why are we not using the 4. 7 number? And maybe that's a financial misunderstanding on my part. Somebody help me with that?
9:31 PMDaniel rote I know -- receipt en -- wroten burg. When we do the appraisals we don't usually take the highest. We usually let the developer come back to us and we have to alleviate some of their risk but we usually make it back on the tail end with additional rent, whether it's increases with percentage rent, percentage rent and equity participation but we usually make it back. That's a fair market value and the actual market value that we keep alluding to.
If I may. Mr. Wroten burg which number should we be asking for at the base.
We can start lower at the 125 as long as we have percentage rent. I think we could be comfortable with that as long as we have the percentage rent and increases coupled with it.
9:32 PMWhat we are forgetting is the up front cost you are going to have to clean up that whole area.
We do have to take that into account and we do have to have an idea of what that number is going to be, so it will be fair market. That is a true point.
I'm willing to let it kick in at some point when they have recovered some of the initial costs. I would be willing to take the lower base estimate if it included a percentage rent that we could lock into at this point. Even though it would be an average blend. We're going to work it out in the lease but I want the voters to know in some sense this is part of it.
And commissioner, as long as we take into account some buffer, so if the clean up is a certain amount we figure that in.
One important factor for you to understand Commissioner Is that each of those appraisals that you saw both have a major assumption in them that this prompt had no environmental examination. That's why that number of a dollar 50 is -- it's an accurate number but it assumes there is no environmental --
9:33 PMCommissioner Gore, with more information and with more public out reach, are you a potential yes on this or has it --
I don't want to commit tonight. I just want to make sure that I want to keep them honest. To realize that -- when it comes to negotiation. I want to make sure they sit down with me and talk to me and that we take care of a lot of problems we have in the neighborhood and with our people.
I do think that there are a -- community meetings are going to be meaded -- needed and I think that is part of the land use component of this project. I think the reason there weren't community meetings before is that was a language issue. In this case you have the additional step that you have to approve this deal by the voters. So there will be community meetings. I have committed to doing that with the commissioner. Mr. Moss has committed to walking the neighborhood door to door and I think the Commissioner Has a great point. He has a tremendous amount of leverage because the lease itself requires a super majority coming back to this commission, so if this were to pass tonight as a 3-2 vote, then there is still an enormous amount of leverage with this commission because it is not sufficient to sign a lease under those circumstances. So they are going to have to also commit to whatever they are going to pay, which is going to be an up front cost for the campaign as well. Because I presume they are going to advocate for this. That's all of some cost and they don't have the guarantee that they are going to win and they don't know they are going to have the 4/5 vote.
9:35 PMMr. Mayor, i'm glad that you said that because by that i'm referencing the public input that was put, or the public meetings that occurred in the overtown area. Not every public meeting was managed by the miami city commission. There was some managed by miami- dade county and I think they got a little unruly. The ones that we had in the city were a bit more managed. They certainly didn't have the same players involved. I say remember this deal first came do my attention probably at the beginning of my first term. And I am just as Commissioner Gibson put it, just a colored kid from liberty city, so I could tell that when this deal first came about, it was being discussed in the port area. It didn't look good. It appeared to be that people were more excited about parading about with -- than actually trying to get this equipment they need to make a project come to fruition. Everyone was telling their story and i'm not going to tell you no long story but i'm the only person sitting up here that was born in public housing. I was born in james east dot homes public housing project. And that was the second public housing development in marm a jay county. Ended up becoming one of the largest. Eventually it was torn down. A lot of people were disen franchised. Moved and forgotten about, so golf wasn't my first sport. I played baseball and I played football.
9:41 PM> so I think about a playing field because that's what a golf course is, a playing field. You talk about the country club and this was my country club. You had to pay to get in there. I had to pay to get out but it really speaks to me. I've eaten sandwich there's. I've never played golf there. I've never had an opportunity to walk one hole and so, you know, I think about that. I wondered to myself can the space be better utilized? When you look at what is presented, the fact of the matter that there is a park that is being introduced. That changes it. So when I think about the input that was put in the over time area, I was very -- I did my best to be quiet because I take my role very seriously when I sit on the planning and zoning. I know that the attorneys were smart -- and they are -- there was a Commissioner That was really adverse to their call, they were probably just trying to disqualify the matter. So, you know, the community will always give their opinion. During that time, I mean, they were in opposition of the best state and they were last. Ironically--well, I would say, as expected, the residents Commissioner Said. They are just trying to -- the vast majority of people had never been. So you put it in their backyard. And the people who invested in homes in the spring garden area, you know, they stood up and said, we don't want this. These are the issues that will it will cause. I tell you what, the one thing I appreciated about him was his honesty because he was the first person that represented this ocean that told me you can't do this. That's what everyone was saying. I thought I was in the twilight zen. Zone. Everyone said, no, no. You can do it. Uber, walk, all these things, and then he made other statements. I would say to the media, look. I personally don't believe that the stadium is an economic need. A smaller stadium in the surrounding area would look much different. The list goes on and on and on, and so to watch how this thing began to morph and take a stadium where people want to play soccer inside of it and become a space that everyone can enjoy, meeting with the parks and all the other facilities, I thought that part was exciting. When I think about all the opposition that the spring garden community gave, not one person who spoke today was from spring garden. Not one person from spring garden came to say, we don't want a soccer stadium. It's difficult being in a position like I was at that time where everyone expects you to say something now. Give us your opinion now. Give us what you are going to do now. That's just not how the process works. The first thing we had to consider was the zoning change. What you put on it was not a person. It -- concern. It was the neighborhood, where you were going to put it. And so when -- when other sites were proposed and were thought to be more feasible, I was actually relieved. It's so much easier to get a zoning change than to win a vote for the city of miami. I've been there where I was on the losing end of a zoning change. I fought against against it and this body voted for it. I voted in and I guess the district commissioner, in the actual district, wasn't going to have much of an effect on the entire city of miami but that's what happens sometimes. But what is interesting is I don't think there is any greater degree of participation that you can have than to let voters to decide themselves. If you have a city wide asset, the question we have before us today is should the people in the city decide what to do with that. Now, the people that camed today were all interested people. I expected there to be people who said mls soccer. My grandmother owns a home. She had 15 children , the vast majority of them live here. Should they have a vote? They didn't come. I have cousins, a dozen, a boat load, they didn't come. Should mayor suarez have a vote on the issue? Maybe. Should our city manager have a vote? He's a resident. Sometimes, there are things that we do here that you have to literally our constituents. Because they May be complex and easily misled and those things -- this one doesn't seem so complicated to me. The question is, do you want this or do you not? Now, I appreciate our vice chair man. M an. I appreciate him coming here. We talked about. Enhanced wages, it didn't exist until we started to fight for it. Building hotels, those things started to happen in the city of miami. I think about scholarships for college bound city of miami residents, enhanced city services, all of these things are very important. When you look at the totality of the things there, it allows us to touch some of the issues. But I -- I really do believe that the major hangup besides all the bad things we have said about the miami marlins stadium, the actual inner workers of the deal, one of the things that I experienced was that the people didn't get an opportunity to decide. It was a room like this. It was a commission like this that decided for them. 20,000, 25,000 seat stadium is not a big stadium at all. It's not reflective of the venues. This mls -- isn't -- well, the size of the stadium does not make it world class. This is what is a b-league. But there are different paths that soccer players go on. All right. And certainly this is one of them, and so just like professional football teams, they have different leaves. People have an opportunity to make a living playing the sport they love and that's special. Not everyone decides to go to school and be a lawyer. Sometimes, people drop out of school or go into business, twisting and turning many ways. But the opportunity to do those things not for, I believe, us to decide. I think people do have an opportunity. I think that when you have a vote of your electorate, all the sensationalism is gone. I don't care how high you jump. I don't want care how fast you run, how many signs you hold up, how compelling your story is. It doesn't matter because someone takes the opportunity of going through the voting booth and saying yay or nay. And that is the most beautiful part of the democratic system, that you have an opportunity to vote. The only people who don't have an opportunity are those who have apathy, all those things we are working on to give more people the opportunity to vote. You are working with communities that don't have the opportunity. But who are we to deny the people with the opportunity? So I -- I mean, I want to know the first question. I want to know the first threshold. Do the people of miami really want mls? Moreover, I think the question is more complicated because not only do you want it in your community? But do you have it at the park or country club? That is a more direct question that I think we are going to get an actual response. You don't have to poll for it. You poll in this room, it tanks. The ultimate poll is the ballot. We are not doing this just for -- it won't happen just for this matter. There are a lot of things on the battle. This is one of them. I am one of those people even if I -- remember, there was a vote in little haiti for a storage facility and I hated the idea of a storage facility being on a major tho -- thoroughfare in little haiti with the cultural caribbean theme, et cetera. But they were within their rights to have it. For me to vote against it, my colleagues to vote against it, it would have been a slap in the face for what the law clearly id said. I think about that in these sorts of things. Look. I don't necessary ly have an opinion just yet. Until this comes before me, like Mr. Russell said, those things matter. The deal is most important. Soccer? Yeah. Okay. That's fine but the deal, now you're in bed with the governor. Now you decided to take a lease with us. So the people have an opportunity now to weigh in on the things that are important to them like you have an opportunity to weigh in on things that are important to you. So i'm -- i'm wanting to hear the ib put of the -- input of the community. If the communitys no, the conversation's over.
9:56 PMMr. Chair, it's not just the ultimate poll. It's the ultimate rsp, the ultimate selection committee. And there are bosses. They own the property. No one of us individually owns this property. No one who has an opinion on the matter -- there is a diverse set of opinions on the matter. Clearly, a tremendous amount of scrutiny and a tremendous amount of criticism.
9:57 PMWe have a responsibility as a chairman. I try and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and even who wanted to speak on the matter did. So I wait -- i'm the last person that usually gets an opportunity to say something about it on the dais. But I shouldn't be the last person to say something on an issue like this. The people should. Now. There's going to have to be -- i'm sure there will be a tremendous amount of -- a tremendous amount of outreach that goes on in district 1. I was happy to see when I first saw the image, there was a park that served as a buffer to community but they have to feel comfortable as well. Someone asked, will anyone want to live near this? I had a chance to visit seattle. People literally live on the stadium grounds, people buying into it. So I don't know. There is a market for everyone. So, you know, that's the way I feel about it. I am not going to argue through the details of the deal because the deal is not before us as yet. What I want to do is give the people of this community, who live in the community an opportunity to vote on the project. So whatever social medias, twitter, anywhere, instagram, anywhere, e-mail, anywhere, I mean, all these people weigh in who feel they have an interest in saying something positive or negative regarding the issue. The only thing i'm interested in is what the residents of the city of miami feel about what should go there. And then once they make their decision, we have the responsibility to give them the best deal we can for the residents or the responsibility for honoring their desire not to have a soccer facility and all the other things that are being requested.
10:00 PMMr. Chairman, I believe the voters can choose yes or no. They can close their eyes and vote because they trusted we did not, that the eyes were wide open to all the details and fought the hardest and we knew when we vote yes, they will trust that we did our job. I need to know there will be a 100% clean up on their time and none on ours. I need to know they will get a living wage. Even the way the park is remediated is nebulous to me. That $666 $666,000 a year, maybe we will be bonded out. Maybe we'll not. I honestly don't know what level they will deliver to us. Maybe a remediation and a clean pallet and we spend 666 a year? If we bond it out, maybe it's sufficient. It's a lot of details, a lot of details. That's why people are upset. They see it happening too fast. Not a lot of details. I'm either a no or a deferral. I know we have all been through a lot tonight and this is important. I am willing to do it on the 26th if we can do it in there. Everything that needs to be said has been said, and everything that they need to negotiate, work out with the district 1 commissioner, and then we can go. But with those question marks, I am not ready to vote yet.
10:02 PMThere were commissioners that thought I was crazy for pushing the bond initiative without detail. One of the things I said was, look, for that matter -- for that matter, it was you can kill yourself with the details. What does that mean? Someone will look at the list of projects and say I don't know what the level is. It has no affect on me. These projects are not in my neighborhood. Why should I pay for the improvements if it doesn't affect me? And then you have the matter of do they have an appetite to do this? Will there be an appetite to do it tomorrow? In that matter, it was we're gonna spend to create a plan, maybe a year. And these are all things we want to do. We need $400 million to do it, and then after we spend all the time and energy, make that a reality because they don't see anything for themselves, they say no. Versus what we ended up doing which is saying being -- let's get the money first. Let's go out and secure the funds and then create a plan to spend the dollars in the best fit for the neighborhood. So what we have today is a team that wants to play in miami that was booted out of many neighborhoods that many said they thought would end in over time. You wouldn't have wanted to come to that meeting. So here it's a matter to me -- it's the same sort of thing. Why spend our time working on a lease agreement if the people say no? The first question we have to ask ourselves is should we even get into this discussion? I'm--.
10:04 PMI understand why you are going. We have six versions of ballot language floating around and we have to tie it uptight enough to legally prove we cannot be susceptible to challenge. It's partly my fault that anyone in the city can sue the city if we violate our open --
10:05 PMThat's a cute way of putting it.
I advocated. I advocated. I am, partly, because -- and the remedy to that is to get it right. I like that the spotlight is on us to get it right. I like that we're susceptible to that and it forces us to not violate our charter and not make mistakes. Getting the ballot language, I believe it was the skyrise ballot language that talked about no subsidy that led to the legal challenge on the hookup or something.
I don't want to beat the horse over and over again. If there are no 3 votes to move this forward, then let's suspend the meeting tonight. But if I could make a motion to get a majority of vote on with the chairman's permission. I will make a resolution with the city manager that he instructs the lobbyists both at the state and federal level to look for every dollar they can for money for the country club. With them, I prefer to use the word park because some in mount washington or tallahassee might be offended with the country club wording. But there is money out there we can get from the state and the feds. At some point in the near future, I would hope that that money could be gotten and be quite helpful. Regardless of what happens with the vote, I am not going to give up in developing that property for the best interests of the residents of miami. That huge silent majority, they need the jobs. They need the money that this project will bring.
10:07 PMI understand the silent majority is not here but I got a lot of signatures from the people in the neighborhood that will be affected. We are willing to do what -- I think we heard all the public comments from everyone. We have to come you with the right language.
I suggest instead of the 26th if that's what the body wants to do, do it before or after on a special commission meeting because we are going to be so crowded on the 26th date and really this is more important that we have at that agenda. Last but not least, i'll say this. The people in that neighborhood and the 37th avenue site because as the mayor said, the other three boundaries have no neighbors. That area, you know, Commissioner Because it's your district, has major problems with a lot of homes sichging -- sinking in because the filling they used building that area was bad filling. Homes are sinking in. The property values are low, very low in that area. There is one thing that will help the residents there increase significantly the property values would be if this project goes forward. I am not talking about the stadium. They will be wanting, they will be demanding that we put flyover into 37 to go into the mall and enjoy the restaurants and go shopping and everything else.
10:09 PMThere is no motion on the floor just yet --
There is a motion that I made.
Which states? I want to be clear. I want to be clear. We are deferring only to draft the battle -- bat ballot language?
Mr. Chair, I would ask if he could meet with Mr. Moffett. he has articulated a variety of concerns all which have been met with the exception of one. I think we're very close. I don't want to delay something if we can make it happen when we know we have a long road ahead of us. I mean, we have four months to educate the public and number the continue the process. We have zoning issues, the vote. I mean, there are a variety of different steps to go forward. I just think, you know, delaying this is simply going to -- i'll tell you this. There is a tremendous amount of information and misinformation, and it will just increase the value on that. It's very upsetting to see the misinformation I have seen.
10:10 PMYou are right but if I could interrupt you and you could proceed again, we had a motion and a second and a motion they made. Can we get a vote on that? The motion is instructing the city manager for him to give instructionses instruction -- instructions to the state and lobbyists to give every dollar they can for the brownsfield money for the country club park, swimming pool, baseball fields.
10:11 PMThe motion will carry.
Mr. Chair, my apologies. what was the seconder?
Commissioner Russell.
Mr. Gort?
What is this motion now?
The motion on the floor right now already passed but right now we are trying to decide -- this is the part i'm trying to figure out. As I understand, there is a desire to defer this to another meeting. That meeting would not be any public discussion and that would be just the ballot language. We sat here from the morning and to come to ballot language. I think that is something we can get through. I don't understand.
Mayor, I am willing to stay here until whatever hour if there is a possibility that we can solve this tonight. But if there's not, I don't want to waste anybody's time or mine.
10:12 PMIf we could take 15 minutes and regroup and then -- at least it's worth a try.
Question to the Commissioner -- chairman hardemon's comment about the public comment. If we were to come back to a meeting, don't we require public interaction?
No. we well it today.
Nothing new brought in?
No. the city of miami is probably one of the most generous governing bodies.
We have a few items that were not addressed. We are at a bit of an impasse and it's the issue of everybody digesting what we did tonight. Everybody will read about it in the paper tomorrow and give me their feedback of what they felt they heard and saw.
10:13 PMYou will get a lot of feedback.
I know. I have been getting it constantly as we're here. I'm telling you. There is a lot of anger at our process, not so much at the project but at our process. I want us to do better.
I look at these decisions. they are tough decisions to make. Fortunately, we don't decide if there is a stadium going there. The people in the communities will decide that. So as chairman, my interest is always, you know, moving meetings or moving forward. I don't see the reason for continuing this to another day only to discuss ballot language. But I understand the reason why you -- I understand the reason why you requested it. It's a decision that was made on the day that it's going to be one that was terminal for the project. But this is just about battle language, 75 words, I think it is.
10:14 PM75 words or less.
Mr. Chair? if we are only going to discuss ballot language, that means that -- assuming that we are all on agreement to place it on the ballot the way it is in order to bypass 29b. That's my only objection.
10:15 PMMr. Chairman? vice chairman russell, could you articulate your concerns?
Someplace has to swim to the bottom of the lake and let me finish you are willing to have someone pay for 100% cleanup costs. I am looking at a blend understand average rate of 5% and looking for a living wage of everyone who works on the property of $15 minimum.
Mr. Manager, could you have police put a dome over the country club? I want to make sure they don't start digging that hole deeper tonight. [laughter]
10:16 PMAm I the chairman right now?
I think you are.
We are almost losing quorum now.
Let's take 5.
Mr. Vice chairman?
Yes, of course.
Again, i'm going to try and go back so we can go forward and address these issues and these concerns. When we look at your areas of concern and the first 1 being the remediation costs in the deal that we proposed, as proposed, the remediation costs are going to be covered by us. I brought up the issue we do not have sufficient information to identify the funds because we have not had access to the site. So we anticipate -- what we anticipate there, we will cover. If there is some unknown it will not only affect this project. It will have huge effects -- and dollars including the 130 acres that are not part of the site.
10:18 PMRealistically, this will not happen unless you find the funding elsewhere. It works by durham stands with a could have -- with a covenant there.
I am highly confident that the remediation won't be an issue. I can tell that you we cover 100%.
I just need to know that you are covering 0%.
I am covering 100, nothing is left to fund.
You are say figure you go beyond the budget, you will not proceed.
10:19 PMUnderstand.
The city is not responsible for any remediation costs no matter how bad it gets.
If it's that bad, it's untouchable. With a combination or a mix of the minimum of fair market value, this is something that is important that I want to emphasize. The the a phrasal specifically said on the highest and best use. It's a specific meaning. It's a clean site. It's a zoned site and ready for vertical construction. Number on of those conditions exist today. The appraisal you are looking at is extremely inflated. In order for us to move past that with the discussions and the city administration, we worked out on the transaction for $1. 15 a foot and talls within the range of $1 to 1 . 50 because of the unknowns of the remediation. If that property is ready to go, ready to go and clean, we pay $1. 50. So there is a discount. I frankly, had been doled -- told if I go through the appraisal, it will be $1. If you talk about the cost of zoning issues, remembering something that is extremely important. The majority of the portion of those 49 acres, right, are extremely restricted, extremely restricted. You can't put housing. You can't put schools. The only uses are the majority of the fields and parking structure and some of the passage way getting into the pa. That is thly use for the land. In my opinion, that land is worth little. So when we blend the activation, I think that is the way that we come up with the formula of being able to pay the city a base guaranteed money with no risk. So we would be happy to share the financials with you. I have no issues with that. What I can commit is if for some reason our financial projections, and people who have done that for us have done a good job, we pay on the gross sale of the transactions for the city, my 100% commitment. 5 years from now, we go and for some reason this is going well, then we have an insurance company coming in and it wants to buy the development or cash flow of the development, there is a transaction to sell, similar to what the marlins do with their property, I would be willing to have a percentage benefit on the gross amount, on the gross amount that would go to the city, the benefit that would enure to the city, and there is a percentage increase. The perception doesn't exist -- oh, my god. The city did a terrific deal. The guys made five times their money. I will gladly pay 5 times the amount on the gross capitol. On the remediation, the intent is zero. The only thing we should an lies -- analyze is the percentage rate.
10:22 PMThis, commissioner, I am sorry, this is a much, much more complicated issue. This is one that we really need to deal with if this goes to a battle and this passes. Even if he promises percentage now -- and I think you heard what I heard -- I am not sure that would be sufficient. I really want to analyze this much better than in the middle of the night or in a few days.
10:23 PMI do, too. why are we here negotiating now? Why are we here on the dais? Where have we been for 3 months? We should have been doing this. We should have had the tenaciousness to fight for our residents, and all those things considered so we could get out the rubber stamp in confidence. I am a surf board salesman. I am not a real estate lawyer. I don't know how to negotiate these things but I am trying to get us somewhere tonight but my gut tells me that we can do better. We can do better for our residents. All I can say is let's push it and work on it a bit, and heat get -- let's get there. I know these are details that could be worked out later but until we do, i'm a no.
10:24 PMI respect that. that's why I said before we beat this horse around enough. We're not going anywhere. We are not going to vote tonight or in the future, then those who are voting against it, I want to commit them tonight that we will put this out for the best and highest use for whoever wants to come. The biggest disgrace we have had is the deal we had going there for years. Mr.manager, please, get someone to check that out, inside out as soon as you can. I hope that you get someone from the outside, not even our internal auditor, someone that is sufficiently experienced that will get to the very last dime.
Commissioner, we don't need to -- heat stick to the item of tonight and the party that we're working with. If there is a deferral to be considered, I am very open to a special meeting before the next commission meeting. I will be seeking public comment because I really believe that our -- I would become advice from our attorney and our clerk because anyone who comes and who watched tonight or couldn't make it today and had an opinion of the deal we're dealing with, it's a hassle for us. It's our job. People don't expect a whole lot of us but we need to listen to our people. I am open to doing that.
10:25 PMI made the motion.
I need to hear a date. what can we do?
Any time. next week? Meantime --
Are the commissioners really working off the dais as we are working on this?
10:26 PMMake a motion to defer?
Yes, but I need a date. gentlemen, what date can you meet?
Next week is fine with me. we can continue to discuss.
If I may, chairman, if I may? I apologize. I just want to ask the board's indulgence. Because of the late hour, if you could give us a few minutes' recess and allow us to discuss the items because some of the items that the items were not fully vet side -- vetted is for the rfp component. I have three zoning hearings and another lease hearing and so forth. That is an integral part-timing wise and give us a 15-minute recess and allow us to discuss this with you further to explain. We would appreciate the opportunity.
10:27 PMI don't understand. we are discussing this here in front of everybody. Part of the problem that has gotten us to where we are is we are discussing this out of the public.
The thing you are discussing items that are lease related. These are items that if we get to 1st base -- you know how long the leases are with the city? They are like 20 pages, 50 topics. These level of details, I assure you when the lease comes back, it will be vetted, discussed, publicized. We know we have to do all this. Today, we are truly here only for the rfp component. The city has had an enormous amount unfortunately with rfps. They have been thrown out and are criticized for not being transparent. There is a selection committee and a cone of silence. All that happens and then a vote. Here we have the opposite, trying to do this for the public. Just a question, do you want a lease? These are the basics. We all know there is a lot of work to be done here.
10:28 PMThese are my basics.
Understood. understood. They are fair basics and important components of the project but with the item before you tonight being only the rfp, I ask you to please consider looking at this for the purposes of the process that we are seeking your board's indulgence on.
Mr. Chairman, May I ask a question? May I ask a question? May I ask a question? Would you be willing to potentially change your mind if you came back to a special meeting?
We have to sit down and discuss the rfps and discuss it.
Would you be willing to change your mind?
My position was stated at the beginning. I want doing through the process. I will not vote on a place and -- I mean -- no -- nothing on the battle that is not transparent -- we haven't had any transparency. Everybody is getting something different. If it doesn't follow the process, we -- we made a process in our -- in our s tatutes -- see, the codes, we have to follow.
10:29 PMCommissioner, I have to respectfully disagree. We have followed the process.
Listen. what we are doing here, we are not allowing competitive bidding, and what -- maybe nobody will come.
Are you going to make a motion for competitive bidding? Do we have do call charlie and get his okay, too?
Listen. you better respect me. You better --
No, I am. you tell us what --
Hey, listen. nobody--nobody --
10:30 PMThis is what has been happening.
Nobody -- nobody questions my integrity.
I am not questioning your integrity.
Gentlemen, one at a time and through the chair, please. We will have decorum, and we will respect each other. It's been a long day. I'm sure everybody has a short fuse right now.
Mr. Chair?
Yes, Mr. Mayor?
Would you grant them the 15 minutes?
Let me be specific where i'm at. I don't care this group, what group, whoever comes in here and gets a lease from the district attorney. As long as that property will be developed to the fullest, as long as the residents of miami will bring in millions of revenue, we will create several thousand new jobs, that's my whole goal. The only thing I am not going to be that favor of is to keep status quo. This is what I have been seeing that has been happening from this city since these individuals have got in the contract. We talked about transparency tonight. There was no transparency in the whole process since they got the contract from day 1. This is why i'm upset. I am not questioning the integrity of my colleagues here. I am fed up with what I am seeing there. I am seeing in my district and your district and your district and gord's district and west grove, your district. People are in dire needs. They can't afford where they are living, homes with roaches, and don't have the food on live on. And we are going to keep going that deal there that we are losing money on? We are not making money and we are losing money. We are going to say no to the potential from whoever it comes from of millions of new dollars of current revenue that we need because we can't balance our billion for the next fiscal year. The potential that will bring thousands of new jobs. So I want to be clear. I don't care about the sacrifice. I don't care about the golf carts. These are all great guys, i'm sure, but I really don't care about them. I do know that they have deep pockets. That I do know, the people involved. I do know that once you get the word, he will keep that in a contract. He's local. He doesn't leave town. He's gonna stay here but at the end of the day, I don't care if they get a lease there or somebody else does. What I do care is the residents of the city that need that and the worst thing we can do is leave status quo. We talk about the first tee. My god. Not even including the $10 million I mention that does we but the in the place and it's probably more because the city can't contrive how much we put into that. We lost in 4 years a quarter of a million dollars there. I am going to have people here come and lecture me about the first tee and what it has done and hasn't done. I guarantee you that the first tee has spent a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships every year. If we put down that golf course today, we would have a quarter of a million dollars available on the average for the next 12 years for scholarships, whatever we wanted.
10:34 PMMr. Chairman?
Can I make a comment?
Are you threatening me?
Are you threatening me?
Are you threatening me?
You too, now? [laughter]
Come on, guys. let's get through this.
I make a motion that we defer through next thursday, the 19th at 9:00 a. M.
For the record I have a meeting at that time.
10:00 a.m.
At what -- at what time? we are going to be at the county all day?
If I may?
The 27th, i'm out of town.
You are out of town.
It's my understanding that the living wage requirement that you are asking is codified. We have no problem because we have to comply with it anyway.
10:35 PMIt's not. I asked my city attorney and it doesn't a my to this contract. So --
I don't know I was asking go it's a codified position. And if --
You have part-time job -- they don't sell peanuts but what sort of food do people buy?
10:36 PMI'm hoping local food, cuisine.
You are not providing the food yourself? Would the $15 wage apply to local businesses? That is kind of the -- what I imagine is you will --
It will be vending companies. It will be security companies. It will be food vendors. Different entities because a lot of them will be subcontracted to local businesses. It's a local business issue.
10:37 PMThe way I think about it, when I thought about how many employees -- -- I couldn't imagine people that will be paid $15.
This is a multi -- you will have retailers and negotiate with the law firm. Please, you know, we would like -- right? The city will want to know, right, that you are complying with the obligation so you need to open up your books and the city can audit you and determine whether or not the business across the street would have the requirements. There would be state wide requirements so everybody is that in the in that location, it makes it difficult to find 10 --
10:38 PMI do not the to lecture on the living wage. Everyone at the boat show is paid a living wage. If the hot dog is an extra buck, so be it. But people are making a living wage and they will be able to take care of the kids, and miami is a very expensive place to work. The state minimum wage is the state average. What it costs to live in ocala is different than miami.
10:39 PMMr. Russell, we understand. but it makes the property --
You are trying to convince me why it doesn't work or it's bad, and you won't change my mind. I studied the issue.
Can I cut to the chase? I would like to make a motion that we put the country club up for a bit for the best and highest use.
It's late.
Guys, guys, guys. guys, please.
We are very close.
Mr. Chairman --
I want to make a point.
This is why we had to take the process the way we did. Everything else is a ruse.
I know that. I know that. And it's really unfortunate.
10:40 PMI want you know that we have spoken on the phone many times. I just want to say that Mr. Chair, can we pick a date -- can we pick a date?
I am not available on the 19th. I have a family reunion.
The 20th?
I will be with the family reunion.
How about the 18th?
18th i'm fine. 20th, i'm fine.
Wednesday the 18th?
Wednesday the 18th. Wednesday the 18th?
I will move for a deferral for Wednesday the 18th.
What are we doing on the 18th?
That's what I would like to know.
Ballot language because it's a mess. We would be here for another hour cleaning it up because we have to get it right and getting the yes vote through.
Can I make -- see if we get a second?
You are at the liberty to make a motion.
10:41 PMNo. the 5-day rule can be called.
Just pick a date.
We have a consensus on a date that is wednesday. Correct? Even okay with wednesday?
I'll come any time.
Let's do it Wednesday at 10:00. Wednesday at 10:00 it is. We have to make a motion for that?
You have to defer, Wednesday at 10:00.
I'll second it.
I'll be available.
Thank you.
Mr. Chairman?
No, no, no. let's make it very clear. Who's the mover of this motion?
Commissioner Gort.
Commissioner Gort moved seconded by the vice chair man to defer items re 9 and re teb?
10:42 PMYou have to create a special commission meeting. So the motion actually has to be to create a special commission meeting on the meeting -- so the motion would have to be that we create a special commission meeting on the 18th of July at 10:00 to address re 9 and re 10. At that hearing, there won't be any public comment because we already had public comment. Everyone is shaking their head.
We had public comment.
Can I get a clarification from the clerk, please? I want to make sure we do everything by the book.
There doesn't have to be any more public comment. We had public comment and it was noticed. Everything was noticed. You only have -- you only have to speak once.
10:43 PMEven if we are changing anything?
We are not changing anything that --
Can we continue?
It doesn't -- it doesn't matter.
If it's legally sound, I trust you. I'm fine with that. We've done this before on big items as well. It couldn't be the first time we ended the public comment and had the vote for the commission on a different day.
All right. so is there a motion in the court of rules instead of the record? Is there a motion to have a special commission meeting on July 18th to commence at 10:00 a. M. To discuss -- well, to address our items re-9 and re-10? Is there a motion?
10:44 PMSo moved.
Who moved it? gort? Seconded by the vice chairman. Any discussion? In favor say aye.
All: aye.
Against? motion carried. Madam city attorney, I don't know how long the meeting will last. I would assume -- is there any way that we can add to the agenda a meeting to discuss labor stuff?
Yeah. an executive session can be called for that date but that's separate.
That as well.
What I am asking you is do you have to make the announcement today?
Not for the executive session.
I would like to direct the city manager to get together with our labor union so that we can discuss our contract at the next executive session.
10:45 PMI agree with that. [laughter]
Someone else does, too. please. Please. It's been a long time, and we had a -- we had an offer on the table that was retracted. I know you need to workout with them and please do it so we can get something put together with them by next week. Thank you. Do you need a vote? Is that sufficient?
Yes, we need a vote.
That's a motion then.
I'm sorry. I am -- I have the gavel. So--past gavel. I'm make the motion.
I'll second it.
Anything? discussion?
All in favor?
11:11 PMRecording was Paused